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Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Even NASA can’t beat the utility of duct tape. Photo Credit: Amazon

Duck, Galaxy, Brand Printed Duct Tape

Duct tape is fantastic; we all know this. This sticky stuff can be used to fix pretty much anything. It was used on the Apollo 17’s lunar mission to tape the rear fender together- in freaking space! How cool is that? While we may never have the chance to do that correctly, we have the opportunity to have space-patterned duct tape, which is almost as cool – for just $8, which is much less expensive than a trip to the moon.

Use it to color coordinate stuff around the house or just because you want space tape around!

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Let’s hope they make this in adult sizes! Photo Credit: Amazon

Girls Sleeveless Dress

If you’ve made it this far into the list, it’s safe to assume you love space and all things space-related. You might even know a little girl who would look adorable in a space-themed dress, yes? It’s a combination of Mrs. Frizzle and NASA in the best way possible. Share your space obsession with your family and friends by gifting everybody space gifts. You get a space dress! And you get a space dress! Oprah says everyone gets one!

The dress is stretchy and comfortable, with sizes for children up to age 12. Grab your cute clothing here for under $16.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
You’ve already decked out the pre-teen, why not the toddler as well? Photo Credit: Amazon

KicKee Pants Print Footie with Zipper

These long-sleeve footed jammies have a cute diagonal zipper with a built-in zip guard, perfect for a baby with space-obsessed parents like yourself. Maybe this one will grow up to be an astronaut! It’s not unrealistic to live vicariously through this tiny human at all. The pajamas have no tag and come with SPF 50+ protection! The sun is a bit stronger in space, but they’ll train for that at NASA.

It comes in preemie, infant, toddler, and youth sizes, so there’s no excuse not to stock up on all their great space-themed designs. Get this specific design here for $35.

Every Aspiring Astronaut’s Product Wishlist
Drift off to sweet dreams about space. Photo Credit: Amazon

Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Throw blankets are one of those rare household items that feel like you could always have more. Even as we grow, there’s a specific ‘safety’ element to them, and this blanket is no different, especially with it’s super awesome, glow-in-the-dark feature. It’s warm, soft, comfortable, and did we mention it glows in the dark?

It’s machine washable too, so there’s no fussy care that needs to go into it. You and your kids will be fighting over this constellation blanket for years to come.