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It’s Hard To Believe People Used To Do This Before Wi-Fi And Internet

Before Wi-Fi, the world was a very different place. People didn’t have access to tons... Monica Gray - July 13, 2023

The Most Unusual Animal Courtship Rituals

When humans attract a partner, we attempt all sorts of different, strange, and oftentimes outlandish... Monica Gray - July 9, 2023

Times Technology Stood The Test Of Time

There’s a reason inventors made technology with quality in mind, otherwise, no one would buy... Monica Gray - July 5, 2023

These Animals Have The Strangest Defense Mechanisms In Nature

When humans defend themselves, they fight back, scream, and run. All of these normal defense... Monica Gray - June 27, 2023

Bad Science From the 1980s We’d Like To Forget

The 1980s was a turbulent time of space discovery, vaccines, and bad science. False information... Monica Gray - June 5, 2023

Extraterrestrial Bacteria That Could Rewrite the Rules of Life As We Know It

The existence of antibiotics has been crucial in saving billions of lives by providing effective... Monica Gray - May 29, 2023

Celebrities Who Have Tarnished Their Reputation By Joining Scientology

Scientology is a religion that was founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in... Monica Gray - April 8, 2023

Wildlife Photographers Who Risked Their Lives For The Perfect Shot

We all want to take the perfect shot. That’s what makes us stand out from... Monica Gray - March 30, 2023

Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Faces According to Science

Science never lies, so when it tells us a celebrity is beautiful, we better believe... Monica Gray - March 24, 2023

Surprising Science Facts That Will Change How You See the World

The world is more complex than we realize. Certain, fascinating scientific facts change how we... Monica Gray - March 20, 2023

Humans Interfered With Nature And Now This Is What Fruits & Vegetables Look Like

Human activity is altering the world, including the lives of animals, plants, fruits, and vegetables.... Monica Gray - March 15, 2023

Rare Wildlife Photographs of Threatened Species

Due to our horrible human habits like pollution, plastic use, and deforestation, many species around... Monica Gray - March 10, 2023