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When you think about world records, you consider some of the most important stuff. However, there are many records that can be broken that are not really notable. The world’s faster clapper, for instance. Some records like that are even hard to prove, but on the “scientific” side of things, there are many incredible world records that actually mean something worth highlighting. Whether it is a body image, impressive performance, etc. There are great world records all around there.

At the same time, there are many great records involving abstract material as well as animals. Regardless of what it is, we felt like the best world records (in our view) needed to be highlighted here. We will be using the most respected world record counter for this article, the Guinness World Records team. We will be taking all our records as they stand currently from their most recent record book release. If needed, as time goes on, we will update any newly broken record should it happen.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Mother and her newborn baby. Photo Credit: Marina Demidiuk/Shutterstock

Youngest Person In World History

  • Year Set: Current Year
  • Who Set It: A Revolving Amount Of People
  • Nationality: Worldwide

We feel the need to start off with a slight joke. While not officially recognized as a world record, this would have been a record among tribes centuries ago. Where the youngest person would be treated as a special case until a new child was born. Today, there is no fanfare for the record. Mostly because it is set and then reset every single day of a given year. Of all world records in known human history, it is by far the easiest to break. Obviously, we hope that continues to be the case.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Jeanne Calment, the oldest person who ever lived. Photo Credit: Flickr

Oldest Person In World History

  • Year Set: 1988
  • Who Set It: Jeanne Calment
  • Nationality: France

Jeanne Calment was like any other young woman in the late 1800s. She wanted to survive into adulthood and have children, which was the aspiration most women had then. Born February 21, 1875, she managed to do just that. But then she somehow continued to keep going. She eventually passed the assumed record for the oldest non-biblical person in world history in January of 1988. It was uncertain, but this would eventually be verified. Yet she lived until August 4, 1997, and aged to a record 122 years, 164 days. A record many still believe no one will pass. Although there are some living people still capable.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Tardigrades are some of the oldest creatures in existence. Photo Credit: Oleh Liubimtsev/Shutterstock

Most Adaptable Animal Species In History

  • Year Set: N/A
  • Who Set It: The Tardigrade
  • Nationality: N/A

While adaptation is often referred to by scientists as evolution, this is not the case for the Tardigrade. This microscopic species has never once had to really change what it is. Scientists have put the species through literally any test you can think of. They put them into super hot and super cold environments, took away all oxygen by submerging them for extended periods underwater, and we even took them to space. They survived everything. It’s uncertain if they can be killed and many seem to live an extremely long time. The species is simply the most adaptable known to mankind, far surpassing human ability.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Blueberry Pi pie baked in a skillet. Photo Credit: Vm2002/Shutterstock

Most Accurate Value Of Pi Recorded

  • Year Set: 2020
  • Who Set It: Timothy Mullican
  • Nationality: United States of America

It used to be that some of the most prominent mathematicians and scientists of their time back in the 15th to 18th century would try to calculate the measure of Pi. For many years, we had to do the math on this in the hardest way. But that changed and records for Pi were just represented by memory. Eventually, calculations were made using it. That was what Timothy Mullican managed to do in 2020. He surpassed Emma Haruka Iwao’s 2019 world record for the most accurate value of Pi, which used 31.4 trillion digits. Timothy managed to calculate 50 trillion digits! 2020 was a weird year for all of us.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
The tallest sandcastle in the world in Binz, Germany. Photo Credit: Michael Overkamp/Shutterstock

Biggest Sandcastle Ever Made

  • Year Set: 2019
  • Who Set It: 12-Person Team Led By Thomas van den Dungen
  • Nationality: Russia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Holland, & Latvia

While it might seem odd, the record for the largest, biggest, or tallest sandcastle is quite a popular record for people. Many world records are incredibly hard, and this one is no different. The Guinness World Records team was on hand in June 2019 to measure the world’s largest sandcastle. It was developed by an international team of 12 sculptors that spent three and a half weeks on it. The sandcastle stands 57 feet, 11 inches, and is 85 feet wide. It also weighs an estimated 24,2450lbs or around 11 metric tons. Thomas van den Dungen led the team and had been trying to break the old record for a few years by this point.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Chinese contortionist Liu Teng breaks Guinness World Record. Photo Credit: Sipa Asia/Shutterstock

