Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist

By Trista
Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist

When you were much younger, you stood outside, gazing at the dark sky filled with endless stars. As kids, we all have this weird, wondrous obsession with space and all it holds. For some, the fascination never really goes away. Whether it’s because we feel smaller in the grand scheme of the universe, we’re curious about the scientific possibilities that the ‘final frontier’ holds, or we’ve just plain had it with Earth and want to move to Mars, space seems to have an inexplicable hold over us. 

For the long-obsessed souls that just want to get lost (figuratively) in the inky black sky above, we have some products we know you’re going to love. We’ve even included some for the rest of the family so they can share in the fun with these out-of-this-world astronaut items! 

Surround yourself with the feeling of being in space! Credit: Amazon

Astronaut Wall Mural Decals 

These high-quality decals can be used on any smooth, clean surface. Just think of the possibilities: windows, furniture, cabinets, doors, and refrigerators. They’re great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or even your office. Mural stickers are removable and reusable, making redecorating a fun project instead of a dreaded nightmare! They won’t damage your walls, so kids can have fun with whatever designs they want, and when they grow bored of them, you can change them out.

Instead of worrying about paint fumes, just wipe the wall down and stick the decals on. All done! Buy your pack of stickers here for $13.