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The Deadliest Animals In The United States
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  • Attacks Per Year: A Few Dozen
  • Deaths Per Year: Around 120 to 200

Attacks by deer are not rare but also not commonplace. Truly, even the most alpha Buck will more likely run away from a human than actually attack them. However, straight-up attacks do still happen. Due to humans moving closer and closer into regular deer habitats, they have been forced to adjust to living around us. That is often why an attack would even happen at all, otherwise, humans would rarely ever come across one.

The Deadliest Animals In The United States
[Image via Lux Blue/Shutterstock.com]
While straight-up attacks are not massive, deer actually do kill more humans every year than most of the animals on this list combined. Remember that close proximity issue? Due to this, deer often run out in the middle of roads. For our part as humans, we try to avoid them and that can lead to bad and/or fatal car accidents. We might even hit the deer, then still die from the crash that can cause. They are responsible for around 120 to 200 human deaths annually, and several million dollars worth of property damage.



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