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The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Wild Boars

  • Attacks Per Year: Only 442 Attacks In 187-Year Period
  • Deaths Per Year: 5 to 7

Wild Boar tend to be more common in the Southern United States. However, they do navigate across random territories in the East and West coast of the country too. It is pretty rare that these boars, or “hogs” as some call them, will actually attack a human being at random. Typically, they will only attack when they feel threatened. This is why it has been reported by Texas A&M University that there have only been about 442 attacks recorded in a 187-year period.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Therefore, for nearly 200 years, the attacks have been minimal. Most of the time, we humans are the ones causing the attacks as it is. This is also why there is a recorded 5 to 7 deaths at the hoves at wild boars annually. Typically, this does not happen with just one boar but a group of them instead. This means that boars are more likely to attack when in a group rather than when alone. That said, this does make them one of the deadliest animals in the United States, in spite of the low attack rate.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Portuguese Man O’War

  • Attacks Per Year: A Few Hundred To A Few Thousand
  • Deaths Per Year: Less Than 10

It’s a bit unfair that we put the Portuguese Man O’ War on this list, as it’s in the ocean and therefore not “technically” part of any single nation. Yet these little guys do love to hang out in and around American coastlines for some reason. They are more common in Australia, where they sting about 10,000 people per year. They sting fewer Americans, however. It is tough to get a perfect average sting rate, sadly. Deaths from their sting do happen but it’s not all that common these days.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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It used to be that people mistook them for jellyfish and treated their stings the same way. They are actually a form of siphonophore, but like jellyfish, their sting can be incredibly painful and potentially deadly. The Man O’War seems to have a more powerful venom per sting, so it would take fewer stings to kill a human than from a normal jellyfish. Usually, severe pain comes for a few hours and that’s it. Death tends to happen when a person is allergic or if they are stung repeatedly. Therefore, their death total is pretty low worldwide.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Arizona Bark Scorpion

  • Attacks Per Year: A Few Thousand
  • Deaths Per Year: 4 to 8

Worldwide, scorpions are not known for killing thousands of people. Rather, they are known mostly for attacking humans and causing them severe pain. However, they can and have killed. Perhaps one of the deadliest on the planet happens to be in our own backyard, the Arizona Bark Scorpion. In spite of their name, they have attacked and killed more people in Mexico than in the United States. We’re not saying this scorpion is racist but draw your own conclusions.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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In the 1980s, they averaged 100,000 attacks and 800 deaths annually there. That said, you’re better off being stung in Arizona than Mexico. Their venom is incredibly potent, among the best for all scorpions worldwide. This is why they kill around 4 to 8 people in America each year. Attacks have been minimalized, but at least a few thousand still happen. A rise even occurred in the middle of 2020. Due to their threat alone, they are among the deadliest animals in the United States for sure.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: Around 1,500
  • Deaths Per Year: Less Than 2

While “The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin died via a stingray attack, it was not so much the sting that got him. Rather, it was the sharp barb, which pierced his chest. This made many fear stingrays a lot, even though they rarely kill humans annually. In the United States, stingrays average about 1,500 attacks on humans per year. In spite of this high attack rate, there are less than 20 deaths reported from an encounter with a stingray. Their sting is quite painful as it does have some venom to it.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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The real thing to fear is the barb, which tends to easily jam into our skin. Typically, people are usually hit by this in their leg or arm. Due to their potential to harm people, stingray experts will tell you to avoid them if possible. This is especially true of the larger versions, as they will have a much larger barb that will be more than capable of killing you. Since attacks are common, they are among the deadliest animals in the United States without question. We must respect their potential for damage.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: Around 80
  • Deaths Per Year: Around 20

