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This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Body Scan Healthcare

  • Hypothetical Timeline: 2050 to 2070

You might be surprised to learn that one day, we might not have as much need for doctors as we do today. While the field of nurses will likely not reduce by much, medical doctors overall won’t be as needed. Technology is currently underway that will allow a person’s body to be completely scanned. It will then show specific health issues, which will tell the person what’s potentially wrong with them. Yes, this is how the future might look for the world of medicine, people!

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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The only issue is that you do not want it to be like an MRI or X-Ray. We’d need it to be radiation-free. That makes things a bit harder, but not impossible. These scans can be done from your birth all the way into adulthood. It’ll keep up with your development, health issues, and much more. A system could likely tell you what is wrong with you, or doctors could be given enhanced images to tell them. You can then be given improved, accurate counsel on what to do next and medications to use.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Self-Driving Vehicles Will Completely Replace Cabs/UBER

  • Hypothetical Timeline: 2035 to 2050

You’ve likely heard a lot about self-driving cars by now. They are a staple in science fiction yet they are important to how the future might look too. Places like Google have been developing them and even have one on campus to drive people around right now! The issue is that this would need to be something you could use anywhere. Funny enough, it’s actually quite easy to do, but it’ll take a long time. The way to do it is by putting microchips on the roads, obviously in a protected box of some sort.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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The self-driving car would then be able to know where it is going based on the chips. It is likely that we’ll see these in major cities first. Then, they will slowly go into smaller towns. Since Google also owns Google Maps, it will likely be the industry leader here. By the way, putting chips on the road is cheap. They cost about a penny each and can be replaced with ease. It’s also likely self-driving cars will put cabs as well as UBER and other ride-sharing companies out of business eventually.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Robotic Enhancements Will Be A Reality

  • Hypothetical Timeline: 2030 to 2040

While you should not expect the type of robotic enhancements that of those in Cyberpunk 2077, you can expect robotic enhancement in other forms. Moreover, “robotic” might not even be the best term. Some scientists are trying to utilize nanobots as a potential asset to the body that can replace hands, feet, and even entire arms and legs. So far, people have been able to use robotics in this territory but nowhere near as much as they could.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Nanobots can form around to fit the exact sizing a person happens to be. They might also be capable of even forming to look almost like the real thing. They’d also be enhanced enough to connect to the body and brain to work exactly like a lost limb, or even better. On top of this, if the look is still too obvious, your own body tissue could be used to cover them. If that’s not enough, nanobots alone are no risk to the body. Therefore, healthy enough to not cause any problems long-term.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Organs Will Be Grown In Labs, Rather Than Taken From Other Humans

  • Hypothetical Timeline: 2040 to 2060

Years ago, a group of scientists made the first-ever lab-formed bladder. It was then used to replace a problematic one in a patient, which turned out to be successful. Lab-made organs like this are a huge part of how the future might look. As everyone knows by now, every nation has a “Transplant List.” This will one day be a thing of the past, as people will need to remove perhaps a cancerous lung and can then replace it with a lab-made lung.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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This lung will be formed using their exact tissue, blood type, etc. That ensures the body will not reject it, which sadly happens more than we’d like. This won’t occur with lab-made organs, however. The big organ that will make all others possible is the Kidney. Once scientists can form a full healthy kidney in a lab that lasts long-term, every other needed organ will be a breeze to form. Plus, the organ needed the most on transplant lists is always the kidney anyway. This would save millions of lives!

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Your DNA Will Be Used To Store Data

  • Hypothetical Timeline: 2023 to 2030

You read that right, your DNA will be capable of storing data. Researchers were able to electronically write data into the DNA of living bacteria in January 2021. This was a huge concept, as the idea they had was that it would be completely future-proof. You would no longer need a hard disc, flash drive, or even a memory card. Plus, your DNA happens to be a very useful storage sector. First, you can actually keep information safer and it would even be hard to hack since it’s not on a server.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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If that was not enough to convince you, your DNA is 1,000 times denser than any known hard drive man has ever created. You could store the equivalent of 10 full-length digital movies within the volume of a grain of salt using your DNA. Imagine how much the rest of your DNA could store! Since your DNA is clearly central to human biology, readers and DNA writers will become cheaper as time goes on, and even more powerful along with it. We could see this as soon as a few years from now!