30 Fun and Easy Science Activities to Do With Kids at Home

By Joe Burgett
30 Fun and Easy Science Activities to Do With Kids at Home

We’re all in a new situation currently. Many of us are home in an attempt to help end the issues plaguing us, but this has caused a new issue. We are around our children and while we do love them, we also need to give them something to do. Of course, we also want them to continue to learn. The question is, what are some great ways to implement science at home?

We’re glad you asked, random reader. At Science Sensei, all we do is deliver great science content for you to look at and hopefully learn something new. While we’d love to tell you that reading our website will be educational for your child, this is quite self-indulging.

Rather, we wanted to give you some really cool ideas for you to do with your kids or have them do on their own. This will involve simple things you do around the house that will allow you to use things like Anatomy, Chemistry, Biology, and even Mathematics.

Of course, science and math often play off of each other. Don’t worry, we won’t be giving you Calculus and Algebra stuff to do. Even we find them useless most of the time. Rather, these ideas will involve some day to day stuff you can add science and/or math to or small experiments you can do with your kids.

Since we’re trying to cover all bases as best we can, we will be adding a recommended age for each concept. Of course, we also want to make sure you’re prepared. This is why we’ll also be adding a list of things you’ll need to do each thing too.

Let’s get started!