Fastest Time To Travel In A Contortion Roll

  • Year Set: 2017
  • Who Set It: Liu Teng
  • Nationality: China

While this might seem like an obscure record, less than 5% of the human population are even capable of attempting it. Much less setting an impressive time moving in any way. Yet Chinese contortionist Liu Teng managed to set the record for the fastest time to travel in a contortion roll at the age of 25 on November 6, 2017. She traveled 65 feet in 15.54 seconds, which actually beat the previous record, 17.47, which Teng had also set. This record kinda makes us feel like getting into yoga might be a good idea.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Cindy Jackson. Photo Credit: Mike Daines/Shutterstock

Most Cosmetic Procedures In History

  • Year Set: 2005
  • Who Set It: Cindy Jackson
  • Nationality: United States of America

Cosmetic surgeries might be needed medically for numerous reasons. Like correcting some random defect based on society’s assumption of what is normal. Fixing one or two things makes sense, but Cindy Jackson took it to the extreme. As of this writing, she has spent a total of $99,600 on 47 different cosmetic procedures. That includes 9 full-scale surgical operations! She began her cosmetic journey in 1988 and has had three full facelifts, two nose jobs, two eye lifts, liposuction, jawline surgery, lip & cheek implants, chin bone reduction, and much more. Her record was officially set on February 7, 2005.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Maci Currin, the woman who has the longest legs. Photo Credit: YouTube

Longest Legs For A Woman Ever

  • Year Set: 2021
  • Who Set It: Maci Currin
  • Nationality: United States of America

Ekaterina Lisina, the Russian model and former Basketball star for the Russian National Team was known for having the longest legs of any woman. Yet this would be passed by a 17-year-old from Texas in 2021 named Maci Currin. She stands at 6’10 with her left leg measuring in at 53.255 inches and her right leg measuring 52.874 inches. For comparison, Lisina’s legs were 52 inches and 52.2 inches respectively. While there are many tall women today and in history, leg height is not going to make up most of their height. However, in Mia’s case, they actually do as her legs are 60% of her 6’10 frame.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Chandra Bahadur Dangi, the shortest living man in the world. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Shortest Man In World History

  • Year Set: 2012
  • Who Set It: Chandra Bahadur Dangi
  • Nationality: Nepal

Chandra Bahadur Dangi is an interesting case. There are many short people in the world today and in history, but his look was quite different compared to most. Dangi was a primordial dwarf, meaning he will have a smaller body size in all facets of his life, unlike a normal dwarf that could grow more in some stages. He measured in at 54.6cm or 1 foot, 9 and a half inches in height. This beat the previous record held by Gul Muhammad who was 57cm tall. We are also pretty sure Dangi is the shortest person to have ever lived as well. Unlike other smaller people, Dangi also lived for a long time. He passed in 2015, at age 76.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Jyoti Amge with Amazon Eve. Photo Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Shortest Woman In World History (Mobile)

  • Year Set: 2011
  • Who Set It: Jyoti Amge
  • Nationality: India

There are quite a lot of world records broken in Asia and Africa when it comes to people of shorter stature. So it is not shocking to see Jyoti Amge on the list. As of this writing, she is is the shortest woman still living (mobile). She was previously the shortest teenage female. But when she turned 18, she took the shortest woman title overall. She stands at 62.8cm or 24.7 inches tall. She sees the title as something that makes her stand out and feel better about herself. Amge claimed it helped her “feel popular, special, and important.” It allowed her to get into acting, having roles in things like American Horror Story alone!

