35 Hybrid Animal Species

By Joe Burgett
35 Hybrid Animal Species

There are some amazing animals on this planet. The weird part is that we have yet to even discover all the animals that live today or have in the past. Nowadays, however, hybrid animal species are becoming the most popular topic of discussion. It is not hard to see why as they are anomalies for sure.

A hybrid animal species happens when animals from two different species, well, mate. Sometimes, these things happen in the wild and the animals will live among similar species for years. However, most hybrids tend to happen in captivity. Usually, these captive animals are put into enclosures with others from their same species.

Most of the time, the hope is that they will mate with that species. Other times, these animals are put among others of a similar but different species. Take, for example, elephants. Usually, African and Asian Elephants do not come across each other in the wild. Think about their names for a second to know why.

Yet in captivity, two young elephants will likely mate, causing a possible hybrid to be born. This actually did happen once too. Sadly, the baby elephant hybrid died 12 short days into its life.

Most hybrids tend to survive a good bit longer than this but many are sadly sterile. Sometimes, females of the species can still give birth but this is the only connection to the hybrid that will remain.

At the end of the day, however, hybrids are incredible. We felt it might be best to show you a lot of them, then tell you a little about the species and how they came to be. With that said, we hope you enjoy our list of the most incredible hybrid animal species all-time.