The 25 Most Painful Bites And Stings On The Planet

By Joe Burgett
The 25 Most Painful Bites And Stings On The Planet

When you think about pain, we think about hurting ourselves. Whether it’s by falling or doing something crazy, even bumping our leg into the side of a table or stepping on LEGOs. However, you do not know true pain until you’ve been bitten or stung by an animal. The most painful animal bites and stings are considered so horrible to deal with, the initial bite or sting has killed people.

That’s right, the pain was so severe for some that it led to those people dying from shock.

Keep in mind that most of these animals that sting or bite humans rarely do so. Some, such as the Honey Bee, die off as a result of it. Therefore, the last thing these animals rarely want to bite or sting a human. The only reason they do so is out of survival. However, the severity they hurt humans will differ somewhat depending on the person or animal discussed.

Of course, a lot of these bites and stings hurt so bad due to the toxins within them. The toxins in many animals will not kill humans with one bite while some could. It truly all depends on the animal we’re discussing.

What makes them so painful though? For many, it’s due to the protein peptides. For bees and wasps, their stinger has to pierce our skin which can already hurt. Yet it leaves behind a venom with an acidic compound known as melittin, which affects pain receptors. Many wasps leave behind acetylcholine, another chemical that affects our pain receptors.

In our article, we will be discussing the Pain Index score, which goes from 0 to 4, based on the Schmitt Pain Index. Now, we’ll go over what animals have the most painful bites and stings in the world today. Let’s get started!