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Artificial intelligence is taking over, and it is clear that we all saw this coming long ago. Once AI was able to do things we once wrote about in books or saw in movies, things were going to get very interesting. That time is now, as we’re seeing artificial intelligence become a huge asset across a sea of industries. While we do not expect any sort of Terminator robot to pop up any time soon…robotics are also picking up in this area too. Using AI, robotics will one day be in use similar to what we’ve seen in video games like Detroit: Become Humanwithout all the drama (we hope).

As of now, most AI is mostly being used through websites, via the cloud, WiFi, or within specific systems. Some of it is software-based completely, meaning it cannot do anything for you unless you open its program. Meanwhile, others are always working as they aim to better “your” life overall. Regardless of the version, artificial intelligence is now capable of doing so much to make our lives easier at the very least. In this article, we’re going to dive into some of the AI you can use that could potentially change the world due to how massive they can be in their specific industry. Let’s get started!

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Receptiviti AI]


  • Price: Web API Start-Up Is $500 per 250,000 Words Examined

Receptiviti (remember that spelling) is a very unique AI software. The goal of this AI is to utilize psychology to gain insights through a company’s employees. Those insights might have to do with how the business is performing, potential morale issues, and much more. You can integrate Receptiviti through services like a company Slack, Gmail, & Microsoft Office365. Once the artificial intelligence is able to gain insights for you to use, it will give you information regarding the psychology, emotion, social hierarchy, and even relationship quality of company employees. While it is using psychological information, it also uses linguistics and data science to properly understand what it is getting. However, this is only a tool and should not be your primary source for things like promotion, firing, etc.


These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Google]

Skim AI Google Chrome Extension

  • Price: Free

Skim AI is an excellent artificial intelligence tool that can be a tremendous help for those who are constantly busy. Students might also heavily benefit from it too. The tool is pretty straightforward. Skim AI formed its machine learning tools to make better and more informed decisions quickly. This is a free Google Chrome extension from them that acts as a research assistant. It processes and summarizes news, research, and even PDFs with just one click. The goal is to help you find the information you need in just a fraction of the time. This can save people countless hours of reading time and allow them to get the most important bits of information. It is important to understand that in using this tool, you allow Skim AI to collect specific data from you and what you ask it to “skim.”

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Grammarly]


  • Price: Free Version & $12.00 Per Month Version

While artificial intelligence tools have been getting a lot of attention over the last year, Grammarly has been around for a long time. It is one of the most trusted writing aids on the planet and uses AI so seamlessly that it sort of does not feel like you’re using AI at all. Several writers, including those who work on this website, use Grammarly all the time. It is perfect for professional writers as well as both high school and college students. It helps you by essentially connecting to what you’re writing about through both online and offline software anywhere you might write something. By doing this, it can offer grammatical corrections in real-time…even change small errors literally as you’re typing other words, then highlight those you should check. Along with offering suggestions for better-flowing sentences.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Topaz Labs]

Gigapixel By Topaz Labs

  • Price: $100 (But There Is A $200 Deal For ALL 4 Software Pieces)

Perhaps the best (simple) photo editor on the planet today, Topaz Labs invented Gigapixel a while back. They now sell it with software that is made specifically for sharpening and adding/removing noise from images and videos. However, Gigapixel was made to sort of do everything in one package. While the Topaz Photo AI system is the flagship product that seems to get the most play, Gigapixel is much more user-friendly and does all the same things. The only limitation is that Gigapixel can only increase the size of an image by 600% really. Topaz Photo AI is also great for taking smaller images and enlarging them, making them high-definition. All of the Topaz Labs software runs off specially trained artificial intelligence. Yet Gigapixel stands out due to simply how easy it is to operate and the tools it offers users.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Amazon]

Amazon Alexa

  • Price: Alexa Products Vary From $30 to $300

It might surprise some people that we referenced the Amazon Alexa on this list. We do not traditionally think of the Alexa as some sort of artificial intelligence, however, it most certainly is. The device uses artificial intelligence to understand when you say its name, then respond back to you with what you want. It obviously then uses AI to help you find whatever it is that you’re requesting. The problematic drawback of Alexa is that the device is pretty much “always” listening because it needs to be ready for when you say its name. Therefore, it can be hacked, allowing people to listen in on your private conversations.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[image via D-ID]

