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40 Dinosaurs Discovered in North America
Zapsalis dinosaur. Photo Credit: Dinosaur Database [CC-BY-SA]

39. Zapsalis

Discovered in the Judith River Formation area of Montana in 1876, Zapsalis was a theropod dinosaur. This species lived in North America approximately 75 million years ago. Evidence of the Zapsalis was found only in teeth fossils.

The name Zapsalis comes from the Greek words for “thorough” and “pair of scissors.” The Zapsalis teeth found in Colorado are classified by vertical grooves, straight rear edges, and a round shape. Based on these teeth, Zapsalis had stout, boxy skulls and heavy legs. These dinosaurs were built for strength more than speed. Their sharp, powerful teeth also indicate that Zapsalis were carnivores.

40 Dinosaurs Discovered in North America
Life restoration of Zuul crurivastator. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

40. Zuul

Zuul, comically referred to as the “Destroyer of Shins,” was found in the Judith River Formation in Montana. Paleontologists uncovered Zuul’s complete skull and tail in 2017, making it the first of its kind to be discovered from these types of remains. The Zuul dinosaur lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous period roughly 75 million years ago. If the name sounds familiar, you’re right! It’s based on the villain Zuul from the movie Ghostbusters because they look similar.

This giant dinosaur was about twenty feet long and weighed more than two tons. Zuul was a fierce fighter based on heavy armor all over its body, including its head and tail. This dinosaur also had horns all along the back of its head to protect its skull. Zuul’s skull was about twenty inches long, making this one big-headed dinosaur. Although its tough exterior makes it ideal for hunting prey, Zuul was a plant-eater.