Davy With Nitrogen Trichloride
[Image via Fine Art America]

The Day Davy Discovered Faraday

In 1813, Humphry was working with Nitrogen Trichloride and it exploded on him, damaging his eyesight. Sadly, The Royal Institution where Davy worked had fired John Payne, one of the big assistants for them. Davy now needed a new assistant in the biggest way possible. He remembered Faraday from before and asked him to come on as an assistant while he was recovering.

He came on as a temporary Chemical Assistant, but this soon turned into a full-time role for Michael Faraday, as now he and Humphry Davy were doing a lot together as a notable pair. Davy eventually trusted Faraday with his life and allowed him to work on the same stuff he himself was working with.

Davy even entrusted Faraday with the very same Nitrogen Trichloride that blinded him before. The two did work with it again and were both injured in another explosion using it. They did not do much with it after this. Yet Davy would allow Faraday access to so much that Michael soon began to figure out certain things that Humphry and others at the Royal Institute did not.