Harsh Underwater Environments and the Odd Creatures that Live There

By Trista
Harsh Underwater Environments and the Odd Creatures that Live There

Although we have discovered a plethora of plant and animal life thriving in the ocean, not that much is known about what dwells beyond the surface of the water. Why? Diving too deep means the pressure becomes so powerful that it’s almost impossible to venture safely. This concept leaves much to the imagination when it comes to strange sea creatures. Nevertheless, brave scuba divers, curious scientists, and other professionals continue working together to explore beneath the mysterious waves.

In February 2019, researchers dove into the Gulf of California to discover hydrothermal vents. The underwater area is rife with aquatic beings, some of which are quite psychedelic looking and have been alive for millions of years.


Wikimedia Commons

1. What Are Hydrothermal Vents?

Hydrothermal vents, as the name suggests, are, essentially, underwater geysers formed near tectonic plates. Because the plates move freely around, they create cracks in the ocean floor that releases gases from beneath the Earth’s crust. These cracks also allow ocean water to seep into the cracks and become heated before being spewed back into the ocean again.

So how hot can it get down there? Roughly 750 degrees Fahrenheit, so don’t expect to get close to one anytime soon. However, even those temperatures haven’t stopped life from forming around them and have been there for millions of years. In fact, many scientists believe that real life on Earth began around these vents.