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When you were much younger, you stood outside, gazing at the dark sky filled with endless stars. As kids, we all have this weird, wondrous obsession with space and all it holds. For some, the fascination never really goes away. Whether it’s because we feel smaller in the grand scheme of the universe, we’re curious about the scientific possibilities that the ‘final frontier’ holds, or we’ve just plain had it with Earth and want to move to Mars, space seems to have an inexplicable hold over us.

For the long-obsessed souls that just want to get lost (figuratively) in the inky black sky above, we have some products we know you’re going to love. We’ve even included some for the rest of the family so they can share in the fun with these out-of-this-world astronaut items!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Surround yourself with the feeling of being in space! Photo Credit: Amazon

Astronaut Wall Mural Decals

These high-quality decals can be used on any smooth, clean surface. Just think of the possibilities: windows, furniture, cabinets, doors, and refrigerators. They’re great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or even your office. Mural stickers are removable and reusable, making redecorating a fun project instead of a dreaded nightmare! They won’t damage your walls, so kids can have fun with whatever designs they want, and when they grow bored of them, you can change them out.

Instead of worrying about paint fumes, just wipe the wall down and stick the decals on. All done! Buy your pack of stickers here for $13.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
This LEGO set might take you a few light years to finish. Photo Credit: Amazon

LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Outer Space Model Rocket

The Apollo Saturn V is the rocket that took humans to the moon, so what could be more appropriate for this list than a 1:110 scale of the very same rocket? The kit even comes with toy astronaut figurines that you can have complete “missions.” The rocket kit includes three removable rocket stages, and after building the rocket, you can display it horizontally with the three included stands to show off your hard work!

The rocket measures around 40 inches tall and 6 inches around, and comes with almost 2000 pieces. You’ll get your money’s worth with this kit.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Wear this pin as a subtle indicator: If they can read it, they’re too close. Photo Credit: Amazon

Enamel Pin I Need My Space Coffee Cup

Enamel pins are seriously addictive. If you haven’t gone down that rabbit hole, let this be the portal, because hey – we all need our space, right? Or maybe this would be an excellent gift for that ornery teen that keeps slamming doors and makes weird snorting noises that we can only interpret as yeses, no’s, and yuck’s, depending on the previous string of words that came out of your mouth.

The cool thing about this specific spacey pin is its double needles on the back to secure it and avoid that stupid spinny thing that so many other pins do.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
This necklace could be a thoughtful gift for your “sun and stars.” Photo Credit: Amazon

925 Sterling Silver CZ Constellation Necklace

Pick the constellation that represents the night sky you (or your loved one) were born under – you can pick from any of the twelve zodiac signs. The chain is adjustable from 18 to 20 inches, making it a perfectly flattering length on anyone. It also comes in a cute little gift box so that you can treat yo’ self or your gal pal.

Pick out your constellation necklace for $24, or give one to your best friend.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Get ready to change your definition of what a book is. Photo Credit: Amazon

This Book is a Planetarium

We all think we know what a book is, right? Cover, contents, back cover. Well, this book is about to redefine all your expectations. You’ll interact with scientific concepts like light, sound, time, and space – all in the context of a beautifully vivid pop-up book. It is more than a book; it’s a tool to learn; it’s a speaker, a spirograph, a decoder ring, a perpetual calendar, and a musical instrument. It’s hard to explain, okay?

Just buy the book that’s a planetarium for $29 and see for yourself!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Of course, we couldn’t have a space-themed list without a telescope! Photo Credit: Amazon

Celestron 70 mm Portable Refractor Telescope

You aren’t a real space nerd if you haven’t longingly gazed up at the sky at least a few times in your life. With this telescope, you can do that and look like you know what you’re doing. The travel scope offers a high-quality, fully-coated objective lens, a lightweight frame, and a custom carry pack to carry everything. You’ll get two eyepieces: 20mm and 10mm for low and high power views of celestial bodies at night and even terrestrial objects during the day. The accompanying tripod can be scaled up to full height, though it is all still easy to carry when you’re traveling, and you’ll get a free download of an astronomy software program with purchase.

