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17. Dingo-Dog

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Dingo-Dog Hybrid Resting [Image via Wikipedia Commons]
  • Created By: Australian Dingo & Domestic Dog

Despite belonging to the canine species, Dingoes actually have impressive cat-like abilities. They are able to bend quite well, jump at high heights, and even climb. Yet normal dogs, domestic or otherwise, often have skills too. Although it depends on the type, some are great swimmers, hunters, climbers, etc.

Thus, breeding between the Dingo and regular Dog likely could produce a cool animal. This hybrid animal species often passes on several Dingo traits, like great bending and agility too. Hybrids of Dingoes and Dogs are said to likely outnumber “pure” Dingoes now. This is likely due to wild mating happening much more.

16. Dzo

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Dzo Grazing [Image via Instagrapher89/Shutterstock.om]
  • Created By: Yak & Domestic Cattle

Dzo or Dzomos are hybrids created by using a male yak and a domestic cow. Like other hybrids, females can have offspring but the males are completely sterile. The Dzo hybrid animal species is actually much larger than any normal Yak or Cattle, likely due to something is known as heterosis.

This is merely the improvement or increase in certain traits among hybrid creations compared to parents. Dzomo can also be back-crossed, allowing them to have offspring with a parent or genetically similar animal to their parent. This means there might be pure cattle or pure yak with each other’s genetic makeup.

15. Tigon

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Young Tigon Laying Out [Image via Reddit]
  • Created By: Male Tiger & Lioness

It’s uncommon to see Tigers & Lions mate in the wild. Tigers are usually in Asia while Lions tend to be in Africa. However, they can often be put together in captivity quite often. Captured wild Adults aren’t put together, but cubs from each species often are. Male Tigers are usually very large while Lionesses are slightly smaller in size.

This makes mating possible without artificial insemination. Tigons are the offspring of the male Tiger/Lioness combo. They have great hunting skills as well as laziness from the Lions. Male Tigons will also develop a small mane. Most tend to have some stripes like the Tiger as well. They also do not exceed the size of their parents.

14. Black-Tip Hybrid Shark

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Black-Tip Hybrid Shark Swimming [Image via Scuba Diver Life]
  • Created By: Australian Black Tip Shark & Common Black Tip Shark

In 2012, a huge surprise was discovered in the waters off the coast of Australia near Queensland. Researchers from the University of Queensland came across a hybrid Black Tip Shark that seems to be the product of mating between an Australian Black Tip Shark and a Common Black Tip Shark.

The team found that the hybrid animal species they discovered only happened due to climate change forcing both Black Tip species to come closer together. The Australian Black-Tip tends to live in tropical waters but the hybrid was found over 1,200 miles away from the coast, in cooler waters. This means the Australian Black-Tip seems to be adjusting to new changing sea temperatures.

13. Beefalo

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Young Beefalo On Pasture [Image via Modern Farmer]
  • Created By: Male Cattle & Female American Bison

Beefalo are not new to the hybrid animal species world. However, they only come about in official, regulated, and managed breeding programs. Usually, male domestic cattle will breed with a female American Bison. At times, the reverse has occurred too. The idea for creating the species was to use it to develop bigger beef production.

Beefalo are primarily cattle when you look at their appearance as well as their genetics. In total, they tend to have only 37.5% Bison genetics. Those with higher bison genetics are often referred to simply as “bison hybrids.” This usually involves male Bison and female cattle. As far as the beef production goes, Beefalo do have quite a lot but it’s roughly similar to the parents.

12. Red Wolf

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Joanna Wu/Shutterstock.com]
  • Created By: Gray Wolf & Coyote

Red Wolves have been around for a long time and have managed to stand out as their own set species for centuries. Yet they are actually a hybrid animal species due to being a cross between a Coyote & Gray Wolf. Their hybrid status has been debated for centuries, but it seems pretty clear based on their appearance.

They tend to be reddish like a coyote but often large like that of a gray wolf. Both males and females are fertile, so through hundreds of years of breeding, it’s hard to know where it all began at times. Due to technically being a hybrid, they’re routinely left off endangered species lists. Despite lower numbers of Red Wolves, these listings do not apply to hybrids. The ICUN did finally amend its rules to put the Red Wolf on the Critically Endangered List in 1996, however.

