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The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Hawkman and Hawkgirl

  • Species: Human/Thanagarian
  • Enemies: The Raven, Dr. Psycho, Fatality, Parallax, Prometheus, Queen Bee

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are very compelling characters. Their story has switched up a bit over the years but the most popular version has the two date back to ancient Egypt. Carter Hall or Hawkman is the modern-day reincarnation of the Egyptian Prince Khufu. Yet he is also connected to the alien police officer, Katar Hol from Thanagar. Yet Hawkgirl is the reincarnation of Egyptian Princess Chay-Ara. Due to the several versions, it is hard to keep up. Yet there is a similarity among them all. They might die but they’ll always be reincarnated.

The goal for their life is to find each other, which could take some time to accomplish. A common merger is to buy into either form of reincarnation but also connect them to Thanagar due to a meteor that initially killed them from that planet. That ties them to the alien race and also explains them always being reincarnated. It can be missed that the two are among the most powerful galactic characters though. Their species is tough enough due to their super strength, ability to fly, and impressive weapons and armor. Add in a form of immortality and that takes them over the top.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Adam Warlock

  • Species: Human/AI
  • Enemies: Thanos, Magnus, The Kree

Initially known as “Him” in his debut, Adam was introduced initially as a “savior” or messiah-like figure. He’s an invention of the Enclave, a group of Earth scientists who wanted to make the perfect artificial human. Knowing he’s in possible danger of being taken advantage of, he leaves. He enters space and decides to travel the universe. Yet this forces him to come in contact with the High Evolutionary, one of the most powerful galactic characters in his own right. This is who gives HIM the “Warlock” name.

Evolutionary essentially allows Warlock to live out his destiny, as he’s asked to go to Counter-Earth in order to save it. Evolutionary gives him the Soul Gem to accomplish this. Warlock saves the planet but eventually comes across the Universal Church of Truth where he ends up getting the “Adam” name. Adam finds out the Soul Gem drives him mad when he comes across Magnus, a future version of himself that the Gem turned evil. To save himself, he travels to the past where he absorbs his own soul. Throughout his travels after this, he often uses the Soul Gem to trap people.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Kang The Conqueror

  • Species: Human
  • Enemies: Iron Man, Fantastic Four, The Avengers

Kang the Conqueror is one of the most notable villains in Marvel Comics today. Technically, Kang is born in the 31st Century on Other Earth. Due to being 1,000 years into the future from our present day, Kang has access to A LOT of impressive future technology. Of course, Kang is also a smart man in his own right. This allows him to figure out time travel, which gives him the chance to go back to the past and conqueror several worlds and universes using his future tech and knowledge.

Due to the multiple universes, Kang is able to help versions of himself in those universes do the same as himself. Thus, versions of Kang are split across the multiverse. Whenever there is a need for assistance, Kang copies can show up to assist the vulnerable Kang. That makes him one of the most powerful galactic characters in comics. He’s nearly impossible to stop, putting him in the crosshairs of several heroes. Including notably the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and The Avengers.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Black Adam

  • Species: Human
  • Enemies: Shazam

While it might not seem like it, Black Adam is most certainly one of the most powerful galactic characters. People might feel a bit odd using the “galactic” line, but we’ll explain. First, you should be aware that his origin has been altered a lot since his initial debut. Both he and Captain Marvel(now Shazam) belonged to Fawcett Comics before DC Comics acquired them. In his initial debut, Adam was just like Shazam but lived during the ancient Egyptian period.

He has the power of a former High Priest in Egypt, Shazam. Which is the power of the Gods ultimately. This somewhat differs from the later Shazam character. Adam has the stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Horus, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aten, and the courage of Mehen. These are all Egyptian gods where Shazam has powers from the Greek/Roman gods. Yet Adam is not a God himself, which is crucial to remember. He can fight well against numerous highly powered galactic threats but he is still capable of dying.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Eternal-Deviant
  • Enemies: Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers

While Thanos is a very large individual with supreme strength, stamina, speed, and more, a lot of his most notable powers have come from the infinity stones. Of course, in Marvel Comics, Thanos is known for trying to collect all the stones and wielding them in the infinity gauntlet. One thing often misunderstood about Thanos as well is that he is a deviant, which is basically like an eternal but not quite as immortal. They are overly powered beings that can take over planets if they are not stopped.