What are you waiting for? Start your stargazing now thanks to this epic telescope!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
What’s better than a pair of space-themed socks? Three pairs of space-themed socks! Photo Credit: Amazon

‘Foot Traffic’ Themed socks

Again with the men’s thing – disregard. If you wear men’s dress socks, knock yourself out. Just know that these fit men’s shoe sizes 7-12, so if you’re of smaller foot size, these might not be the best fit for you. These socks have reinforced toes, and they’re made of a cotton blend; in other words, they’re super comfy with no toes sticking out of holes.

This trio of socks has a “phase” of the moons pair, constellation pair, and a planetary orbit pair – all adding to a trifecta of awesome for just $15.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
This freeze-dried space delicacy is a classic! Photo Credit: Amazon

Astronaut Foods Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich, NASA Space Dessert

If you’ve ever been to NASA, you’ve probably seen these in the gift shop. How often do we mere mortals get the chance to eat the same food astronauts in space get to eat? It’s fascinating! This OG astronaut ice cream sandwich is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers, then freeze-dried using the process of lyophilization. Bet you learned something new today, huh? It removes most of the water content, making it lighter and safe for travel.

As a bonus, these ice cream sammiches are shelf-stable for up to three years!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
This artwork tile probably describes you if you clicked on this list. Photo Credit: Amazon

7X7 Astrophilia Artwork Tile

Girl, boy, old, young – it doesn’t matter. This item is a cute ceramic wall tile for anyone who loves space and all things space-related. Hang it up on your wall to proudly proclaim your astrophilia, or prop it up on a table as a display.

Either way, it’s a minimalist design for an essential part of who you are. The tile will be delivered to you (or your giftee) in a cute gift box. Check out this awesome artwork title here.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Not only is the pattern out of this world, but the lunchbox is also super cold. Photo Credit: Amazon

PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box, Spaceman

Lunchboxes may be old-school, but they’ve got a new style. This Fully Freezable lunch box has built-in cooling that keeps your food and drinks super chill for hours. Here’s the secret: it has a freezable, non-toxic gel liner. Flatten the lunch box and freeze it overnight. No need for ice packs or gel packs! You can easily fit an entire meal and a twelve-ounce drink. It’s a top-loading design, meaning it’s simple to pack and it’s buckle handle makes it perfect for clipping onto totes, backpacks, or gym bags.

It’s slim enough to fit in the freezer but provides everything you need for a filling meal! Grab your Freezable LunchBox for just $22.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
If you can’t go to space, a firsthand account from someone who did is the next best thing. Photo Credit: Amazon

An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

It is an immutable fact of life that most of us, unfortunately, will never become astronauts. Col. Chris Hadfield has had the rare experience of logging nearly 4000 hours of space, and that kind of time brings a particular perspective not many of us can fathom. His book captures his unique philosophy: prepare for the worst, and enjoy every moment of it.

Delve into his training years, the intense launches, the incredible spacewalks, various crises, and some counter-intuitive lessons, because space is nothing like Earth. Start reading your copy to An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth for just $16.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Your phone would be weightless in space, but this little astronaut will hold it for you on Earth. Photo Credit: Amazon

Fun Astronaut Cell Phone Stand for Desk

Cute little desk ornaments are always great conversation starters, and what better conversation starter than a novelty astronaut phone rest? This little astronaut will hold your phone and, better yet – will even keep your charger stable. You can choose from four different ‘out of this world’ colors: blue, white, gold, or silver. The gold and silver come in a great metallic color that is super eye-catching and will reflect the sun.