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Bombel, The Shortest Horse in Lodz, Poland. Photo Credit: Grzegorz Michalowski/Shutterstock

Shortest Male Horse Ever

  • Year Set: 2020
  • Who Set It: Bombel (Bubble)
  • Nationality: Poland

Being the shortest horse in recorded history is a major honor. Mostly because world records like this have to be traced back heavily for researchers. Officially, we now know the record for the shortest male horse in recorded history is a miniature horse named Bombel from Poland. His name translates to “Bubble” and he stands 56.7cm or 1 foot, 10 inches tall when measured from his hoofs to shoulder blades. He was officially included in the Guinness World Records in their 2020 run of records.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
Robert Pershing Wadlow with his family. Photo Credit: Flickr

Tallest Man In Recorded History

  • Year Set: 1955
  • Who Set It: Robert Pershing Wadlow
  • Nationality: United States of America

Many religions and mythologies speak of giants, with some offering vague descriptions and others offering very specific measurements. The Holy Bible referenced Goliah’s height, six cubits, but since he comes from a period where science cannot document his existence, others get more attention. The real-life Goliath happens to be the tallest man in recorded history as well as the tallest person overall. His name was Robert Pershing Wadlow. He never stopped growing in his sadly short life, allowing him to reach the height of 8 feet, 11 inches. It is impossible for anyone will ever reach this type of height ever again.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Saigoneer]

Largest Supported Sculpture Made From Drinking Straws

  • Year Set: 2019
  • Who Set It: Von Wong
  • Nationality: Canada

While this specific record might seem like one of those obscure world records most would laugh about, it’s actually one of the most incredible. While building stuff is not exactly record-worthy, usually people use materials like wood, stone, cement, or something in this family. But not Canadian artist, Von Wong. He used 168,037 straws to create a 10-foot tall structure in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He was moved to do this as a way of raising awareness about single-use plastics. Yet it landed him in the Guinness World Records. We appreciate the decision to raise a very real environmental issue. Respect, Mr. Wong.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via BBC]

Longest Held Abdominal Plank

  • Year Set: 2020
  • Who Set It: George Hood
  • Nationality: United States of America

If you want to feel like an absolute loser, we must introduce you to George Hood. He served the United States as a member of the Armed Forces, Marine division. The Ex-Marine wanted to keep in shape after his days in the service so he decided to keep himself in the gym and eventually he wanted to go for world records. So at the age of 62, he managed to set the world record for the longest-held abdominal plank. He managed to hold it for 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. It beat the previous record by about 14 minutes. In contrast, this writer was able to hold his plank for 15 minutes before buckling and dropping.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Armchair GM – Fandom]

Longest Distance An Airplane Was Pulled By A Human

  • Year Set: 2009
  • Who Set It: Kevin Fast
  • Nationality: Canada

Kevin Fast is a strong guy. He managed to prove this when he broke several weight-pulling records in his life. But one stands out above most others. Fast was able to pull an entire 416,299-pound CC-177 Globemaster III Airplane. Pulling a plane like that even an inch is enough for someone to sing his praises. But Kevin pulled this airplane a full 28 feet! The big Canadian likely won’t see anyone break his record for a while, but if someone does, Fast has promised to come back and pull even further.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Jutarnji list]

Longest Time Breath Was Held Voluntarily

  • Year Set: 2021
  • Who Set It: Budimir Šobat
  • Nationality: Croatia

Back in 2012, German freediver Tom Sietas managed to set the world record in this category. He managed to hold his breath underwater for a little over 22 minutes. But in 2021, his record was topped by Budimir Šobat. The Croatian managed to hold his breath for over 2 minutes longer than Sietas. Officially, he held for 24 minutes & 37.36 seconds. He actually set the record in Sisak, which he did to promote them after they were hit by a bad earthquake in December 2020. Good for Budimir to do such a thing for a city drastically affected by such a tragedy.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Tanakit YamMo Suwanyangyaun]

Heaviest Animal In History

  • Year Set: N/A
  • Who Set It: The Blue Whale
  • Nationality: N/A

While there are some mythical creatures that have been claimed to be heavier, they are not connected to the world records in most places due to the inability to properly record their size. In the case of a Blue Whale though, we DO have accurate records of their size. This is why we can assure you that they are the official largest creature that has ever existed on Earth. The largest ever recorded weighed in at 190 tons and was 27 meters long. One of our world’s Ice Ages actually allowed for Blue Whales to grow in size, allowing their evolutionary growth to explode. They still remain quite large even today!