11. Yakalo

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Old Photo Of Yakalo [Image via Messybeasts.com]
  • Created By: Yak Bull & American Bison Cow

The Yakalo species attempt happened back in the 1920s for similar reasons the Beefalo was attempted. Both were presented in hopes they would generate more meat production. Yet Yakalos were also thought to be capable of carrying more weight and may have a temperament that allows them to be domesticated for long-term use.

Thus, scientists had male Yak Bulls mate with Bison or Buffalo Cows. The experiments were a success with Yakalos being formed. However, like other hybrids, only the females were fertile while the males were not. When experiments were discontinued in 1928, Yakalos were sort of thrown into the wild and none survived or went on to mate with other Yaks/Bison.

10. Zorse

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Young Zorse Grazing [Image via MicheleB/Shutterstock.com]
  • Created By: Male Zebra & Female Horse

Zebra are some of the strongest animals in the world, pound for pound. They have been able to fight lions and other big species in Africa. However, they’re nearly impossible to domesticate. People have tried to domesticate all three species of Zebra but had no luck. Zebras are quite social in nature so they are often in large herds. Horses are similar to Zebras in multiple ways, with Wild Horses often acting exactly like Zebras.

Most assume the temperament of horses allowed humans to domesticate them, so the idea of possibly mating Horses with Zebra was conceived in hopes of an easier-to-deal-with species. In the 1800s, this was attempted with great success with Zorses coming about. These hybrids often inherit coloring patterns from the Zebra, resulting in various appearances among the hybrids. They also can get relatively large like horses, and tend to be easier to handle too.

9. Wholphin

35 Hybrid Animal Species
World’s Only Wholphin [Image via AllThatsInteresting.com]
  • Created By: Male False Killer Whale & Female Common Bottlenose Dolphin

Wholphins are extremely rare to see, with only one currently living. As a hybrid animal species alone, it is hard to live up to a year or more. Many hybrids never make it past the year mark. On top of this, the Wholphin is a hybrid of two creatures who would never mate in the wild at all.

False Killer Whales are far bigger than your regular dolphin, and they have been known to feed on bottlenose dolphins despite having multiple similarities to them. Both are part of the porpoise family of animals. False Killer Whales are notably black as well. Thus, the Wholphin is also black and possesses a bodily appearance, especially the face, to bottlenose dolphins. They also seemingly have a good relationship with humans, like regular dolphins too.

8. Rhino Hybrid

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Sudan, Last Northern White Rhino [Image via INTERTOURIST/Shutterstock.com]
  • Created By: Northern White Rhino & Southern White Rhino

This hybrid concept was put together for very understandable reasons. In order to help avoid a full extinction of any white rhino species, scientists felt a hybrid would make sense to try. The idea is that they could take some Northern White Rhino eggs and inject them with sperm from the Southern White Rhino.

The final stage in all of this is to get guaranteed birth embryos and put them into a Southern White Rhino as a surrogate. The process began in mid-2018, with hope for the following year. Thankfully, we can tell you that thus far, everything has gone very well. Fertilization is the next step, where they will then decide to actually go forth with the surrogate process.

7. Cocktail Orangutan

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Cocktail Orangutan Hanging Out In Tree [Image via Arts Commons]
  • Created By: Bornean Orangutan & Sumatran Orangutan

Some hybrids can be bad ideas for the creatures and the hybrid they create. This is the life of the cocktail orangutan. For decades, orangutans have been taken from the wild and put into captivity. At times, this is an effort to protect certain versions of the species. Meanwhile, zoos among other places also want them on display.

Before the 1980s, we did not know as much about Orangutans as we now do. This led to putting various Orangutans together, including the Borneo and Sumatran species. This created mating opportunities, resulting in hybrid orangutans. We later found out that the two species differ critically in genetics, thus creating very unhealthy hybrids. It became such an issue, Indonesia and several other places have ruled to outlaw the mating of the two species in captivity.

6. Pizzly/Grolar Bear

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Pizzly Bear At Zoo [Image via Roaring Earth]
  • Created By: Polar Bear & Grizzly Bear

Most people would rightly assume that two completely different bear species would likely never mate in the wild. However, some live near enough to where mating could possibly occur. The Brown Bear or Grizzly is able to live in various different climates, with many being in colder environments.