It’s ideal for all iPhone and Android phones, so grab your astronaut for just $9 and blastoff!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
The only thing better than an LED night light with a space theme is an LED night light with FOUR space themes. Photo Credit: Amazon

3D Outer Space Night Light (4 Patterns)

This 3D nightlight lamp has the option of an astronaut (in the middle of a spacewalk!), a rocket, an alien, and a spacecraft. It’s great for a kid, or maybe just your inner kid. It features a reflection in four acrylic flat boards, so you’ll have the option of displaying whichever pattern you’re feeling that day, plus you can choose from 16 different colors! It comes with a cute little remote to control the dim function, the color flashing feature (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth).

You can power it electrically or by battery operation, so you can even take it when traveling. Buy it here for just $26.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Let the world know how much you love space with this decal pack. Photo Credit: Amazon

Vinyl Space Explorer Decal Pack (45 Pcs)

This vinyl decal pack has 45 non-duplicated pieces of space-themed stickers. They’re fade-protected and waterproof, so you know they’ll be around for quite a while. Customize your laptop, water bottles, skateboards, luggage, bikes, motorcycles, helmets, and electronics with these decals. Clean their surface and stick them on the wall!

They’re perfect for budding young science-minded children or adults with a love of quirky decor, though mom may not appreciate it if you leave them up on the living room windows. A pack of stickers is only $7, so they’re great for gifting too.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
You could own the originally designed astronaut space pen! Photo Credit: Amazon

Fisher Space AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

The whole thing about NASA spending exorbitant amounts of money to design a pen that wrote underwater and upside down while other countries just used pencils is fake. Sorry to burst bubbles, but pencils tips can flake and break off. In zero gravity, any unplanned objects just floating around space capsules can harm astronauts, their life-saving equipment, and their space shuttle.

Instead, take a gander at this chrome-plated astronaut space pen. It’s the original Fisher Space Pen used on the Apollo 7 space mission after two years of testing by NASA has been used on all human-crewed space flights since. It writes in extreme conditions (-30 F to +250 F) and even writes upside down and underwater – just as promised.

And now, even the Russians use this pen in space. Buy your very own pen-astronaut here for $52.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Isn’t this the cutest darned thing you’ve ever seen? Photo Credit: Amazon

Preschool Backpack

If watching your kid ride away on their school bus feels like watching them launch off in a rocket to an unknown world, why not equip them with the right gear? Your little astronaut will be ready to explore with this cute backpack. It’s lightweight and easy to clean, making it an excellent fit for both of you. It has side pockets, a front pocket, and one zipper for the main compartment.

You’ll even be able to fit a lunchbox in there! It also has a chest strap – so buckle in for liftoff!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
“For kids,” doesn’t mean the adults can’t enjoy it too! Photo Credit: Amazon

Dreamingbox Star Night Light Projector

Isn’t this astronaut-themed item simply stunning? This rotating starry night lamp provides so many colors and even the choice to rotate the light or keep it stationary – it’s the perfect addition to any room. You can power it with the supplied USB cable or use 4 AA batteries to operate it.

Your child will be fascinated as they watch stars and constellations move across their ceiling bedroom, thanks to this little lamp.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
You’ve had a long day, so relax with a slice of the heavens in your hands. Photo Credit: Amazon

Whiskey Glasses – Northern Summer Sky & Constellations (Set of 2)

Each of these lowball drinking glasses features an intricate constellation map that wraps around the tumbler to show the night sky in vivid detail. Imagine this glass in hand with a beautiful drink of choice, while you stare up at the real night sky. The maps on these glasses were hand-drawn and sand-etched, so you know they were made with special care and craftsmanship.

Whether they’re for you or they’re a gift, these whiskey glasses are unique! Get a single one for $15 or a pair for $25.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Who can resist a puppy in pajamas? Photo Credit: Amazon

Dog Space-Themed Pajamas

These adorable pajamas measure in sizes XS (12.5 inches) to XL (28 inches), so your pooch is bound to find something to fit. They have elastic around the waist to avoid any messes on the fabric after potty breaks, and they’re super easy to put on and take off. You’ve already decked out the rest of the family in space gear, so you can’t leave Fido out now!