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via OddyBugs]

Heaviest Person Ever

  • Year Set: 1978
  • Who Set It: Jon Brower Minnoch
  • Nationality: United States of America

While it might seem dumb, people are so set on breaking world records that they will even try to land on one that could cause them to die young. While the Guinness World Records people have removed the “heaviest person” category to prevent people from ever attempting it today, the last man Guinness documented as the heaviest was Jon Brower Minnoch. He managed to reach 1,400lbs. Thankfully, he went into treatment for his weight and lost over 400lbs. But he fell off track and sadly died young in 1983. Others have been close to his record but no one has reached it. We hope no one ever tries.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via zz/Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX]

Most Hotdogs Eaten In 10 Minutes

  • Year Set: 2020
  • Who Set It: Joey Chestnut
  • Nationality: United States of America

Nathan’s Hotdog Eating competition every 4th of July amuses most of us but real competitive eaters treat that event among others as a major sport. A Japanese man named Takeru Kobayashi won that competition among others for years, but Joey Chestnut emerged on the scene and changed everything. He has managed to win Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Competition 13 times as of this writing. His hotdog consumption has also landed him in the record books. He set the record for the most hotdogs eaten in 10 minutes in 2018 with 74. Then he consumed 75 in 2020 to beat his own record.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Onedio]

Most Metal Consumed By A Human

  • Year Set: 2007 (Official Timeframe Due To It Being A Lifetime Record)
  • Who Set It: Michel Lotito
  • Nationality: France

There is a medical condition known as Pica. It is a disease that makes people crave things that are not truly food-related. It can be something as simple as your coffee table… or a sheet of metal. At least, this sort of thing was what Michel Lotito found tasty due to his Pica ordeal. The Guinness World Records followed and checked in on Lotito over the years to get an accurate number, and they believe Lotito was able to eat 9 tons of metal. That also includes an entire Cessna 150 airplane! He sadly passed away in 2007 at age 57. The fact he lasted that long without tearing up his insides is record-worthy alone.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Pinterest]

Olympic Medal Count Records

  • Year Set: 2008 & 2016
  • Who Set It: Michael Phelps
  • Nationality: United States of America

Michael Phelps set out to do the impossible in the 2008 Summer Olympics. He claimed he wanted to win 8 Gold Medals, which would break fellow American Swimmer, Mark Spitz’s record of 7 Gold Medals. Phelps managed to achieve his goal in some amazingly dramatic racing events. Phelps continued to return to the Olympics until the 2016 Summer Games, which would be his last. He essentially “retired” with 28 Medals overall, 23 of them being gold. This accounts for 3 Olympic Medalist records, which most feel will never be broken.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Motor Sport Magazine]

Land-Speed Record (Measured Over 1 Mile)

  • Year Set: 1997
  • Who Set It: Andy Green
  • Nationality: United Kingdom

Reaching land speed records used to be commonplace, making world records in this area seem easy to break. But this changed with Andy Green who, in October 1997, broke the official land speed record when he went 763.035 mph in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. For some time before this, the speed of Mach 1.0106 was just not recognized by the USAF, and radars were not calibrated to catch it. To measure Green’s speed, they had to aim a dish using a TV screen. It happened to be powered by two Rolls-Royce Spey 202 jet engines, which generate 50,000lbs of thrust.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Yogigems]

Fastest Time To Complete A Marathon On Each Continent (Male)

