40 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Earth That We All Take For Granted

By Joe Burgett
40 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Earth That We All Take For Granted

When it comes to our planet known as Earth, it seems we take everything we see for granted. Some of this wasn’t always here and we were not always able to live, as humans, on the planet. It took billions of years to get us to this position in time. There are some absolutely mind-blowing facts about the Earth that we overlook.

It’s understandable that we appreciate it, as we’ve never known any version of the Earth that isn’t what we see today. Therefore, we cannot really imagine how things could be different. The human brain, for example, cannot possibly imagine a world or period where it does not exist. It is physically impossible to imagine not existing.

This is one of the prime reasons why overlooking amazing things about the Earth is so common. Yet we’ve seen a growing interest in the Earth the last decade or so due to science becoming “cool” again. The talk about nature and climate change has only intensified this interest too.

Yet at the end of the day, even those that care about the Earth and love to know about it will not know or overlook major things about it. Today, we’re here to help educate the masses on Mother Earth and how many things came to be. These mind-blowing facts about the Earth will be known by some, but others will likely only be known by a fraction of humans today.

That said, sit back and relax as we take a journey to inform you of the most amazing facts about our Planet today. Enjoy!


40. How Long Could A Human Last Outside Earth’s Atmosphere Unprotected

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Hanging out unprotected in space isn’t that hard, right? Sure it’s cold, but the sun comes out each day and heats the Earth, so it could clear heat you up too, right? Actually, that is not how this works. The average time a human can last in space unprotected is only 2 minutes. This is not just because space does not contain oxygen but also because it’s incredibly cold.

Although the sun comes out, it does not warm space, but rather, the Earth warms itself from the sun’s rays. We have an atmosphere and so much that is responsible for this. Plus, the whole breathing thing is useful for humans too. We are incredibly lucky to live on a planet that can do all of this for us, providing the key ingredient for us to breath and remain warm in spite of the cold space around us.