Polar Bears are almost exclusively native to very cold climates. The two bear species are confirmed to have mated in the Canadian Arctic. However, most of the time the two will mate when in captivity. This creates a Pizzly or Grolar Bear, depending on who you ask and which bear was the father. They have fur that’s white or brownish/white mix. Hybrids are usually smaller than normal polar bears but larger than Grizzles. Meanwhile, the head type they have differs among hybrids.

5. Zebroid

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Two Zebroids Standing Around [Image via afc9996/shutterstock.com]
  • Created By: Zebra & Any Equine

While we have already mentioned the Zorse and Zonkey, Zebras have been mated or had some artificial insemination involvement with other equine creatures. Zebroids overall have been around since the 19th Century with even Charles Darwin noting various hybrid Zebroids in his groundbreaking work on animals.

Equines have been mated among each other for centuries. Zebras are newer to the hybrid role, likely due to being nearly impossible to domesticate. Zebroids were attempted mostly to result in luxury-looking hybrids and they did just that. Most have stripes like the Zebra but other critical characteristics, such as the temperament, of the other equine species.

4. Liger

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Two Ligers In Zoo [Image via Wikipedia Commons]
  • Created By: Lion & Tigress

Lions and Tigers mating is nothing new to the captive animal kingdom. Ligers are the resulting offspring of a Lion and a female Tiger or Tigress. Ligers were not often saught after centuries ago, so any that happened likely was unintentional. Today, we do mate Tigers and Lions on the regular.

Ligers are ultimately very unhealthy animals that never stop growing. They are THE largest cat species on the planet today, in fact. The height and overall muscle size male lions pass on ends up mixing with the tigresses sheer size in the weight category. This results in two major size components passing on to Ligers, which makes them massive. Unlike with male Tigons, most male Ligers do not develop a mane of any type. Males are also infertile while females can procreate.

3. Mule

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Mule Carrying Several Items [Image via Wikipedia Commons]
  • Created By: Male Donkey & Female Horse

As mentioned earlier, many equine creatures have mated with others outside their main species type for centuries. The horse and donkey are the two most common to do so, which creates the hybrid animal species known as the Mule. Of course, Mules have been around for what seems like forever. To be fair, mules go back to the time of Ancient Egypt in 3000 B.C.

Many don’t even realize they are hybrid creatures. Mules also tend to be more like donkeys and are capable of handling a good bit of weight for travel. They also have good cardio and muscle like horses with the legs of donkeys. Mules are usually infertile, so most you see come from hybridization.

2. Narluga

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Artist Rendition Of Narluga Hybrid [Image via Marcus Buhler]
  • Created By: Beluga Whale & Narwhal

It is quite unusual to ever see a Beluga Whale mate with a Narwhal. Today, it’s nearly impossible to even see the result of their mating, the “Narluga.” However, researchers have proven that they have existed and that both Beluga Whales & Narwhals have mated in the past to create Narlugas.

In July 2019, scientists from Greenland had a weird skull sitting around that had so many mysteries behind it. This led them to want to know more. From its teeth to the shape of the skull, something just seemed different about it somehow. It was then that they were able to uncover that the skull belonged to the hybrid Narluga, shocking the scientific world.

1. Africanized Bee or “Killer Bee”

35 Hybrid Animal Species
Africanized Honey Bee On Stick [Image via Pests.org]
  • Created By: Western Honey Bee & East African Lowland Honey Bee

The Africanized Bee, better known as the Killer Bee, actually was not a thing until human beings stepped in to moronically make them possible. The idea behind the Bee species was to help Brazil increase its honey production during the mid-1950s. However, 26 swarms of the bees escaped in 1957 and eventually spread throughout most of South and North America.

Killer Bees are often in warmer environments, such as upper areas of South America and lower levels of North America. The hybridization made them great honey makers for sure, but also gave them all the horrible traits of both bee species. Including the defensive nature of the African bee, resulting in many chasing and stinging humans.




