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Billion-Dollar Ideas That Were Actually Inspired By Beloved Movies & Shows
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Man On The Moon

In July 1969, we supposedly sent a man to the moon on Apollo 17. Although conspiracy theorists may tell you otherwise, this was one of the most remarkable achievements in human history. But nearly 70 years before this happened, we saw it in a 1902 masterpiece by Georges Méliès, in Le Voyage Dans la Lune (In English, A Trip to the Moon). It’s considered the first science-fiction movie ever made. In the movie, French astronomers fly to the moon and in the process, poke the Man in the Moon in the eye. After encountering numerous moon creatures, they escape back to Earth. Decades after its initial release, people rediscovered the movie, nearly in danger of being forgotten. It’s an iconic movie that tremendously influenced our history. We could even say this French filmmaker’s incredible vision inspired our trip to the moon (Movie Web)