Hot Rocks
[Image via Dmitry Zubarev/]

29. Hot Rock Game

  • Supplies Needed: A Lot Of Rocks Or Gravel, Heating Source

In some tribes, there has often been a game played where people would walk across hot rocks. You can actually do something similar with the kids. Of course, we would not have them walk on the rocks. Rather, just get an idea for how temperature works on objects. You can also slowly pass a “warm” rock around between every person playing as it cools.

Rocks are the best here for a few reasons. First, there’s a lot of them you can find for free. Second, they will heat up but also cool down. Under the sun, for example, only one side typically warms up. So you can use the sun as a heating source or put them in boiling water. They will cool down, but since they stay warm enough to check temps for a while, they’re great to use.