Eastern Copperhead
[Image via Giannis Papanikos/Shutterstock.com]

Eastern Copperhead: The Accidental Terrorizer 

  • Venom: Hemotoxic
  • Its Potency: 0.100mg On Average
  • Average Fatality Rate Annually: Less Than 0.05%

Eastern Copperhead snakes are often just called Copperheads. However, you’ll want to keep the “Eastern” part in mind. There are several Copperheads, many of which are not poisonous yet this is one of the most venomous snakes known to man. While not usually aggressive, Copperheads will bite humans. They actually freeze, then strike. Whereas other snakes tend to slither away. Most are in the Southern United States, usually in wooden environments. Causing many to happen across them.

This is why they are responsible for the most bites of any snake in the United States every year on average. Luckily, their venom doesn’t kill quickly. While it is a Hemotoxic venom, it takes much longer to affect the adult human body. If you’re otherwise healthy nor elderly or very young, you should be okay. As long as you get to an emergency room ASAP. They can still kill within a 12 hour period.