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30 Fun and Easy Science Activities to Do With Kids at Home
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2. LEGOs

  • Age Recommendation: 4 Years+
  • Supplies Needed: LEGOs (to fit the age of your child)

LEGOs are a lot like JENGA blocks. They each team something very valuable, structure. See, when you’re working with JENGA blocks, it’s all about removing from a structure to see how long it remains. With LEGOs, it’s all about creating something special. Thus, one of the best ways to do science at home is simply playing with LEGOS.

They will learn small forms of Geometry, which also will, in turn, teach them how to evaluate the things they make. Can it stand? Does it need more to keep it up? Can it move and remain the same in its new place? All of these questions and more can be answered just by playing. Sometimes, creating science at home moments is just that easy.

30 Fun and Easy Science Activities to Do With Kids at Home
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1. Water Into Wine Experiment

  • Age Recommendation: 7 Years+
  • Supplies Needed: Water, Wine(Juice), Plastic Container, Drinking Glasses

First and foremost, the name of this is “water into wine” but don’t think too much into that. You can substitute the wine with juice, of course. To do this, you will first need to fill up one glass with water all the way to the brim. Do the same with your juice glass. Now, get a plastic container and cut out a square from it. This needs to be big enough to fit over the glasses you use.

Next, put this plastic piece over your water glass and turn it over, placing the water glass on top of the juice glass with this plastic piece in the middle. Now, slowly make an opening between the two by pulling the plastic piece out a small bit. Some of the juice/wine will go up while the water goes down. After about 10 minutes, the two will have officially switched places!