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Aisha Abdullah
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These Women Had To Overcome the Impossible To Make It In Science

From the ancient Roman astronomer Hypatia to the ancient Chinese chemist Fang, women have contributed... Aisha Abdullah - March 6, 2023

We Never Imagined People Could Use 3D Printing To Make These Things

3D printers construct three-dimensional objects by printing thin layers of material until the object is... Aisha Abdullah - February 22, 2023

Mindblowing Facts About The Deep Ocean Most People Don’t Know

Humans have been fascinated by the ocean for as long as we’ve existed. Yet, even... Aisha Abdullah - February 10, 2023

These Tool-Wielding Animals Are Entering the Stone Age

During the Stone age, our prehistoric ancestors started making simple tools out of stone to... Aisha Abdullah - January 31, 2023