Grab your best friend, a pair of adorable puppy jammies for less than $13 right this very minute.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
I think he comes in peace. Photo Credit: Amazon

Alien Dog Costume

This hoodie is only for dog owners with a sense of humor. Or maybe you’re not so much into planets and constellations, and you’re more into the UFO, Nibiru/Planet X situation. Well, here you go – either way, this hoodie can reflect your real interests. Unfortunately, the glasses are not part of the ensemble, but good luck making a dog keep them.

The hoodies range in sizes, but like all of the fashion industry, it’s mostly vanity sizing, so measure before you buy. Grab your pup’s super-fresh alien hoodie for just $16 – a bargain.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Ari said it best when she said, “It’s like I’m the universe, and you’ll be N-A-S-A.” Photo Credit: Amazon

Tervis NASA – I Need My Space Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler with Clear and Black Hammer Lid

Shout your love of space with every pore with the “I need space” vibe. Tervis is a heavyweight when it comes to travel mugs, and this one is no exception. This “I Need My Space” mug will keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids hot for up to 8 hours because of its double-wall vacuum insulation and copper lining stainless steel construction. It has a leak-resistant and easy-close lid, making it the perfect thing to take when you just do not want to be bothered.

Let everyone know you love space, and need some of your own, with this epic tumbler. Order one here!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Panoware Men’s Space Graphic T-Shirt. Photo Credit: Amazon

Panoware Men’s Space Graphic T-Shirt

Prove your allegiance to Pluto and #neverforget that Pluto was and forever will be the ninth planet. Only real Pluto fans will wear this shirt, and that’s the way it should be. The shirt is super soft and while it does say “Men’s,” we all know that’s hooey, and we’re going to treat it like a plain old shirt because there’s no difference in a piece of fabric covering our bits no matter what our gender is, amirite?

Order your Pluto shirt no matter who you are for under $20!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Even NASA can’t beat the utility of duct tape. Photo Credit: Amazon

Duck, Galaxy, Brand Printed Duct Tape

Duct tape is fantastic; we all know this. This sticky stuff can be used to fix pretty much anything. It was used on the Apollo 17’s lunar mission to tape the rear fender together- in freaking space! How cool is that? While we may never have the chance to do that correctly, we have the opportunity to have space-patterned duct tape, which is almost as cool – for just $8, which is much less expensive than a trip to the moon.

Use it to color coordinate stuff around the house or just because you want space tape around!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Let’s hope they make this in adult sizes! Photo Credit: Amazon

Girls Sleeveless Dress

If you’ve made it this far into the list, it’s safe to assume you love space and all things space-related. You might even know a little girl who would look adorable in a space-themed dress, yes? It’s a combination of Mrs. Frizzle and NASA in the best way possible. Share your space obsession with your family and friends by gifting everybody space gifts. You get a space dress! And you get a space dress! Oprah says everyone gets one!

The dress is stretchy and comfortable, with sizes for children up to age 12. Grab your cute clothing here for under $16.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
You’ve already decked out the pre-teen, why not the toddler as well? Photo Credit: Amazon

KicKee Pants Print Footie with Zipper

These long-sleeve footed jammies have a cute diagonal zipper with a built-in zip guard, perfect for a baby with space-obsessed parents like yourself. Maybe this one will grow up to be an astronaut! It’s not unrealistic to live vicariously through this tiny human at all. The pajamas have no tag and come with SPF 50+ protection! The sun is a bit stronger in space, but they’ll train for that at NASA.

It comes in preemie, infant, toddler, and youth sizes, so there’s no excuse not to stock up on all their great space-themed designs. Get this specific design here for $35.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Drift off to sweet dreams about space. Photo Credit: Amazon

Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Throw blankets are one of those rare household items that feel like you could always have more. Even as we grow, there’s a specific ‘safety’ element to them, and this blanket is no different, especially with it’s super awesome, glow-in-the-dark feature. It’s warm, soft, comfortable, and did we mention it glows in the dark?

It’s machine washable too, so there’s no fussy care that needs to go into it. You and your kids will be fighting over this constellation blanket for years to come.