35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via STSTW Media]
  • Created By: Human & Chimpanzee

While it is claimed that the Humanzee was never created, there have been attempts. Some success has happened with it from time to time. However, nothing concrete has occurred outside of theoretical settings (although some claim they have been developed). Gene Editing could change all of that soon, however. On a few occasions, there have been legal issues. In one instance, a laboratory was stopped from furthering their studies into a human/chimp hybrid.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via The Irish Sun]
They claimed they were not planning to make the hybrid, but obviously, this was a lie. They had every intention to make them if possible. Hominids have mated in the past to create essentially a hybrid species. It is thought that early Homosapiens certainly mated with the Neandertal. However, due to the evolutionary space that humans are from Chimps, a successful hybrid is unlikely. This is why gene editing would be needed to help this along if we indeed wanted to attempt such a thing.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Landmeterskop Farm Cottages]
  • Created By: Male Llama & Female Alpaca

While you might feel you’ve never truly seen a Huarizo, it’s likely you have. The cross between a Llama and Alpaca, Huarizo are usually among the cutest hybrids. The hybridization made some sense as both Alpacas and Llamas are not too far removed from the other in genetics, so their hybrid would likely be able to survive without as many complications.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Independent.ie]
They were also thought to be possible in the wild if the two species met there. You’ll note the clear differences Huarizos have from their parents. They tend to have much more fur, and usually a good bit smaller than both Llamas and Alpacas. However, like other hybrids, they are sterile. Yet researchers from the University of Minnesota claim it is possible to preserve fertility with some genetic modification.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via TatterTotter – Twitter]
  • Created By: Male Puma/Female Leopard OR Male Leopard/Female Puma

The Pumapard is a really compelling hybrid species. It combines the very useful things that the Leopard and Puma bring to the table. Of course, Pumas are better known by some as Cougars or Mountain Lions. Both big cats can get relatively large, yet size-wise, they are not too far off of one another. The Leopard, however, is notable for its spots. This transitions over to the Pumapard but the size does not.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Redheaded Blackbelt]
These are two completely different cat species, unlike some big cat hybrids. Leopards belong to the Panthera line where Pumas are their own species entirely. This is likely why all Pumapards tend to be born with a form of dwarfism, unlike what you might see in Ligers who can get quite large. When familial lines differ too far, dwarfism tends to be a common result. Especially when it involves larger animals.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Forum für Naturfotografen]
  • Created By: Western Capercaillie & Black Grouse

The Rackelhahn is quite an odd hybrid. Some feel it was formed to see what the result could be when two large game birds came together. The Western Capercaillie is actually the largest in the grouse family while the Black Grouse, also a large grouse in its own right, does not really have any distinct qualities. Some feel the Rackelhahn was created as an answer to what could happen if the Black Grouse were to go extinct.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Forum für Naturfotografen]
While it is not really in threat for that currently, there was a time when this was an issue. The Western Capercaillie experiences the same issues, which could be why scientists joined the two. If they could create a solid species, it could be formed in a lab without any potential extinction problems. However, the Rackelhahn is completely sterile. This could change with gene editing, which would allow a possible future for the species in the wild.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via The Dog Digest]
  • Created By: Male Coyote & Female Dog

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand what a Coydog is a hybrid of. Of course, you should remember that “Coydogs” typically come from the male coyote and female dog. It is quite compelling but breeding patterns differ between the two. Dogs do not have a season breeding period, likely due to centuries of domestication not requiring it. Coyotes do, which can make breeding male dogs with coyotes much harder to accomplish.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Ron Reznick – Digital-Images.net]
On top of this, male coyotes actually tend to their litter whereas male dogs do not. This can lead to a better outcome of survival for pups in the wild if they did indeed breed there. Due to the closeness of the species, Coydog hybrids are actually fertile and can successfully breed through four generations. It is stated the first Coydog hybrids were likely bred as far as 12,000 to 14,000 years ago too.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Andrew Ives]
  • Created By: Polecat & Mink

The Khonorik is a cross-species of the European Polecat & European Mink. While today the hybrid version of this species is incredibly rare in the wild, it was not really as uncommon about 100 years ago. They actually began mating in the wild during the early 20th Century as the Northern part of Europe began experiencing a rise in temperature, creating a warmer climate. Polecats were able to expand their range as a result, leading to a collision with mink habitats.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Reddit]
In an interesting twist of fate, Khonoriks are able to have a lot of good from both. They swim well like the mink while they dig and burrow for food well like polecats. However, they are extremely hard to tame and/or breed. Females of the species are actually fertile too. Polecats and Minks were eventually bred together in captivity due to their offspring’s fur being more valuable than either of its parents. The first captive-bred version was done by Dmitry Ternovsky of Novosibirsk in 1978.

