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These Scientific Facts Will Ruin Your Favorite Movies

The Center Of Earth Remains A Mystery

As much as we’d like to believe the directors in Journey to the Center of the Earth cracked some impossible code that sent people to the earth’s center, it’s just scientifically impossible. The entire movie is inaccurate. As of today, no one has ever visited the center of the earth, safely floated on top of magma, or sailed the subterranean sea in nothing but a mushroom boat. If we simply touched lava, we wouldn’t die. But prolonged exposure, similar to fire, would severely harm or kill us. The movie didn’t take this into consideration. Surviving lava depends on several factors, like how quickly you can get out of the lava and how much of your skin was exposed. Also, the center of the earth contains a dense ball mostly made of iron. It’s over 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which means we wouldn’t survive if we got anywhere near that temperature (Stat News).