Usually, horses get along quite well with humans. Due to the fact that most horse breeds in the United States are fully in captivity, there not as many “wild” horses as there used to be. This is one big reason most horses are great with human beings most of the time. However, deaths due to horses are not uncommon at all. Again, this is mostly due to how often they are around humans compared to most animals on this list. If you’re around us more, there is a larger chance an attack will happen.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Mostly, horse attacks tend to be accidental. They do not like it when you startle them and if you’re behind them, some will kick their back legs on instinct. Other times, they might not be great at being ridden by a human and will throw them off. This is why horses account for about 20 deaths per year in America. The highest rate of death tends to happen in Equestrian and Rodeo-related events or practices. All of this makes them one of the deadliest animals in the United States.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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American Bison

  • Attacks Per Year: A Few Hundred
  • Deaths Per Year: Less Than 10

The American Bison or Buffalo has lived alongside or around humans for hundreds of years. This is especially true of the Mid-Western and Central United States, where they lived among Native Americans for potentially thousands of years. This is why they seem to tolerate the presence of people, especially if they are not armed or trying to come after them. Experts say to stay at least 15 to 20 feet away from them at all times, and they likely won’t care that you’re there.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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If this boundary is passed, they become territorial and aggressive. Many people do not realize this, which leads to bison attacking humans across the United States each year. They seem to be the most aggressive around Yellowstone National Park, where they injure more people annually than any other animal. They’ll even walk in the middle of roads and come up to cars as well. They rank among the deadliest animals in the United States due to this. However, while they do attack a lot, they do not kill as many. Their attacks are often meant as warnings and will gore people less than headbutting them.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

  • Attacks Per Year: A Few Hundred
  • Deaths Per Year: Less Than 5 to 10

Snakebites in the United States are rarely fatal due to antivenom that tends to be at every Emergency Room and even most normal clinics. Especially those in rural areas where snakes might commonly show up. One of the most common snakes a person might run into is the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. They are poor climbers and tend to hang around on the ground, often blending in with their surroundings. This is pretty much how humans come across them.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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We might step on one accidentally. If they see a human coming, they will rattle as a warning. If you stay away, you’re good, but if you don’t, they will attack in defense. They also stand their ground against humans and don’t just slither away, making them even more dangerous. They rank among the deadliest animals in the United States because their venom can easily kill a person. It will usually take several hours, however. In just Arizona, there are 350 snakebites annually and this rattlesnake makes up most of those as well as most of the snakebite deaths.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: Between 11 & 40
  • Deaths Per Year: Less Than 5

Bears are found in multiple areas around the United States. Depending on your location, you might see a normal Brown Bear, Black Bear, and sometimes in a rare case, a Polar Bear. In North America, you’re unlikely to ever be attacked by a bear unless you go into their territory and cause problems. Some bears are not all that aggressive while others are. Typically, Brown Bears will leave you alone even if you’re in their eye-line.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Black Bears tend to be a little more aggressive and territorial. They are also slightly better runners and, while they still weigh several hundreds of pounds, still weigh less than most Brown Bears. That gives them more freedom to chase humans along with other animals down. While bears do not tend to choose humans for their next meal nor do they love attacking them, the reason they do attack is almost always out of threat or self-defense. Don’t put them in either position and you’ll be fine.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: 25 to 40
  • Deaths Per Year: Less Than 5

On both coasts and even around the Gulf of Mexico, shark attacks happen every single year. Since humans do not often get in the water year-round on the Eastern section of the country, most attacks tend to happen on the West Coast. We’re in the ocean more there, so it makes sense. There are roughly 25 to 40 shark attacks each year in the United States, with most of them being unprovoked. This means that a shark went after a human just because or they were simply hungry.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Others are provoked, meaning we were putting the shark in a defensive position and it attacked as a result. In spite of the attack rate, they kill less than 5 people annually. Most of the time, however, they’ll bite large chunks or full limbs off though. On top of this, the most common attacks happen to surfers than any other. Often due to surfers appearing like a manatee from the shark’s point of view. Sharks are killers and clearly one of the deadliest animals in the United States.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: Dozens
  • Deaths Per Year: Around 22