Catalina Macaw

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via thesprucepets.com]
  • Created By: Scarlet Macaw & Blue-And-Gold Macaw

The Catalina Macaw is known to be quite a beautiful bird. While it is possible that some are in the wild right now, it’s unlikely. The reason being, most macaws differ in the groups they tend to hang out with. They are usually going to be with those similar to them, ruining common mixing that you’d possibly come across in other species. This is especially true for the Scarlet Macaw & Blue-And-Gold Macaw.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Redbubble]
They are not often in the same areas in South America but could come across the other in the wild. Their hybrid would be known as a Catalina Macaw, which tends to take the traits of both parents. Sometimes, they’ll come out with around 2 to 3 colors but several come out with all major colors of their parents, with one color being dominant. As of now, the only known Catalina Hybrids are in captivity with breeders around the world.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Bugged Space]
  • Created By: American Paddlefish & Russian Sturgeon

While it is possible that a sturgeon and paddlefish could mate, it’s incredibly unlikely they would due to their geographic locations. If they did, their hybrid offspring would be called the Sturddlefish, and it’s one incredibly unique creature. Both the American Paddlefish & Russian Sturgeon are endangered. This led to programs being done to breed both in captivity. The hope was to preserve both species…but they never realized what would happen.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via The New York Times]
Researchers in Hungary were part of those conducting experiments. Not all sea creatures can breed in captivity, so this was a crapshoot for sure. During this ordeal, they used sperm from a paddlefish with a female sturgeon. The idea was that it would act as a “control” when fertilizing the eggs later with sturgeon sperm. Researchers then essentially created the Sturddlefish on accident, and have continued making them.

Lonicera Fly

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Zoology.ubc.ca]
  • Created By: Blueberry Maggot & Snowberry Maggot

Flies are kind of odd, but sometimes it is good to push the creation of more due to how important they can be for an entire ecosystem. Flys do serve a role in our world, but we usually tend to get all we need from the current. Why would anyone want to create a hybrid version of one? Funny enough, scientists are not responsible for the creation of the Lonicera Fly. This is a North American Fruit Fly that was first introduced in America at some point in the last 250 years.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via BugGuide.net]
Many believe it was brought over to America on ornamental plants, making the origin likely somewhere in Europe. These particular flies tend to feed on berries from honeysuckles, also introduced in America in the last 250 years. It is widely assumed that flies came with the honeysuckle, and it could be that some breeding took place between both Blueberry and Snowberry maggots. They are now pretty widespread in North America.


35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via thesprucepets.com]
  • Created By: Wolf & Dog

Wolves and Dogs do not commonly come across each other in the wild as most dogs tend to be domesticated. However, this was not always the case. In fact, in places like Russia and Australia, there are a ton of wild dogs. The same can be said for certain sections across Africa today. In North America and Europe, dogs have been living alongside several wolf species for thousands of years. This has led to several instances of Wolfdogs. The only known wolves to have mated with domestic dogs are the Gray, Eastern, Red, and Ethiopian wolf species.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Pets4Homes]
Thus far, they seem to be the only ones that have produced a viable hybrid. Wolfdogs are common even today, with at least 100,000 living in the United States. Unlike some hybrids, Wolfdogs are reasonably healthy with many not being sterile. The Wolfdog temperament is truly hit and miss, as they can be unpredictable due to having traits from both canine species. That has resulted in several problematic encounters with the Wolfdog over the years, even those at a 3rd generation standing. Yet they do not tend to kill humans and tend to only injure most.

