Learn How to Spot the Stars of Different Zodiac Signs in the Night Sky

By Trista
Learn How to Spot the Stars of Different Zodiac Signs in the Night Sky

Stars are one of the numerous mysterious objects in the universe that have attracted man since the evolution of humankind. The bright, sparkling bodies in the sky have stirred man’s interest even before they were named. A mesmerizing view to witness and experience, constellations have always been an enthralling phenomenon for any avid stargazers. Considered to be holy to some and mythologically crucial to others, stars have always been a part of our life’s journey.

With the connection of stars to ancient Greek mythology and the works of renowned poets Aratus and Ptolemy, the history of stars dates back to medieval times. Stars have been found in numerous cave paintings created by our ancestors. These twinkling heavenly bodies have been linked with the birth of Christ and have been a part of our zodiac system for centuries, even though their origin remains unknown.

People have been looking up at the stars for centuries and found patterns in them. Shutterstock.

History of Constellations

Deriving their name from the Latin word constellatio, which translates to “set of stars”, constellations were first used during the prehistoric times. Constellations are nothing but a group of stars that are arranged together to create an imaginary outline that may resemble animals, mythological characters, or any object. 

Initially, the constellations served as the backdrop of many stories and beliefs. They were thought to have mythological connections. Later on, they were widely used for navigation. Be it for sailing or exploring, travelers from all over the world and from all cultures adapted to the constellations and mapped them. This widely helped them to track the exact locations and navigate.