Thanos often goes to war with alien planets and kills as many beings as possible. This is because he is obsessed with the physical embodiment of death. Since Thanos cannot really die to join her, he’s even more obsessed. She is a mistress he is obsessed over, and killing others allows him to give her many souls. Thanos is nearly successful in ending half of all life for good, giving Death her ultimate gift. Doing this would also require him to use the stones that could also weaken him heavily, and enough to die himself. Yet this does not all go quite to plan.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Arthrosian
  • Enemies: Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Thor

Annihilus is often forgotten about due to other characters being used more prominently over the last few decades. Yet initially, there was never a galactic threat quite like Annihilus. In most uses, he has been the ruler of “The Negative Zone.” This is an antimatter universe that exists outside of our own. While Annihilus remaining there is not really a problem of our concern, he could do a lot of damage if he made his way into our universe. When Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four finds out a way to travel to and from this universe, he takes advantage.

Yet that puts us all at risk for if Annihilus escapes the Negative Zone, we’re all in trouble. Known as “the living death that walks,” he is to be feared by any and all. What makes him the most powerful is his Cosmic Control Rod. It allows him to manipulate cosmic energy to control the molecular structure of matter. It can even project massive energy and concussive force. Of course, long-term exposure to the rod can slow the aging process of the wielder, allowing Annihilus to become essentially immortal. This is why he is one of the most powerful galactic characters in comics.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Miss Martian

  • Species: Martian
  • Enemies: Count Vertigo, Despero, Nekron, Neron, Psimon, Queen Bee

Miss Martian’s story often shifts depending on the form she is utilized. At one point, the Martian Manhunter was said to be the sole green Martian that survived on Mars. But we later find out about Miss Martian, who is either a mysterious Martian he did not know about, or his niece. She’s technically a White Martian, who tends to be at war with the Green Martians. Treat it as a racist issue, similar to what you might see on Earth. While her true Martian name is M’gann M’orzz, she simplifies it to just Megan Morse. We initially see her in the comics within the earlier days of the Teen Titans Volume 3 series.

Like her uncle, Megan is capable of shapeshifting into anyone she feels like, using telekinesis, as well as becoming invisible and phasing through things. She can also fly too. Yet her mind is more powerful than his, as she is able to rip minds apart in ways her uncle actually fears. They both can read minds, but if Megan wants to, she can force people to give her answers from deep into their subconscious. She could also melt their brain doing this. With the Titans, she handles a lot of local system problems but is often off-planet and on other worlds. This is why we rank her as one of the most powerful galactic characters.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Human/Cyborg
  • Enemies: The Defenders, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four

When it comes to galactic threats, this one is different from the rest. The story goes that on an alternate Earth, Michael Korvac decides to betray humanity to the Badoon alien race. This took place in the year 3007, nearly 1,000 years from now. The race takes Korvac with them but he is caught sleeping on the job one day. As a punishment, they removed his upper body and turned it into a machine. This included alien technology but made him a cyborg effectively. The Grandmaster, as well as the Elder of the Universe, feel that Korvac could be a huge asset.

