Cockroaches Are Now Immune to Insecticides, Making Them A Superbug

By Trista
Cockroaches Are Now Immune to Insecticides, Making Them A Superbug

Cockroaches are some of the most reviled insects in the home. That’s because they carry diseases everywhere they go, and when they get on your food, you might as well throw it away. The case used to be that you could get rid of your roaches with just a few squirts of insect spray, but that’s no longer the case.


1. Cockroaches Are Ancient

Cockroaches have been around since the age of the dinosaur, surviving their extinction. That makes them pretty hardy, but no one expected that they would become this hardy. However, it’s that ability to adapt over thousands of years that’s helped them to thrive for so long, and it seems like a human intervention with insect sprays is only making it worse.

Recent studies by scientists have shown that the German cockroach is slowly becoming immune to insect sprays and pesticides. That can of Raid just isn’t going to do the trick anymore. Please keep reading to see how cockroaches are becoming a superbug since they are no longer reacting to insecticides.


2. It Takes a Lot to Kill Them

You may think it’s an old wife’s tale that cockroaches can live without their head, but you would be shocked to learn that this is actually true. Cutting off a roach’s head doesn’t guarantee that they’ll die right away.

This theory is because it breathes through tiny holes in its body, so they’re not dependent on their mouths for breathing. The only reason they die after a week is that they can’t eat or drink without their head.

3. World Record Breath-Holder

To make matters worse, roaches can hold their breath for up to forty minutes. So don’t think that drowning them to death is going to be easy. They can stay submerged underwater for at least half an hour.

They’ve adapted this way to regulate the loss of water from their body. Since breathing does release some amount of water vapor, reducing their breath helps their bodies to stay hydrated. If only we could learn that trick during summer so that we could stay hydrated.

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4. Cockroaches are Speedy Little Guys

A cockroach’s fastest speed is about three miles per hour. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you consider that the square footage of your home may not even add up to a mile, then you can come to terms with how much surface area they can cover in your home.

That makes them very good at spreading disease-causing bacteria very quickly. Moreover, if you see one, there’s likely a dozen others you can’t see, so that’s a lot of your walls, floors, and countertops being crawled on by cockroaches.


5. Don’t Expect a Cockroach-Man

The scariest thing about a cockroach is not the fact that it can survive without its head or that it can go a month without eating, or even the fact that they’ve been around since before the dinosaurs.

It’s the fact that a cockroach can withstands ten times as much radiation as a normal human being and be perfectly fine. This concept isn’t a sign that you should take a nuclear warhead to your home to get rid of them, but it’s a scary thought that they can survive such lethal doses of radiation.