Creative Reality Studio By D-ID

  • Price: $5.99 to $49.99 Per Month

Have you ever wanted to bring a photo to life? With D-ID’s Creative Reality Studio, you can do that! Essentially, this artificial intelligence software was really built for businesses that wanted to use an avatar they could own, rather than hire actors for video content. D-ID uses deep-learning face animation technology and even works with GBT-3 text generation and text-to-image capabilities. The studio is self-service and quite useful. You’ll be able to give a voice and personality to what you create or the image you’d like to put into the system. Their pricing is incredibly affordable and on a month-by-month system, so you can choose to use for one month and take a break for a few months until you need to come back again. It is really amazing to see what it can do! The only drawback is the watermarks they utilize.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Glasp]

Glasp AI

  • Price: Free

Perhaps one of the most useful AI tools for students and researchers is Glasp AI. It is known as a “social web highlighter.” On the surface, that may not seem like a very big deal or much to write home about. However, it is actually quite useful to people… to a point that they’d never want to go without it again. Essentially, it works by highlighting and organizing quotes and/or ideas from the web for you without switching back and forth between windows or screens. It can even access others with like-minded learning going on at the same time. This highlighter allows one to leave a digital legacy, a backup of all the things they researched that can be accessed at any point. Best of all, it’s a web extension that works on both Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Growbots]


  • Price: $50 to $200 Monthly

Growbots is certainly among the most innovative AI tools. The goal of this AI is to help businesses reach their true potential, usually by providing them with expert marketing and sales insights. A company can save thousands of dollars they’d normally spend on a marketing company or in-house crew by using Growbots. The tool helps sales teams find ideal prospects, will send them tailored emails, and even follow up with them. Growbots even saves all conversations it has with a team. Best of all, it is very user-friendly with an easy drag-and-drop interface. It takes no time to create and send out emails. In our view, the coolest thing is the built-in analytics to help you understand your email performance and customer interactions, which it then uses to adjust future campaigns.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Rewind.AI]


  • Price: $20 Monthly

The Rewind AI tool works by literally keeping track of every website you’ve been to, the interactions you had with others, and even the things you purchased. To some, this would seem like a huge invasion of privacy. After all, having any artificial intelligence collect data on you like this so openly seems crazy to use, right? Not exactly. The team realized how invasive this would be, so they made things much easier for people by storing ALL of your data on your computer. That could seem like a lot to store, and it is. Rewind found a workaround for this too by compressing your recorded data by 3,750x so even small hard drives could use their technology. However, this tool seems to only be for Mac as of now. This seems like a great tool, as it allows you to pull up anything you’ve looked into previously with just one click.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Microsoft]

Microsoft PowerPoint Rehearse Coach

  • Price: Free With MS PowerPoint/MS365 License

You may not even be aware that this is present in most new versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, but actually, it is. Known as the “Rehearse Coach,” this tool uses Microsoft artificial intelligence to help people put together a great presentation that they add either audio or video/audio to. It does this by essentially putting a camera on you and following your movements as well as listening to your voice. If you’re saying “umm” too much or overusing your hands, this tool with comprehend that in real-time and give you silent notes to avoid these things during your recording. This is a huge asset for students as well as business professionals who are wanting to put a top-notch presentation together.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via CGTN]

Content DNA Platform

  • Price: Free For The First 100 Hours Of Processing

Part of the Material DNA AI software, the Content DNA Platform is built to analyze video content. It is used by people in the broadcast and telecom fields to handle quite a lot of video-related needs. This involves scene recognition, potential anomalies, and even metadata assistance. This means one does not need to be a trained professional to do well in these fields, as Content DNA can help you. It takes roughly two weeks, when fed content, for this artificial intelligence to adapt to the content given and give accurate detection of potential anomalies. Yet it can still catch small stuff right away and alert you to it. For roughly the first 100 hours of processing, the platform is free to use. After that, you’ll have to pay and your needs will determine the price, it appears.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via OutMatch]


  • Price: There Is A Free & Paid Version (The Price Depends On The Company & Its Needs)

OutMatch is a terrific artificial intelligence tool that can really be a huge asset to talent acquisition teams. This AI is an end-to-end talent acquisition and management software. This AI speeds up the hiring process and even helps retain employees in whatever way that will drive better performance for a business. It can take companies from the talent assessment phase to a leadership development phase, which is pretty cool. OutMatch also has automated reference checks, develops analytics for work culture, and will properly assess potential candidates for an open position. Truly, this is an AI that can benefit any company, small or large.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Splitter AI]