Therefore, they sent him back in time on Earth-Prime to fight with the Defenders and Dr. Strange. Equipped with future alien tech, he could likely beat the Earthlings fine. Yet he threw the fight, all so he could get close to Grandmaster and scan his cosmic power. Anything Korvac scans can be his, which means he now possessed extreme cosmic power. After killing Badoon leaders, he goes on a quest to conquer the universe. Korvac eventually became so powerful that the only one above him was the “One Above All.” This is literally just the writers and creators of Marvel.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Czarnian
  • Enemies: Atrocitus, Anti-Monitor, Batman, Green Lantern, Santa Claus

Lobo is often painted as an antihero, which is technically true. He is a galactic mercenary who is willing to kill or capture anyone if paid enough. This can put him on the bad side of certain heroes, yet he might fight alongside him if his contract is to take down a mutual enemy. While he debuted as a major villain in the 1980s, writers quickly did not know how to use him. It led to Lobo being unused until the 1990s. By then, he was being used to mock Marvel Comics.

Marvel had gone to more of a gritty, overly violent side in this time period with the likes of Wolverine and Punisher. They decided to use Lobo in similar, but ironic and often weird ways. Instead of being a parody, fans loved him and that led to Lobo’s antihero status taking off. The “Main Man” is incredibly strong and fast as well as immortal. He can regenerate from nothing more than a drop of blood. This can be a problem as copies of him can pop up, so he might have to absorb these copies. Due to his immense power and abilities, he is one of the most powerful galactic characters in comics. This is useful for alien mercenaries.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Klyntarian
  • Enemies: Spider-Man, Carnage, Anti-Venom, Agony, Shriek, Sin-Eater, Knull, Toxin, Scream

Initially, when Venom shows up in Spider-Man comics we find out that he is a symbiote that is not from this planet. The real problem with this is that we have no idea where it came from at first. Due to being a symbiote, it needs a host to truly survive. This can be any living being but symbiotes like this tend to work best with humans. However, the host needs to be a fit for the symbiotes or they won’t properly bond with them. These symbiotes come with their own specific set of abilities that are sometimes similar but will differ too.

For Venom, it is super-strength, senses, and speed. Yet he also has a lot of the same powers as Spider-Man while being nearly immortal. His species is from the planet Klyntar, which is filled with other symbiotes. Yet they do not always need a host there. Though Venom does need to bond with its host, it can still enhance the person’s own powers and/or desires. This works with all the Klyntar symbiotes too. Venom, more than most, can control his movements and escape from hosts he does not work well with. Venom might have started out as a great villain, but today he’s a very popular antihero.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Green Lanterns

  • Species: Multiple
  • Enemies: Red, Yellow, & Black Lanterns

The Guardians of the Universe felt that they needed to assist the universe as best they can. However, they knew they could not do it alone. They might have power but it is better used by others, so they sent out rings that would equip the wearer with incredible abilities. The ring can create any weapon or shield they desire, and much more. The limits of the ring only come with limited imagination. The important thing is that the wearer must be worthy of the ring’s power.

For Green Lanterns, the wearer must be hopeful or give hope to others and use willpower to access the ring’s power. This means it is pretty difficult for a wearer to be a villain like this. However, if a person becomes unworthy even after long-term use of the ring, the power will be taken from them. Thus, the Lanterns bring hope to the universe. If galactic threats are present, they will help to protect as many planets as possible. There are countless Green Lantern members, with around 10 coming from Earth. The rest come from planets across the universe.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Yellow Lanterns

  • Species: Various
  • Enemies: Green Lanterns

Yellow Lanterns are often villains, as the center of their power is fear. If you can make others fear you or your actions, you’re worthy of a yellow ring. While a lot of this power comes from Parallax, one of the more powerful galactic characters in its own right, this ring is mostly associated with Sinestro. He is a former Green Lantern who was likely the best of them all during his time. At one point, he found the Guardians to be weak and decided to erase Guy Gardner (Earth Lantern) from history.