African-Asian Elephant

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via ShukerNature – Blogspot]
  • Created By: Male African Elephant & Female Asian Elephant

While it is really uncommon to see African and Asian Elephants mate in the wild, they have done so in captivity. It has been claimed for years that zoos and circuses bred the two different elephant types but those are not confirmed. However, the Straight-Tusked Elephant (now extinct) did breed with an Asian Elephant according to recovered DNA. In more recent history, the Chester Zoo in Cheshire is the only place that bred an African & Asian Elephant to create a proven hybrid.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via ShukerNature – Blogspot]
The calf was named Motty when he was born in 1978 to an African Elephant Father & Asian Elephant mother. The young elephant had features quite similar to both elephant types. This includes cheeks, ears, and legs from its father and nail numbers as well as a single trunk finger, like its mother. The overall body was African while also containing an Asian center hump. Sadly, Motty died after only 10 days, due to necrotizing enterocolitis and E. Coli. Since Motty, there have not been any confirmed successful African/Asian Elephant hybrids.

Fujian Pond Turtle

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via China Plus – China Radio International]
  • Created By: Asian Yellow Pond Turtle & Golden Coin Turtle

The Fujian Pond Turtle is quite interesting, as scientists did not realize it was a hybrid species at first. That led to the species being put on the IUCN Red List. When its origin became known, they removed it from the list as hybrids are not allowed. The Fujian is a cross between an Asian Yellow Pond Turtle & Golden Coin Turtle. Usually, to be around as long as it has, one would assume that it is a fertile hybrid. That is not the case, however.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via China Plus – China Radio International]
All the males seem to be infertile thus far, but females are more than capable of birthing offspring with other turtle types. That could be why we’ve only ever seen single specimens of the Fujian Pond Turtle, often in places where hybridization could very well occur in the wild among the two turtle types. The hybrid will likely remain in low numbers due to male infertility, but we’re certainly going to see a lot of other turtle types if the females breed in the wild.

Naked Neck

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via BackYard Chickens]
  • Created By: Naked Neck & Other Game Birds

Who in their right mind would want to make a hybrid creation between a chicken and a turkey? Were they wanting to make sure Thanksgiving was more eventful? The Turken, also known as the Naked Neck or Naked Chicken, was bred originally in Transylvania. However, it was also bred in Romania and Germany too, all unrelated to the other. Funny enough, it did not begin as a hybrid. People actually confuse it for being a cross between a turkey and chicken.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Reddit]
Naked Necks were known for having one dominant gene, making it easy to introduce into other breeds. That results in hybrids rather than other true Naked Necks. In fact, the breed has been recognized by the American Poultry Association since 1965. This hybrid breed was first introduced in Britain in the 1920s. The gene dominance continues to lead to more Naked Necks across the planet, thus making more random hybrids. The more breeding they do, the more common the species will be.

Borneo Bateater

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via MorphMarket]
  • Created By: Burmese Python & Reticulated Python

When you hear the name “Borneo Bateater,” it should start some small fear inside. It might surprise you to find out that this is a hybrid snake too. Two pythons come together to make it possible, the Burmese Python & Reticulated Python. They are the two most common python snakes on the planet and their hybrid offspring is a constrictor just as they are. Considered kind of an exotic pet, the Borneo Bateater is very common in the pet trade business.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via MorphMarket]
This makes it kind of a black market pet (although many are sold legally). There are some that were released into the wild, causing places like South Florida to see a huge snake problem. This hybrid snake is similar to both pythons, making it relatively large. It’s fat, strong, and can kill several animals..even humans. The hope is that we can find all of the hybrid snakes and remove them from the wild before they drastically affect the area negatively.

Cuban-American Crocodile

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via PBS]
  • Created By: American Crocodile & Cuban Crocodile

Crocodiles do not traditionally breed with different croc types in the wild. This is especially true regarding the Cuban Croc and American Croc. However, they will at times meet up due to climate change causing many to move around. As a result, we have a hybrid species simply called the Cuban-American Crocodile. It has become a huge problem in American waters, becoming a well-known invasive species.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Repeating Islands]
In Cuban waters, it has led to the Cuban Croc species slowly dying off. As of 2011, the species is now down to a believed 4,000, making it officially part of the endangered species list. That has resulted in some attempts to catch the hybrid species and remove it from Cuban waters. As of now, there are still many out there. It is uncertain if all of the Cuban-American crocodiles were bred in the wild or if they were introduced by scientists. However, they could lead to Cuban croc extinction