  • Year Set: 2015
  • Who Set It: Douglas Wilson
  • Nationality: Australia

The story of Douglas Wilson is truly remarkable and worthy of a movie in our view. The Aussie nearly died after he found out he had a brain tumor in October of 2013. He had to undergo life-threatening surgery to remove the very large tumor. It then left him with serious medical complications including meningitis, facial paralysis, loss of hearing in one ear, and the loss of the right balance nerve with it. Yet in spite of all of this, he returned to running a few months after. In spite of this, he decided to break a record. He ran a marathon in Chile, Spain, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Antarctica, and the United States in just 6 days, 18 hours, 2 minutes, and 11 seconds. This is is one of those world records that’ll be hard to break.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via The New York Times]

Fastest To Complete A Marathon

  • Year Set: 2018
  • Who Set It: Eliud Kipchoge
  • Nationality: Kenya

When it comes to the world of track or running records at all, most people expect a person from Kenya to be among the best. They seem to produce some of the best runners in the world. It should, obviously, not shock you to find out that a fellow Kenyan has the fastest completion time for a marathon (roughly 26.2 miles). Eliud Kipchoge set the world record at the 2018 Berlin Marathon with an official time of 2 hours, 1 minute, & 39 seconds. Eliud amazingly beat his own record in 2019 with a time of 1:59:40, but it will not be recognized as a new world record for dumb reasons. He still has the two best times though.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via USA Today]

The Fastest Man To Ever Live

  • Year Set: 2009 & 2012
  • Who Set It: Usain Bolt
  • Nationality: Jamaica

Usain Bolt has numerous world records to his credit and is the undisputed short race king. He is the only sprinter to win the 100m & 200m race at three Olympics consecutively. Bolt set the records for both races in 2009 with the 100m record being set at 9.58 seconds and 200m being set at 19.19 seconds. Bolt also led Jamaica to a world record in the 4 x 100-meter relay, helping set the record at 36.84 in 2012. He has a total of 8 Olympic Gold Medals & 11 World Championship and is considered the greatest sprinter to ever live. Bolt also has the highest top speed for a human being, as he can reach 27.7 mph.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via San Antonio Zoo]

Fastest Evolving Animal Species

  • Year Set: 2008
  • Who Set It: Tuatara Species
  • Nationality: N/A

We’re not really the type to care if someone “believes” in evolution or not. Considering this is a “science” website, we’re going with the facts of the matter. However, sometimes evolution itself does not explain the black magic seen in some animal species around the world. Take the Tuatara, a species of reptile. Normally, animals evolve over hundreds to thousands of years through various cycles where small changes occur over long periods. The average reptile makes 0.2 substitutions every million years or so. However, the Tuatara makes 1.37 substitutions, which is the fastest evolving creature in existence.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via NPR]

Longhorn With The Biggest Horns

  • Year Set: 2019
  • Who Set It: Poncho Via (Longhorn)
  • Nationality: United States of America

It is not shocking to see the bovine community of animals show some type of horn. Usually, though, you expect to see something like a rhino with the largest horn. Yet there is a longhorn in Alabama that happens to have the world record for the largest horns ever. They measure out at a length of 10 feet, 7.4 inches. Of course, world records like these have to be authenticated and proven as real. This is why the Guinness World Records team themselves looked at the longhorn, named Poncho Via, themselves. They found the steer has not only the largest horns but the largest of any steer dead or alive.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Genetic Literacy Project]

The Oldest Land Creature Ever

  • Year Set: 2019
  • Who Set It: Jonathan The Tortoise
  • Nationality: N/A

We know by now that both turtles and tortoises are capable of living extremely long periods of time. While most of the animals that live the longest seem to reside in the water than on land, the tortoise manages to exist in both. Specifically, one known as Jonathan the Tortoise. We know he was hatched around 1832, and as of this writing, he is still alive. This makes him around 189 years old! Just imagine all Jonathan has lived through. This mark is obviously a world record, the question now is how much longer can he live? It seems like he’s trying to make the record completely unbreakable at this point.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via The Guardian]

