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Cuban-American Crocodile

35 Hybrid Animal Species
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Crocodiles do not traditionally breed with different croc types in the wild. This is especially true regarding the Cuban Croc and American Croc. However, they will at times meet up due to climate change causing many to move around. As a result, we have a hybrid species simply called the Cuban-American Crocodile. It has become a huge problem in American waters, becoming a well-known invasive species.

35 Hybrid Animal Species
[Image via Repeating Islands]
In Cuban waters, it has led to the Cuban Croc species slowly dying off. As of 2011, the species is now down to a believed 4,000, making it officially part of the endangered species list. That has resulted in some attempts to catch the hybrid species and remove it from Cuban waters. As of now, there are still many out there. It is uncertain if all of the Cuban-American crocodiles were bred in the wild or if they were introduced by scientists. However, they could lead to Cuban croc extinction.




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