You might not realize it, but Cows can be cold-blooded killers. To be fair, it’s not like we humans treat them any better, right? In any case, cows do not usually attack humans. When they do, it’s often out of fear or threat. Sometimes it might happen if they are attacked first. The most common issue might occur when milking a cow, where they might kick a person if they milk them in a bad way. In spite of all of these particular issues, the most dangerous cow is one that happens to be protecting its calf.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Studies have shown mother cows of newborn calves will attack humans or other creatures for little to no reason. This might be due to a hormonal imbalance. Yet others believe it’s instinct on behalf of the mother cow, where she protects her child from anything that can resemble a threat. There are dozens of cow attacks every year and up to 22 deaths annually from them on average! Although weird, these usually docile creatures are among the deadliest animals in the United States.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: Around 1,000
  • Deaths Per Year: Roughly 17

While it would be wrong to say that a tapeworm “attacks” a human being or another animal, they kinda do. They find their way into a living creature’s body either from water or meat that they consume. Your dog might have often been infected with “worms” in its life. Yet humans are not much different. You’d assume that this would be an issue in less-developed nations or for possibly tribal people in South America and Africa.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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However, tapeworms affect around 1,000 people in just the United States every single year. On top of this, tapeworms can kill a human being too. The National Institutes of Health wanted to see how the problem affected Americans. Which pushed them to conduct a 13-year study from 1990 to 2002. In that time, they recorded 221 deaths confirmed to be related to tapeworms. That is an average of 17 per year! While they are not normal animals, tapeworms are clearly one of the deadliest animals in the United States today!

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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Hornets, Wasps, Bees

  • Attacks Per Year: Several Thousand
  • Deaths Per Year: Around 65

While we could have picked any single one of these, they all involve the same method of affecting humans, their sting. More often than not, they do not randomly attack humans. It’s usually out of threat or assumed invasion. The problem is that some like to build nests around homes, which is where humans come across them the most. There are times that they will be in woodland areas and humans might come across them there too.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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In fact, that is where the biggest threat tends to be, as there tend to be much larger nests in those areas. That results in multiple stings rather than just one or two from an experience one might have around their residence. Deaths to humans can happen more often when they are stung repeatedly like this. Of course, those allergic to their venom can die from it too. The CDC reports that from 2000 to 2017, they found that 1,109 people died from these stings in America, which is around 65 annually. Making them some of the deadliest animals in the United States.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: Hundreds Of Thousands
  • Deaths Per Year: Around 17

When we reference “Dogs,” we’re specifically referencing your common dog in America. This does not equate to other dog species outside the United States, like the Wild Dogs of Africa. They are said to be “man’s best friend,” but dogs are not always going to get along with humans. They bite sometimes by accident, other times due to being threatened. There are also times when they are infected with rabies and attack as a result. Considering that messes with their mind, it makes sense.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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There are thousands of dogs all over the country, both on the street and in homes. Thus, there is a much larger chance that someone will be attacked by a dog versus most other animals. The CDC reports that there are at least 4.7 million dog bites reported annually in America. This might not be considered an “attack,” so we’ll adjust for that and say violent attacks happen in the hundreds of thousands. Out of all those attacks, around 17 are fatal. Making dogs one of the deadliest animals in the United States.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: A Few Dozen
  • Deaths Per Year: Around 120 to 200

Attacks by deer are not rare but also not commonplace. Truly, even the most alpha Buck will more likely run away from a human than actually attack them. However, straight-up attacks do still happen. Due to humans moving closer and closer into regular deer habitats, they have been forced to adjust to living around us. That is often why an attack would even happen at all, otherwise, humans would rarely ever come across one.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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While straight-up attacks are not massive, deer actually do kill more humans every year than most of the animals on this list combined. Remember that close proximity issue? Due to this, deer often run out in the middle of roads. For our part as humans, we try to avoid them and that can lead to bad and/or fatal car accidents. We might even hit the deer, then still die from the crash that can cause. They are responsible for around 120 to 200 human deaths annually, and several million dollars worth of property damage.



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