Longest Journey By A Butterfly

  • Year Set: 1989
  • Who Set It: N/A
  • Nationality: N/A

How could anyone ever know the distance traveled by a butterfly? Well, it is quite simple: you tag it. This was done by a team led by Donald A. Davis when he released a butterfly in September of 1988. They recaptured the butterfly in April of 1989. The creature was released in Canada but had been caught in Texas. Yet when they checked into the data, the scientists found that the butterfly spent time in Mexico too. It managed to travel a distance of over 2,880 miles. However, it is uncertain how often it went around different territories, so many believe it could have traveled more than double this figure.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Guinness World Records]

Most Tattooed Human Being

  • Year Set: 2006
  • Who Set It: “Lucky” Diamond Rich
  • Nationality: New Zealand

Several people all around the world have many tattoos. In some native tribes, tattoos are a symbol of something important that the person does or achieves. This is why many of them seem to be heavily tattooed. But no one on Earth is more tattooed than a man named “Lucky” Diamond Rich. The New Zealand street performer is tattooed nearly everywhere on his person, just slightly under a 100% body covering. In 2006, he was given the world record in this category by the Guinness World Records team when he surpassed the previous holder, Tom Leppard.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via CNN Türk]

Most Concrete Blocks Broken Records

  • Year Set: 2015-2018
  • Who Set It: Ali Bahçetepe
  • Nationality: Turkey

There are very few martial arts records that are counted outside of competitions. However, there are those related to the field that the Guinness World Records team cares about. Ali Bahçetepe from Turkey seems to possess quite a lot of them. The martial artist holds the record for the most overall heavy concrete blocks broken with the abdominals/stomach. He also holds the record for most concrete blocks broken in 30 seconds, most broken in a minute, and most broken in a single stack. Those numbers in order are 683, 1175, and 37, in that order.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via In Touch Weekly]

Most Children Delivered In A Single Birth To Survive

  • Year Set: 2009
  • Who Set It: Nadya Suleman
  • Nationality: United States of America

It is uncertain if Nadya Suleman was going for a world record when she was aiming to have children. She had to actually get a Vitro Fertilization to even get pregnant, as she did not have a partner to have kids with. However, the IVF treatment worked far better than anyone ever assumed. When she went into labor at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, California, she gave birth to six boys and two girls, bringing 8 children into the world. This is the world record for the most babies ever delivered in a single birth to survive. Due to her impressive accomplishment, Nadya became known as “The Octomom.”

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via The Life Pile]

Most Prolific Parent(s) In History

  • Year Set: 1765
  • Who Set It: Feodor Vassilyev & His 2 Wives (He & His First Had 69 Kids)
  • Nationality: Russia

If you thought the Octomom had it rough with eight kids, we should introduce you to Feodor Vassilyev. The Russian peasant was able to have a child with his wife at 18. But then he ended up having 22 sets of twins, 9 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets with two different wives. His first wife, who no one knows the name of sadly, gave birth to the most children with Feodor, having 69 children with her. Of those 69, a total of 67 survived infancy. He then had 18 more children with his second wife. He became a father to 87 children overall, with around 84 of those children still surviving into his mid-70s.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via All That’s Interesting]

Most Times To Be Struck By Lightning And Survive

  • Year Set: 1977
  • Who Set It: Roy Sullivan
  • Nationality: United States of America

Getting struck by lightning once is considered to be nearly impossible. This is why only a fraction of living humans today will ever experience it. Yet Roy Sullivan must have been a man that ticked off Zeus himself. He was struck a grand total of 7 times and somehow lived after each encounter. A former Park Ranger in Shenandoah National Park was first hit in 1942. But would go on to be struck a few more times with 1970-1977 resulting in 5 hits alone. Ironically, due to the fact that God seemed to be unable to kill him, Roy sadly took his own life in 1983 at age 71. Potentially just to show he could die at all.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via History.com]