He is stopped by Booster Gold from the future, who traveled back in time to prevent this. To convince him, he says there is a yellow legion of superheroes that were called “The Sinestro Corps.” Sinestro then went rogue, resulting in the Guardians banishing him to the antimatter universe. Eventually, he is even trapped in the Central Power Battery itself. Yet he then emerges with the yellow ring using fear to power it. He has all the same powers as Green Lanterns, but he can be as selfish as he wants. The Sinestro Corps. become the biggest enemy to the Green Lanterns.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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Silver Surfer

  • Species: Zenn-Lavian
  • Enemies: Galactus, Doctor Doom, Mephisto, Annihilus

The Silver Surfer first pops up in the comics as the herald of Galactus. Given power from the “eater of worlds,” the Surfer is able to travel to any galaxy or system quickly. All the while, operating sort of as a scout to find the best planets for Galactus to consume. Originally known as Norrin Radd, the Zenn-La humanoid was a young astronomer who had a bright future ahead. Yet when Galactus showed up to consume his world, Radd said he would be a herald for him if he let his planet remain. Galactus agreed and gave Radd a portion of the power cosmic to do the job. This gave him near invulnerability.

Radd also absorbs and manipulates the universe’s ambient cosmic energy. He can also travel faster than the speed of light, which is necessary when you’re trying to feed the eater of worlds. Yet one day, Silver Surfer finds Earth and brings Galactus there. With the help of the Fantastic Four, Radd is able to reconnect with his noble self. He betrays the world eater and is then exiled to Earth. Yet the Surfer keeps most of his powers, and he eventually becomes a cosmic hero for many alien worlds. All of this

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Taa-an’
  • Enemies: Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, The Avengers, Hunger

We were already discussing him, so we might as well talk about Galactus. He was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with the idea that he needed to be unlike any other villain before him. This is when they decided to make him God-like. He feeds off of living planets simply for their energy. He does not care who lives on these planets and ultimately finds them all at random or they are found for him. Yet Galactus was not always the “eater of worlds.”

He was actually a space explorer named Galan who gained cosmic abilities when he passed a star. What might be missed from this is that Galan also lived in the previous universe that existed before the Big Bang. When Galan’s universe died off, he merged with the sentience of the universe to become Galactus. The power he wields is so great, he MUST drain planets to continue existing. Usually, heralds help him find the best living planets and he could have multiple in use at one time.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Coluan Cyborg
  • Enemies: Superman, Green Lantern Corps.

Brainiac and Galactus have a little bit in common. They both like to take worlds, but Brainiac does not drain them. He likes to shrink them down and collect them as his own. Sometimes, he might only do this with a few select cities. Brainiac is from the planet Colu. The humanoids of this planet have green skin and are all pretty smart. Yet a specific race, known as computer tyrants, were mechanical humanoids. They took over the planet and changed their appearance to fit the original beings.

Brainiac is a cyborg just like them, who simply gets his jollies out of shrinking and taking places. He has been known mostly for telepathic, telekinetic, and technopathic powers. Along with regenerative abilities. Yet this is often due to being connected to his ship. When not connected, he becomes vulnerable. Due to his regenerative nature, Brainiac becomes a constant threat for the likes of Superman among others. Of course, all of this makes him one of the most powerful galactic characters in comics.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
[Image via Marvel Comics]

Captain Marvel

  • Species: Human/Kree
  • Enemies: The Kree, Skrulls, Moonstone, Rogue

Carol Danvers was known as Ms. Marvel for most of her history in Marvel Comics. Today, she holds the Captain Marvel title which was initially held by Mar-Vell. In Marvel, she took this role in roughly 2006 when Mar-Vell passes away. Carol was a pilot for the U.S. Air Force who was a human just like all of us. However, she is hit by a Kree ship piloted by Mar-Vell, which leads to an explosion. This explosion affected both but Carol’s DNA merged with Mar-Vell’s due to this, which gave her his powers and those of the Kree.

