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This is How the Future Might Look For the World
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Your DNA Will Be Used To Store Data

  • Hypothetical Timeline: 2023 to 2030

You read that right, your DNA will be capable of storing data. Researchers were able to electronically write data into the DNA of living bacteria in January of 2021. This was a huge concept, as the idea they had was that it would be completely future-proof. You would no longer need a hard disc, flash drive, or even a memory card. Plus, your DNA happens to be a very useful storage sector. First, you can actually keep information safer and it would even be hard to hack since it’s not on a server.

This is How the Future Might Look For the World
[Image via Pikisuperstar/Freepik.com]
If that was not enough to convince you, your DNA is 1,000 times denser than any known hard drive man has ever created. You could store the equivalent of 10 full-length digital movies within the volume of a grain of salt using your DNA. Imagine how much the rest of your DNA could store! Since your DNA is clearly central to human biology, readers and DNA writers will become cheaper as time goes on, and even more powerful along with it. We could see this as soon as a few years from now!