Splitter AI

  • Price: Free (2-Stem) & Roughly $30 (5-Stem)

Have you ever listened to a song and wanted to download it, but really only because of the bass, drums, or just the vocal? For the longest time, you would not be able to just get one of these without the other. Some songs might release an instrumental version of a song, but it would still include all instruments and not just one. Unless you could play it yourself, you were out of luck. Splitter AI aimed to change all of this and has done an amazing job at doing so. The cool part about this AI is that there is a cloud, computer, and mobile version one can download. There is a free option which is pretty useful and gives a 2-Stem Process. As in you can isolate the vocals from the instrumental. The “Pro” version is a 5-Stem Process that isolates specific instruments.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Google]

Socratic by Google

  • Price: 100% FREE

Socratic by Google’s AI development team is absolutely incredible. Have you ever had trouble learning something and could not get “unstuck” when it came to a specific issue? Socratic AI is a learning app that helps students usually from the high school level and up with their school work. The Google AI tool will search for technologies to connect a student to helpful educational resources online. Students can use just their voice or go on camera and ask for help with pretty much anything and the Socratic tool will help. The most amazing part about it is that this resource is 100% free!

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Adobe]

Adobe Podcast AI Beta

  • Price: Free

Adobe is an amazing company that brought us wonderful software like Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Premier Pro, and much more. It should be no surprise that they’d begin using artificial intelligence eventually. This is one of the most impressive AI tools in the world and literally does exactly what you want it to do, and it’s still just in the Beta phase. Essentially, you can record audio on any type of microphone. One can be outside with wind blowing, have a terrible mic, or the audio might be too low/too high. Adobe’s Podcast AI hears this and corrects it, giving you a clear piece of audio that sounds like it was recorded in a studio. As of now, the Beta is by request only but portions of it such as the Enhance Speech and Mic Check side can be tried out right now!

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Replit]


  • Price: Free Version up to $7.00/Month or $74/Year

Want to work in a field that requires a lot of potential coding but you have no idea how to code? Let Replit help you out. The best thing in our view is that you can access and use Replit on any device, from mobile to your desktop computer. The platform is for both creating and sharing software. You can make something with Replit, and they will host it all in the same place. You also do not need to know complex terminology as this AI understands real-world language so users can get exactly what they want. It is also an educational tool for people new to coding, so you can literally learn how to code while you use it.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Soofy AI]


  • Price: Free First Two Months & Free To Try Features (Paid Version Is Based On A Credit System, So You Pay As You Go)

Ever wanted to learn another popular language but struggled in formal classes? Maybe you couldn’t even pick it up with services like Babbel or Duolingo? Soofy is here to help as it uses artificial intelligence to interact with a person and work with them to help aid them in learning another language. The Soofy AI Chatbot will actually debate with you, discuss ideas and books, and whatever else you need to help improve your communication skills. This means the service is not just for learning languages but it also helps you become a better speaker. On top of this, Soofy offers access to a language teacher any time you need their assistance. So far, Soofy has 11 languages in its listing: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, and Dutch. You can try everything for free!

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Pictory AI]

Pictory AI

  • Price: $39 to $43 Per Month (Depending On Monthly Or Annual Plan)

Pictory AI is an interesting artificial intelligence system that is mostly for video marketing. The AI allows organizations to add text to videos using audio, edit captions, and add transcriptions using automated suggestions. The best thing is that it will create highlights during a presentation or webinar, which might be relatively long and have a lot of information. This can be particularly helpful for perhaps a CEO of a business that is too busy to go to something but wants the major information they provide. They could use Pictory to take important notes for them. Users can also schedule automatic posting on various social media channels with this service too.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Browse AI]

Browse AI

  • Price: $40 to $250 Per Month

Browse AI might be one of the best artificial intelligence tools for businesses that want to train scraping robots to find information. A scraping robot extracts content and data from a website. However, unlike something like screen scraping, these bots extract the underlying HTML code and the data stored in the database. These things can, with this data, technically replicate an entire site’s content somewhere else. Most simply use it to find out information on their competition. Browse AI uses these to “legally” scrap using ZERO code. Developers, data scientists, and research analysts could use this to help them a lot. Extracting data from major organizations can be a good way of finding out how a place is able to do something you’d like to do.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Echowin]


