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Otherwordly Sea Creatures People Rarely See
Lyssianasid amphipod is a shrimp-like creature in the frigid Antarctic waters.

Some Shrimp Live 600 Feet Underwater In Antarctica

Most of the world’s shrimp live in warm waters, in areas like the Gulf of Mexico that borders the southern states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, on to the eastern border of Mexico. However, unexpectedly, scientists have found a shrimp-like creature that lives in one of the coldest environments on the planet.

Otherwordly Sea Creatures People Rarely See
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Lyssianasid amphipod lives 600 feet underwater in the remarkably cold waters off of Antarctica. Scientists have known for quite a while that single-cellular organisms, known as extremophiles, can live in this harsh environment. That a multi-cellular organism would be found there was truly astonishing.

Otherwordly Sea Creatures People Rarely See
Fewer of 50 of these sharks have been seen in over a century.

Goblin Sharks Live Up To Their Name

What has a giant nose, razor-sharp teeth, and is very rarely seen by humans? If your answer is a goblin, you are pretty close. The goblin shark, aptly named for its large nose-like feature and ferocious teeth, has been spotted fewer than 50 times since it was first discovered in 1898.

Otherwordly Sea Creatures People Rarely See
Photo Credit: Quentin Eudeline Artstation

These mysterious sharks are known to grow to at least 15 feet long, though there is no telling what length they max out at least with so few sightings. We do know that they are fierce carnivores that can move their jaws outwards to swallow prey. We’re pretty okay if we never see one of these things in real life.

Otherwordly Sea Creatures People Rarely See
The frilled shark is a living fossil.

Frilled Sharks Come With No Frills

Is Shark Week your favorite week of the year? If so, you may know that sharks are some of the oldest creatures in the world. They are terrifying and attack a minimal number of humans each year, usually mistaking them for seals and other prey.

Otherwordly Sea Creatures People Rarely See
Photo Credit: Amazing Zone

The frilled shark, so named for its, well, frilly structures on its teeth and head is one of the oldest kinds of sharks around. It has changed very little since prehistoric days, so it is a living fossil. Seeing one of these sharks is like getting a glimpse into the ocean’s deep (no pun intended) history.


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