40 Ancient Greek Technology And Concepts Still Used Today

By Joe Burgett
40 Ancient Greek Technology And Concepts Still Used Today

Ancient Greece is one of the most celebrated cultures in history and it is not hard to see why. What they gave to the world is incredible, as mankind would be a completely different species without the things they created. Ancient Greek Technology changed how the world worked then and it was only added to as time went on. Many feel the Ancient Greek world pretty much ended with the death of Alexander the Great. Yet this is not exactly true, as Greek factions across the ancient world came about after his death. Greek General Ptolemy I Soter began the major Ptolemaic Dynasty during this point.

However, very few Ptolemaic Royals actually lived in Egypt or knew the language. Cleopatra was one of the only ones who did and she was the last in the Ptolemaic line before the Greco-Roman period. This is often why we seem to connect Rome, Greece, and Egypt in history. However, the cultures were different. In spite of this, there is still a connection between them all like a thread that connects fabric. Greece was among the first ancient cultures where we were gifted with a massive rise in some important concepts. Most of our technology and concepts today live on their discoveries.

They invented Mathematics, giving us the original rise to Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, and much more. Meanwhile, they also gave rise to major science like Biology & Anatomy. If that was not enough, they also gave us the first known point of Democracy and even The Theatre! All of this helped spark more massive inventions, discoveries, and concepts. A lot of what we use today comes from Ancient Greek Technology too. Don’t believe us? Then sit back and enjoy this article regarding the best of the bunch.


Urban Planning
Urban Planning Model [Image via REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh]

40. Urban Planning

  • Time of Invention: 3,000 to 2,001 B.C.

Urban Planning is known as a technical and political process revolving around the development and design of land use. It also has to do with the overall infrastructure of an area, including how water, air, transportation, and communication will happen. Essentially, it is pretty important. While the Romans seemed to perfect this, the people originally responsible for it were the Ancient Greeks.

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This mostly comes down to Mesopotamia who first realized how to do this. While not the first official city in human history, they were among the first vast cities. They also gave rise to one of the first dynastic kingdoms. Since the area became the major hub that would one day be Greek in the 3rd century B.C., this is also the time in which it is believed urban planning first was implemented.