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Recently, former Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed came forward and claimed an agreement is in place between the United States, Israel, and the “Galactic Federation.” A lot of his story is considered a bit odd, but he did hold a position of power in Israel and shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly. Of course, many believe space aliens have visited Earth before.

In a weird turn of events, he claimed that he kept this quiet for over 30 years. In spite of this agreement, no one working in the government for either nation has come forward with any similar story. Well, except Mr. Eshed. This story, while a bit far-fetched, made us think. What stories revolving around alien encounters could actually be true?

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
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The Birth Of The “Foo Fighters”

  • Year: 1940s

Picture this: is it the middle of World War II and pilots for the new Air Force are having to fly several overnight missions. A few are known to be among the world’s best at the time, all working for the United States. It was during this point that many reported seeing strange aircraft around them. The colors of the object differed from pilot to pilot, as well as the number.

At this point, the term “flying saucer” was not really a thing. Yet they were describing them as exactly that. The one thing each story had in common was that the objects moved incredibly fast, at least 200 miles per hour. They could dart on a dime, meaning the objects were likely slowing down to be near the pilots. The pilots that saw them claim they’d run circles around them. One specific story in 1944 involved a crew in Rhine, Germany.

They claim they saw eight to ten bright orange lights dart by them “at high speed.” Ground Control, as well as other planes, did not spot them on any radar. One pilot shined a light on them but they had disappeared. They decided to name their new yet mysterious (likely space aliens) air companions the “Foo Fighters.” This was based on a phrase the comic book character Smokey Stover used to declare. The phrase was: “where there’s foo, there’s fire.”

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth