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Recently, former Israeli Space Security Chief Haim Eshed came forward and claimed an agreement is in place between the United States, Israel, and the “Galactic Federation.” A lot of his story is considered a bit odd, but he did hold a position of power in Israel and shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly. Of course, many believe space aliens have visited Earth before.

In a weird turn of events, he claimed that he kept this quiet for over 30 years. In spite of this agreement, no one working in the government for either nation has come forward with any similar story. Well, except Mr. Eshed. This story, while a bit far-fetched, made us think. What stories revolving around alien encounters could actually be true?

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO Flying with Naval Aircraft. Photo Credit: KOSKA ill/Shutterstock

The Birth Of The “Foo Fighters”

  • Year: 1940s

Picture this: is it the middle of World War II and pilots for the new Air Force are having to fly several overnight missions. A few are known to be among the world’s best at the time, all working for the United States. It was during this point that many reported seeing strange aircraft around them. The colors of the object differed from pilot to pilot, as well as the number.

At this point, the term “flying saucer” was not really a thing. Yet they were describing them as exactly that. The one thing each story had in common was that the objects moved incredibly fast, at least 200 miles per hour. They could dart on a dime, meaning the objects were likely slowing down to be near the pilots. The pilots that saw them claim they’d run circles around them. One specific story in 1944 involved a crew in Rhine, Germany.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO flying in the sky. Photo Credit: EFKS/Shutterstock

They claim they saw eight to ten bright orange lights dart by them “at high speed.” Ground Control, as well as other planes, did not spot them on any radar. One pilot shined a light on them but they had disappeared. They decided to name their new yet mysterious (likely space aliens) air companions the “Foo Fighters.” This was based on a phrase the comic book character Smokey Stover used to declare. The phrase was: “where there’s foo, there’s fire.”

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Nazca lines monkey geoglyph. Photo Credit: Robert CHG/Shutterstock

Ancient Buildings, Carvings, & Cropping That Are A Bit Too Perfect

  • Year: 6,000 B.C. to 1 A.D.

Have you ever checked out the Nazca Lines in Peru? If you haven’t, we highly recommend you do so. They are quite impressive and elaborate. Officially referred to as geoglyphs, they are incredible. Most of them are in the shape of local plants and animals. However, you can see them perfectly from the sky…yet the people here could never have seen their designs. It is clear that they were building them for possible Gods above them.

The fact that they are made so perfectly is eerie, to say the least. Could this be potential evidence that space aliens have visited Earth? Possibly. Maybe these beings were the God(s) the people were worshipping. Yet one of the biggest places where many assume aliens helped out is in Egypt for the Great Pyramids. When you talk about perfectly built structures, perhaps the best example is the Pyramid of Giza.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Nazca Lines Hands On The Pampa Colorado Northwest Of Nazca Peru. Photo Credit: Tatsuya Ohinata/Shutterstock

It was made so perfectly that it still stands thousands of years later. We STILL have not been able to explore every part of the pyramid. This pyramid also used a specific type of glue or paste that scientists have studied thoroughly. We tried to replicate it many times but it never seems to work. Could this paste be alien-made? How does Giza or the other pyramids line up so perfectly? It would be wrong to just say “aliens” but a lot does not add up. Especially when you consider the tools of the time.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Barney and Betty Hill. Photo Credit: Flickr

Abduction Tale of Barney and Betty Hill

  • Year: 1961

The tale of space aliens that started is thanks to Barney & Betty Hill. Before their story, most of the well-known tropes used in most abduction or UFO stories had never been mentioned. In 1961, both were driving along the road late one night when suddenly Betty claimed she saw an object come toward them, growing in light. Barney then saw what he described as a huge yet silent craft hovering above. He claims the look of the craft reminded him of a large pancake.

The two stopped at a scenic picnic area and noticed around 8 to 11 humanoid figures looking out of the craft’s windows. The alien beings noticed them, and the Hill’s decided to drive off…but the beings caught up. Soon after, they heard beeping and buzzing sounds. Their car then vibrated, causing a tingling sensation in their bodies that put them in a state of unconsciousness that left their minds dulled. They awoke at their home after the second series of beeps.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Barney & Betty Hill. Photo Credit: Flickr

The couple was now 35 miles away from their previous location. They later visited a therapist who was able to help both remember the incident. After this, they were able to recall a lot from the missing time they experienced. In fact, Betty was able to draw an exact map of where the aliens claimed to be from, the Zeta Reticuli system. It is a real system that even NASA did not have a perfect copy of in 1961. One planet was discovered here in 1996 but the story was immediately retracted.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Warminster’s Thing. Photo Credit: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay

Warminster’s “Thing”

  • Year: 1964

The town of Warminster in England has been known for being a town that space aliens might have visited quite often. The stories surrounding aliens in the town started on Christmas Day in 1964. It was on this day that a local woman heard a loud crackling sound rip over her head.

This was essentially a sonic boom, something that most planes (even in the military) were either not capable of or would not have done over a town. The first sonic attack was heard by many others in the town. These random sonic attacks became quite frequent in Warminster afterwards.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Warminster’s Thing. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The locals had no idea what it could be so they began simply calling the culprit the “Thing.” Reports would come out over the years that not only included sound but also weird, unexplainable lights in the sky. Thus, most feel that aliens have been behind everything. It’s not exactly far-fetched, and the United Kingdom’s government has yet to offer an explanation.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Kenneth Arnold’s Flying Saucer. Photo Credit: US National Achieves

Kenneth Arnold’s Flying Saucer Story

  • Year: 1947

Kenneth Arnold was a respected pilot that had been flying for quite a long time. In fact, he was part of the Armed Forces and in 1947, a lot of crazy things were going down. It had been reported for years that the German Nazis were working on saucer-like aircraft, but none were able to actually work for them. One can see how Arnold could be surprised when he spotted one.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Kenneth Arnold Flying Saucer. Photo Credit: US Department of Defense

He was flying over the Mount Rainier area and reported seeing nine mostly flat objects whip by over the area at speeds somewhere near 1,760 miles per hour. Arnold claimed they were so thin he barely saw them, but they were clearly present. He decided to speak with the military about the encounter. Kenneth dismissed any theory that they might be guided missiles.

He was also sure that these were not any new types of jets that the Americans or other governments had at the time. It was assumed to be space aliens. The military never really confirmed this, yet several sightings from Oklahoma to Arizona were reported during that time. Due to the story becoming so widespread, Kenneth became a sort of celebrity, but many saw him as a bad omen. Arnold claims that people would shriek when he walked in and/or flee. Which is sad to hear.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Planet Venus. Photo Credit: Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock

Life On Venus Potentially Discovered?

  • Year: 2020

Venus is technically Earth’s closest neighbor but the planet is considered to be uninhabitable for humans. This is due to the planet being incredibly hot as well as its horrific atmosphere. For years, we thought that it would be impossible for really any life to be here. Yet recently, a group of astronomers throughout the world discovered something incredible.

They found the chemical phosphine. While this might not mean much to some, phosphine is only created by living beings. Of course, traces of this can be found all over Earth and especially in our sky. It is always linked to human activity. This exact chemical was found above the clouds of Venus. NASA and co. plan to send a spacecraft to study Venus’ atmosphere.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
An image of Venus, made with data recorded by Japan’s Akatsuki spacecraft in 2016. Photo Credit: PLANET-C Project Team/JAXA/ISAS/Akatsuki Project Team

The initial discovery, found by scientists around September 2020, was controversial. This led to studying the area again in November of 2020. The phosphine signal had faded a good bit but it was still there! Many feel that this is evidence that space aliens have visited Earth. If we can prove that living beings are on Venus, that would surely make many feel that many of the stories over the years might be true.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
A model of the alleged object, created for Unsolved Mysteries, is on display near the Kecksburg fire station. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Kecksburg UFO Crash

  • Year: 1965

In December of 1965, a bizarre event happened when a fireball fell from the sky. It was first noticed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Yet others reportedly saw the same fireball in Detroit, Michigan & Windsor, Canada. Astronomers and other experts at the time claimed it must have been a meteor bolide that simply burned up in the atmosphere.

State Police were only allowed to go so far and were officially told to keep the area roped off until Army Engineers came in. At the time, it was reported that the investigation found absolutely nothing. Not one thing? NASA finally released a statement on this in 2005, claiming that experts indeed found fragments (that were seemingly metallic).

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Attack of the asteroid on the Earth. Photo Credit: muratart/Shutterstock

However, they claim this was from a Soviet Satellite but records of these findings were lost in the 1990s. They only gave up the information due to the U.S. Freedom of Information Act policy. Yet many feel that the government was covering things up. It could have been clear evidence that space aliens have visited Earth. Sadly, we may never know the true story.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Phoenix Lights hovered over Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki [CC-BY-SA]

The Phoenix Lights

  • Year: 1997

In March of 1997, thousands of Arizona citizens described seeing weird lights move across the night sky in Phoenix. They claim it was in a “Flying V” formation. Apparently, it could be seen across a 300-mile stretch from Phoenix to Tucson, even the border of Mexico. People were convinced of what they saw, and it was hard to argue. However, the U.S. Air Force claims they sent a team of A-10 Warthogs on a training exercise that night.

They were located around the nearby Barry Goldwater Range. They even dropped some stationary flared just outside Phoenix! This made many feel that their UFO concept was easily dismissed. The problem is that it was more than lights or flares that people saw. Witnesses claim they saw the first set of lights coast by with their binoculars. The lights were red and had just one white light at the tip of the V.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Phoenix Lights. Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki [CC-BY-SA]
They looked seemingly engineless and even banked southeast. Actor Kurt Russell even claims he saw them while in a private plane near a Phoenix airport. Yet Air Traffic Control claimed their radar was clear. AZ Governor Fife Symington saw the lights as well. As a former pilot, Symington later said after retiring from the world of politics that those lights were certainly not from any known plane and “must have been extraterrestrial.”

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Travis Walton at The 2019 International UFO Congress. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The Abduction Of Travis Walton

  • Year: 1975

Travis Walton was working for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in November 1975. He and six of his co-workers reportedly encountered a saucer-shaped object hovering over the ground. It was a little over 100 feet away from them, making high-pitched buzzing noises. Walton decided to leave the truck they were in to see what this was. Suddenly, a beam of light appeared from the craft and knocked him out. Frightened by the encounter, the rest of the men drove off.

Walton claims to have woken up in what he initially thought was a hospital but was being observed by three short bald creatures. He claims that he fought with them until a human in a helmet took him into another room. It was there that he blacked out as three other humans put a clear plastic mask over his face. Walton does not remember anything else from the incident. The next thing he remembers was coming to as he found himself walking along a highway 5 days later!

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO abductee Travis Walton is interviewed at the Annual UFO Fair, NY. Photo Credit: Paul Juser/Shutterstock

He then saw the flying saucer departing above him. When Walton returned, his co-workers were shocked he was alive. An investigation went underway shortly after the incident. All his co-workers were subjected to a lie detector test where examiners asked them what they saw that night. Each had similar stories and 5 passed the lie detector test. The 6th person’s test was simply inconclusive. Could this prove space aliens were behind Walton’s disappearance?

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Battle of Los Angeles of 1942. Photo Credit: National WWII Museum

The Battle That Almost Was

  • Year: 1942

In February of 1942, reports of a glowing object floating over Culver City, California came flooding in. It became such a huge issue that air-raid sirens went off. The United States Army came in and shot off 1,400 anti-aircraft shells. The object would disappear right as a citywide blackout was ordered. Several shell fragments were lodged into buildings in the area that night.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
America In WWII Special Issues 12. Photo Credit: US National Archives

Five total civilians died in what is now dubbed “The Battle of Los Angeles.” The Navy came out shortly after the incident and claimed it was just a weather balloon. Of course, when we think about the power of weather balloons in the 1940s, we think about how they can take over 1,000 anti-aircraft shells without a problem too.

While the event has been satirized, many feel that a spacecraft belonging to space aliens was there that night. The Los Angeles Times actually captured a photo of the object. It shows searchlights right on top of an aircraft that is certainly not a balloon, as shells are hitting. The Times then ran an editorial demanding the Army and Navy release more information. It never came.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Landscape with cows and UFO. Photo Credit: Andrey_l/Shutterstock

The Stephenville Sightings

  • Year: 2008

It is very common for UFO stories as well as abductions to involve a small number of people. Typically one or two will come forward with a story, and if others are involved it is usually hearsay. Yet the Stephenville Sightings story is quite different as around 40 people were witnesses to what they describe as a UFO. The small Texas town reports seeing a UFO for about five minutes in January of 2008. Among the witnesses were both a police officer and a pilot.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO seen from a farm near McMinnville, Oregon. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The UFO would reportedly speed off shortly after being spotted. Pilot Steve Allen reports seeing the object when he was out clearing brush, claiming the UFO was enormous with flashing strobe lights…yet totally silent. When the UFO sped off, Allen claims it had to have been going 3,000 mph. It was then followed by two fighter jets that were outmaneuvered.

He claimed the UFO took seconds to fly off across a section of the sky that takes him 20 minutes to cross. Of course, military officials claimed that people were seeing an optical illusion. They claimed it was just a reflection of sunlight on two airliners…you know…at night. The local Air Force base said that their fighter pilots did not chase anything down that night. It seems pretty clear space aliens visited that night and the government was simply trying to cover up the incident.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
A still from GIMBAL, one of three videos released by the Pentagon showing unidentified aerial phenomena. Photo Credit: US Department of Defense

East Coast GO FAST Video

  • Year: 2017

While it took some time to get word on this particular video, it seems that even the government cannot cover it up. The GO FAST video has been widespread online since it hit the internet in 2017. News broke about a video emerging regarding an encounter between the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program and a UFO. The encounter resulted in an F/A-18 Super Hornet identifying what they have described as a UAP or “unidentified ariel phenomena.”

Along the East Coast of the United States, the Super Hornet was able to capture footage using a Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) Pod. The object they spotted was fast-moving, oval-shaped, and around 45 feet in length. It did not have wings or an exhaust plume, and pretty much every aircraft known has one or both.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Advanced Targeting Forward Looking Infrared. Photo Credit: US Military Analysis Network

The pilots were able to spot it around 25,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean as it was flying away. It even darted off while rotating on its axis. No explanation was ever given. That was until the United States Pentagon literally confirmed a UFO was spotted. The assumption is that it belonged to space aliens after the U.S. government could not find another government with the type of technology to make such an aircraft.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
US military shoots down car-sized UFO over Alaska airport. Photo Credit: YouTube

Aguadilla Airport Incident

  • Year: 2013

While seeing a UFO is not as common as people think….most would say that seeing one at an airport is just not possible. If you’re a race of space aliens, would you really make it that obvious to be spotted? The UFO was seen flying at a low altitude across the Rafael Hernandez Airport Runway in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico in 2013.

This object did not offer any warning signals and even delayed a commercial flight’s departure. Thankfully, an aircraft belonging to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection managed to capture an infrared video. A whistleblower supplied the video to the Scientific Coalition for UFOology or SCU.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO seen on a lake in Puerto Rico. Photo Credit: YouTube

The video shows a mysterious aircraft traveling without lights, below tree-top altitude. The speed it moves is around 100 mph, based on analysis by the SCU. Of course, many witnesses saw the aircraft but the video certainly helps push the scale of believability a bit higher. Is it space aliens? We cannot be totally sure, but no one has been able to prove otherwise.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Alien abductee marine veteran Terrell Copeland. Photo Credit: Flickr

The Abduction of Marine Veteran Terrell Copeland

  • Year: 2005 & 2007

While some abduction stories are seemingly one giant hoax, it is pretty uncommon for military types to mention them. That is why the abduction story of Marine veteran Terrell Copeland is so interesting. He claimed to have noticed a massive triangle-shaped aircraft over a Suffolk shopping center back in 2005. Yet he saw another UFO in 2007, which he taped and put online.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Terrell Copeland In Marine Uniform. Photo Credit: United States Marine Corps

Soon after, a man knocked on his door claiming to be a military contractor. He asked Copeland several personal questions before asking him if he was “ready for the truth.” He claimed the government had a personal relationship with space aliens. It was soon after this he began losing time he could not account for.

He realized that these incidents of “missed time” were moments when space aliens were potentially abducting him for testing. What’s weirder is that Copeland was eventually forced to retire from the Marines due to elevated levels of the enzyme creatine kinase. It was creating muscle damage. The same issue has been found in some others claiming to have been abducted by space aliens. Could the elevated levels be due to tests conducted on Copeland?

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Lights above the New Jersey Turnpike. Photo Credit: YouTube

The Lights Above the New Jersey Turnpike

  • Year: 2001

To make motorists stop on a highway, something incredible has to be going on. This is especially true when it comes to New Jersey’s turnpike. For around 15 minutes just after midnight on July 19, 2001, they were watching in awe as orange and yellow lights in a V Formation could be seen overhead.

They spotted this just over the Arthur Kill Waterway, which is right between Staten Island, NY, and Carteret, NJ. Many people saw these incredible lights, including one Carteret Police Officer, Lt. Daniel Tarrant. Yet this was not the only place that managed to see the lights. Others could see them on the Throngs Neck Bridge & George Washington Bridge as well. Of course, denials were immediate among law enforcement & military communities.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Dyson Sphere. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

However, Air Traffic Controllers actually claimed there weren’t any commercial airplanes, military jets, or space flights known to produce these mysterious lights. A group known as the New York Strange Phenomena Investigators or NY-SPI claimed they received FAA Radar data that confirmed the UFO sighting that night. The U.S. Government has yet to be able to completely prove this wasn’t a UFO either.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
USS Nimitz UFO Encounter. Photo Credit: YouTube

The USS Nimitz Encounter

  • Year: 2004

On one cold November night in 2004, the USS Princeton claimed they spotted an unknown craft on their radar about 100 miles off the coast of San Diego. The Princeton, part of the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, had actually been tracking and monitoring objects that appeared 80,000 feet that would then take a huge dive to hover right above the Pacific Ocean. Two FA-18F fighter jets coming from the USS Nimitz came to offer their assistance.

Yet they were shocked at what they were about to see. At first, they just saw churning water. However, they quickly noticed a shadow of an oval shape right underneath the surface. Moments later, they claimed to have seen a white Tic-Tac-shaped object come right over the water. There were no visible markings to show where it came from, and the team could not locate any wings, windows, or even an engine. They were using infrared monitors and could see if any exhaust was coming out.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO Ship over a meadow. Photo Credit: guteksk7/Shutterstock

However, none could be seen. David Fravor, Black Ace Commander & Lt. Commander Jim Slaight of Strike Fighter Squadron 41 then attempted to intercept the mysterious craft. That was when it darted off, managing to reappear on radar around 60 miles away. To do this, it had to move three times the speed of sound. Of course, this is more than twice the speed of any current fighter jets. Making many feel space aliens were involved. It’s pretty hard to argue against that.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Pilot Frederick Valentich. Photo Credit: Deakin University/Monument Australia

Abduction Of Pilot Frederick Valentich While He Was Mid-Flight

  • Year: 1978

Some abduction stories are usually not believable. This is mostly due to a person surviving and “coming back” to talk about it, of course. Yet that was not exactly the case with Australian pilot Fredrick Valentich. In fact, you could say that his abduction is one of the most bizarre and even one of the easiest to believe. On October 21, 1978, Valentich was taking part in a 125-nautical-mile training flight aboard his Cessna 182L.

It was taking place over the Bass Strait between Tasmania and the Australian mainland. At 7:06 p.m. while at 4,500 feet in the air, Frederick reported an unidentified craft was following him. The Melbourne Flight Service told him that they could not see any aircraft near him. Frederick insisted, and claimed it had 4 bright lights and managed to suddenly pass 1,000 feet above him at incredible speed.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Frederick Valentich’s disappearance linked to the UFO phenomenon. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For 5 minutes, he described the movements of the aircraft and claimed it had a shiny, metallic exterior. Out of nowhere, his plane had engine trouble, with the Flight Service asked him to again describe the aircraft. His final words were: “It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.” A metallic scraping sound is the last audio the Flight Service heard before it cut out. The 20-year-old pilot was never seen again. To most, due to everything that was heard…it’s hard to think space aliens weren’t behind it.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFO At Airport Tower. Photo Credit: ImageBank4u/Shutterstock

O’Hare International Airport Saucer

  • Year: 2006

It is November 7th in the year 2006, and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport is heading into the evening hours. Flight 446 is getting ready to fly to North Carolina, managing to actually leave on time. Yet at exactly 4:15 p.m. that evening, one United Airlines employee, from the tarmac, spotted a dark grey metallic craft just hovering over Gate C17.

A total of 12 people from United Airlines saw this, and a few witnesses outside the airport also did. What they spotted was a saucer-shaped craft that many automatically felt was space aliens. All witnesses had the same story, claiming the craft hovered for about five minutes before shooting upward at an insane speed. They claim it was so fast that it broke a hole in the clouds. Pilots and mechanics could see the blue sky through it.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
O’Hare International Airport Saucer. Photo Credit: Reddit

Of course, the UFO was not seen on any radar. This led to the Federal Aviation Administration claiming people just witnessed a “weather phenomenon.” They even declined several requests to investigate the matter further. Most feel that the FAA chose not to do so due to being pressured by the United States Government. More than likely, the Air Force specifically, who were more than likely already investigating things. To this day, it is one of the most believed UFO encounters in history.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
UFOs on American flag. Photo Credit: Comdas/Shutterstock

Pentagon UFO Report

  • Year: 2020

The United States Pentagon, which is well-known for keeping secrets from American citizens, came out in April of 2020 to shock the world. They claimed UFOs were not only real but went on to confirm specific sightings of them. They released three videos of UFOs. Of course, this truly just confirmed that the vids already online from 2015 to 2017 were accurate. All of them have some sort of military connection seemingly. With Armed Forces units capturing the footage.

Among them are the FLIR, GIMBAL, & one we referenced earlier, GOFAST. The Pentagon also came out and made the announcement that they were opening a department that will specifically study UFOs. They will be taking all sightings seriously, especially those that have some sort of evidence. The Pentagon is calling it a “UFO Task Force,” which will more than likely be under President Trump’s newly announced Space Force.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Unidentified flying object over an empty field. Photo Credit: ktsdesign/Shutterstock

They might also work somewhere in the Air Force or NASA. Since this is more than likely an intelligence group, we are unlikely to know the results of their findings. The Pentagon more than likely only confirmed the realness of these UFO videos to give a reason for starting the Task Force. It is unlikely that something like this would remain quiet in the government, so they likely wanted to get ahead of the story. It’s the idea of “hiding in plain sight.”

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
Mysterious monoliths in Compton Beach, Isle of Wight. Photo Credit: RXDPHOTO/Shutterstock

Monoliths Sprouting Up Worldwide

  • Year: 2020

A mysterious monolith randomly appeared in Utah in November 2020. This was a bit weird to see, yet studies on it claim that whoever formed it used modern aircraft metal. Further studies claim it had been in this area for at least a few years. No one knows how it got there or why, even still. We all thought this was weird to see, but it could have potentially been something that fell out of a military plane. Considering this area in Utah is not far from an Air Force base.

However, another exact monolith appeared in the United Kingdom. Then others appeared in Canada, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, and even North Carolina, Pennsylvania, & California. Even the Isle of Wight has seen one. All appeared in a few weeks, with some only days apart. The latest appeared in the American Capitol of Washington, D.C. in a random person’s yard. An art group took responsibility for some in America, but none have connected the ones found elsewhere.

Evidence That Space Aliens May Have Already Visited Earth
3D illustration of Monolith in the desert. Photo Credit: joshimerbin/Shutterstock

There is no true connection to the locations where they have appeared. They are appearing randomly, such as in someone’s front yard and in the remote wilderness. No rhyme or reason exists, and if humans were behind them…they are making exact copies and having them likely formed near the location of drop-off. They are using modern aircraft-grade metal and this certainly isn’t cheap. Most feel that space aliens are behind it with others saying it’s a publicity stunt. We’re leaning aliens.