This gave her super strength, endurance, stamina, and physical durability. She also has what acts as a “seventh sense” that gives her partial precognitive abilities. Her Kree DNA physiology is useful beyond that, as it makes her invulnerable to most toxins and poisons. Plus, Carol can tap into white hole energy, giving her control and manipulation of stellar energies in the universe. This can include gravity, the electromagnetic spectrum, and even heat. That obviously makes her one of the most powerful galactic characters in all of Marvel or DC comics, without a doubt.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: New God
  • Enemies: Superman, Justice League

Darkseid is known as the ruler of Apokalips and a member of the New Gods. He and Apokalips technically exist outside of our universe, which often forces those from his world to take over the minds of others to do their bidding. Yet to do things for themselves, they must use “Mother Boxes” to travel to any destination they wish. This could include any planet in the cosmos as well as any universe. Darkseid’s ultimate goal is to find the “anti-life equation.”

This equation would eliminate all hope and free will among all sentient beings either living now or in the future. Knowing this would allow Darkseid to enslave everyone in the multiverse. Naturally, the heroes work as much as they can to prevent him from ever getting his hands on this equation. Darkseid is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. From his omega beam to his super strength and genius-level intellect, he is impossible to kill or stop for good. To us, that makes him one of the most powerful galactic characters in comic books today!

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
[Image via Marvel Comics]

Franklin Richards

  • Species: Human
  • Enemies: Annihilus, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Mephisto, Onslaught

Franklin Richards is the son of Reed Richards and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four. It was uncertain their children would have any powers at all, but apparently, Franklin was going to no matter what. While not credited with being a mutant like the X-Men, he is as close to them as possible. Yet as a child, he possessed reality-manipulating and psionic powers beyond all other Omega-level mutants. While he can manipulate matter and energy, he is also able to teleport anywhere he wishes.

Like Charles Xavier, Franklin is also telepathic with telekinetic abilities on top of it. Unlike them, he has a level of precognition and astral projection that gives him a heads up on any potential issue. Throughout his stories, we seem to find him getting more powers. One thing that makes him a massive threat is the ability to create pocket universes. All of this power seems to make him equal to Marvel’s Celestial beings too. These powers have aided him well against many local and cosmic threats so far and likely will continue to do so.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
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  • Species: Kryptonian
  • Enemies: Brainiac, Darkseid, Doomsday, Lex Luthor

Superman was sent to Earth in a pod by his parents in order to save his life just before his planet Krypton exploded. He crashlanded on Earth and was taken in by the Kent family. Initially, he was like any other child but eventually began to show a lot of superpowers. This is due to the Earth’s sun, which is much closer and brighter than the one local to Krypton. The sun’s rays give his Kryptonian body powers that otherwise would not be present.

That includes super strength, speed, and endurance. Yet he is also relatively invulnerable with skin like steel, making him bulletproof. Plus, he can fly and shoot laser beams out of his eyes while also blowing cold breath. His most difficult villains are rarely from Earth. Even Lex Luthor, who is one of his top villains, needs specialized tech. Since Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite, shards from his destroyed planet, many villains use this to stop him. Yet if you don’t have it, you better be nearly a God, because Superman certainly is.

The Most Powerful Galactic Characters from the Comic Book World
[Image via Marvel Comics]

The Beyonder

  • Species: Cosmic Entity
  • Enemies: The Avengers, Fantastic Four, The Defenders, X-Men, Doctor Doom

The Beyonder is a really compelling character new Marvel fans likely do not know about yet. He is the main big bad in Marvel’s “Secret Wars” storylines. Due to how massive those stories are, we’re sure to see films or television shows surrounding them sooner rather than later. The Beyonder is a cosmic entity that is the sum total of an entire multiverse. Referred to as the “Beyond-Realm,” the universe was accessed accidentally by Owen Reece. Part of its energy got out and hit Reece.

This gave him numerous powers, making him into the Molecule Man. The remainder of that pocket dimension manages to become sentient and curiosity. It decides to become a humanoid called The Beyonder. He creates a planet called Battleworld, which is made from different pieces of multiple planets. Those who were in sections of planets he took were teleported to Battleworld. This includes both heroes and villains from all over. Beyonder then forces them to fight for his amusement. Yet that is just a small bit of his history. Most feel Beyonder is one of the biggest galactic threats Marvel has ever had.