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Times Koalas Were Anything But Cute
Those trees can be sore on the tushy! Luckily, koalas have cushy butts. Credit: EcoWatch

2. The Many Uses of Koala’s Butts

A koala is often viewed as a cute, cuddly, and adorable Australian animal. As we have learned, there are many aspects of the koala that are unique and critical to their survival. One of the koala’s body parts that has many uses is its’ butt. Now you might wonder what these many uses could be. The koalas’ posteriors play an interesting role in helping them survive and thrive, specifically while perched up in the eucalyptus trees. The fur on their bottoms are densely packed and acts as a cushion while they spend so much time sitting and resting upright in the trees.

Times Koalas Were Anything But Cute
Photo Credit: Pixy Org

In addition to the extra padding cushion from their rear end, the end of their curved spine’s cartilage provides even more padding. All of these extra padding and cushion help koalas make the eucalyptus trees the most comfortable home. I’m sure we can all agree that if we were spending 18 to 20 hours a day sleeping in one spot, we would want to be as comfortable as we possibly could be! Another benefit to their bottom half is its appearance. The koala’s butt is white and speckled, which prevents predators from easily spotting them from the ground.

Times Koalas Were Anything But Cute
They might be cute to look at, but these creatures are anything but pleasant to smell. Credit: CGTN

1. Koalas Are Super Stinky

It is no surprise that wild animals may not smell the best. For starters, they live in the wild and are susceptible to all the elements. They might have to be outside during the rain, cold temperatures, and dirt. Depending on their habits and nature, they may not do the best job at cleaning themselves and therefore put off a little bit of an odor. Koalas are no exception. They have been known to have a bit of a distinctive scent, at least the males do. That doesn’t mean that females or juvenile koalas don’t smell as well, but they may have a very different smell.

Times Koalas Were Anything But Cute
Photo Credit: Cnn

Females and juvenile koalas tend to smell more like eucalyptus cough drops. That is mostly attributed to their diet of eucalyptus leaves. In comparison, male koalas have been said to put off an odor that is pungent compared to eucalyptus leaves. Mature males tend to have a more pungent smell because of their distinguished scent glands. The males will rub their chest up against trees to mark their territory and attract females at breeding time. The scent gland produces a strong, musky odor. Besides, koala joeys are taught to eat different species of trees, so they have a balanced diet and because other leaves act as a natural intellect repellent.

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