6. Roaches Never Go Hungry

Although roaches can survive for a very long time without food because they’re cold-blooded, they will resort to desperate measures when they are hungry.

Documentation has actually shown that roaches will eat toenails, eyebrows, eyelashes, and even the hair of sleeping children. They’ll eat the fur on your pets too since it’s high in protein. There really isn’t anything they won’t resort to eating, but their favorites seem to be starch and sugary treats.


7. Getting Rid of the Larvae

So if the larvae are becoming resistant, it should be no problem to kill off the babies as soon as they hatch, right? The problem with that is that a one-day-old cockroach is no bigger than a speck of dust, so you’re not going to be able to find them very easily.

Also, even at that size, they can go just as fast as an adult, so unless you’re very good at finding very fast dust, you can forget about trying.


8. One-Month Adult

Even if you could find all the baby roaches in your home, by the time you seem them, they’re likely not babies anymore. A cockroach can reach maturity in just 36 days, meaning you don’t have much time to stop them from becoming fertile and laying eggs of their own.

That’s why most people aren’t able to get rid of a roach infestation on their own, because, by the time they’ve seen one, there are likely dozens in places they haven’t seen. That makes taking care of them very difficult, and why expert help is sometimes needed.


9. Survival of the Fittest

Cockroaches are cold-blooded by nature, which means that they don’t have to constantly eat in order to maintain body heat. They have other methods for doing so. However, this feature means that they can go without food and water for a very long time.

Without food, a cockroach can live for about a month; without water, they can only live for a week. You could try to starve out a roach, but given their voracious appetites for just about everything, you’ll have a hard time doing that.


10. Cockroaches Will Eat Each Other

Their opportunistic feeders, which means that they’ll eat anything they can get their mandibles on. And that can include each other.

When roach populations get too big to the point that there’s not enough food to sustain them all, they will resort to culling their numbers. This action will create a food source as well as reduce their population so that food is more readily available to the survivors.

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11. Keeping Them Out Is Tough

Even if your home is clean, cockroaches will still consider your house a fantastic opportunity to find food and water. Because it’s easy for them to wriggle through the smallest gaps, it can be really tough to keep them out unless you’re very vigilant about checking the exterior of your home.

They can flatten their exoskeletons and splay their legs to the side so that they can fit through almost any crack. That means unless you caulk every single break you find outside, you’re bound to get some roaches eventually.