The Most Atomic Bombs Survived By One Person

  • Year Set: 1945
  • Who Set It: Tsutomu Yamaguchi
  • Nationality: Japan

Imagine being around when an atomic bomb hits your hometown. Now, imagine you try to escape this only to be around for a second atomic bomb. That was the case for Tsutomu Yamaguchi. The Japanese marine engineer was in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki when each was hit by an atomic bomb. He was working at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries on August 6th when the bomb hit Hiroshima. In spite of his wounds, he decided to return to work on August 9th. That morning, he happened to be working in Nagasaki the very time the second bomb dropped. In spite of the radiation exposure, Yamaguchi lived until 2010, dying at 93.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via SOFREP]

Most Different Types of Military Aircraft Flown

  • Year Set: 1939-1970
  • Who Set It: Captain Eric Brown
  • Nationality: Scotland

Captain Eric Brown was part of the British Royal Navy and operated as a test pilot during a bulk of World War II. This was a big deal because, at that time, new aircraft were coming out to battle against several different potential enemies. New aircraft were being produced seemingly every week. Due to how impressive a pilot Brown was, he was one of the most trusted pilots Britain knew could get the most out of an aircraft. That led to him flying a world record 487 different types of aircraft, during his service in the Navy. It is unlikely we’ll ever see so many aircraft being tested like what we saw during WWII.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Pinterest]

Furthest Distance To Be Thrown By A Tornado And Survive

  • Year Set: 2006
  • Who Set It: Matt Suter
  • Nationality: United States of America

Matt Suter is an exceptional person. He was able to survive something very few can say they have survived, a brush with death after being sucked up and thrown by a tornado. In March 2006, he was living in a mobile home in Fordland, Missouri. On the 12th of this month, he was sucked up by a tornado that would eventually throw Suter and his home 398 meters (roughly 1305 feet). Somehow, he survived this situation. Once the people at the Guinness World Records found out, he was given the official world record for the furthest distance to be thrown by a tornado and survive.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via The New Yorker]

Most Bones Broken By A Human Being

  • Year Set: 1975
  • Who Set It: Evel Knievel
  • Nationality: United States of America

It should not shock anyone to find out that the infamous daredevil, Evel Knievel, would sustain a lot of injuries in his life. He did do some of the most amazing things as a stunt performer. However, in spite of succeeding more than failing, he could always mess up. There are 18 notable mistaken jumps and eventual crashes Evel was part of. As a result, he managed to suffer a total of 433 fractured bones. He sustained a fractured/broken skull, nose, jaw, collarbone, both his arms & wrists, every single rib he had, as well as his back. It is unlikely anyone will ever “break” this world record, we also hope no one tries.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via HBO]

Largest Cake With An Image Of Someone Falling Off A Horse

  • Year Set: 2019
  • Who Set It: John Oliver & Last Week Tonight Crew
  • Nationality: United Kingdom & United States of America

HBO’s Last Week Tonight w/John Oliver decided to dive into the Guinness World Records for some of their less favorable dealings over the years. They have often opened up useless or odd records, but this was not done just to highlight incredible accomplishments. It was also due to a payoff with some world leaders who would use them to further push themselves as something worthwhile. Oliver decided to spend HBO’s money to make the world’s largest cake with an image of someone falling off of a horse. Although John and his team did achieve a world record, Guinness does not count it, to the shock of no one.

Humanity Always Surprises with these Incredible World Records
[Image via Guinness World Records – Twitter]

World Record For Holding The Most World Records

  • Year Set: Ongoing
  • Who Set It: Ashrita Furman
  • Nationality: United States of America

Ashrita Furman is not your typical person. He has wanted to stand out of the pack and achieve greatness. This is why he has attempted thousands of world records in his life. Somehow, Ashrita was able to break and hold over 600 Guinness World Records in numerous categories. This is a world record in itself. Such as the most jumping jacks in succession, longest underwater cycling distance, the fastest mile in somersaulting, and many more. While he did hold the record, he only holds around 200 now due to other record-breakers wanting to best his work.


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