  • Price: N/A

We’ve all been there when we call a place that uses an automated system that leads us down a rabbit hole to nowhere. It is annoying and solves nothing, potentially taking us forever to find and speak to a live agent. Echowin realizes the problem with automated systems and used artificial intelligence to heavily improve automated call management. People will feel like they are speaking to a real person who cares about their issues. Since most automated systems use a script to answer questions, a lot of things do not feel organic. Echowin has an advanced understanding system as it is given knowledge of your business and will give a personalized, friendly response to any question asked. As of now, you can only be part of a waitlist so it’s best to sign up soon to get your spot in line.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via TOME AI]


  • Price: Free To Try (Paid Via Credits After You Run Out Of Free Ones)

TOME is a brilliant storytelling artificial intelligence. While it can create stories based on prompts, the real design for the platform is to aid people in developing professional presentations. TOME can generate entire narratives or create additional content pages for you, all within seconds. On top of that, the tool partners with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 to create images for your presentation, tailored to fit exactly what you’re discussing and bring your content to life. What if you’re discussing a prototype design of something? TOME can create 3D Renderings, trim videos of the product, and even embed live content! There is even one developed specifically for educational needs to help teachers/professors with lesson plans. Currently, you can try TOME for free!

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via PaperBrain AI]

PaperBrain AI

  • Price: Free

If you’re a college student or even a professor, you’ve likely had to read A LOT of research papers. Heck, even people in the medical field as well as countless others need to stay up to date on current research. It can be difficult to get through all of this, and the people over at PaperBrain AI realized that. One might also just want to know any updated information on a topic. PaperBrain finds all of this stuff online and condenses it down to the most important material on a topic, then gives you a few paragraphs with the most important information. It will also then create a PDF file about a topic with the entire paper or news clip, so you can read the entire thing if you choose to do so. Honestly, as a writer on these topics, it is easy for me to be skeptical. However, PaperBrain blew this writer away!

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via TutorAI]


  • Price: Free To $10 Monthly

What if we told you that you could learn about anything you want and all you had to do was click on a link? You’d likely feel like we were giving you one of those pills from the Limitless movie, right? In a way, that is sort of what this is. TutorAI was built to help someone not just learn about something, but actually remember and recall that information. All you do is type in what you want to learn about in the little search window the moment you go on the website. After about 30 seconds, it gives you modules on a topic. When you open up the lessons, it’ll give you information where you’ll be able to choose to go deeper, simplify the info, get examples, and even take a quiz on it. To learn all you want beyond the initial credits you’re given, it’ll cost about $10 a month.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via OpenAI]


  • Price: Free (Mostly) The Pro Service Can Cost Between $42 To $2000+

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have likely heard of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3. This is an incredible chatbot that works off of artificial intelligence to pretty much do whatever you need (up to a point). It can help you figure out problems, read and assess code, and even offer you ways to improve a story. It has also been known to write entire stories and give critical information on the most complex topics you can think of. Students love it because it can help them craft a proper paper either by editing or writing the whole thing, which is sort of the big drawback. It has to be able to do this but that can hurt the learning process. Then again, this same tech also allows it to help authors figure out how to fix characters or come up with one from scratch. Therefore, there are a lot of pros and very few cons.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via CheckForAI]


  • Price: Free

CheckForAI is a very useful tool that educators and education administrators will likely want to make a high priority soon. With students now realizing they can use an AI bot to write a paper for them or at least a large chunk of it, there are a lot of problems with that. Students will choose not to do a paper at all, and will instead have a bot do it for them. This will not only lead to a lack of proper writing skills but also will hurt their learning in the process overall. CheckForAI will help stop this before it moves forward. This artificial intelligence tool ironically is used to detect AI signatures within a paper. It also works off of the OpenAI’s open IP, which is critical considering the massive things they’ve done in the AI industry.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Codeium]


  • Price: Free (Since Its Newer, Early Users Of Codeium Get It Free For Life)

Codeium is a lot like Replit, except it might be a little more powerful. Codeium works by allowing the user to utilize normal language to code things out perfectly for what you need. This can be a massive asset for people who have great ideas but have no clue how to make the code that will help their ideas come to life. It uses a free code acceleration toolkit built on bleeding-edge artificial intelligence technology. As of this writing, Codeium provides a code completion tool in over 20 languages with incredibly fast speeds at the most state-of-the-art suggestion quality. You can find and use APIs, minimize boilerplate coding, and even test your creation. Codeium is so impressive that developers from Meta, Adobe, IBM, Tesla, Stanford University, Harvard University, and UCLA have ALL used it.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Peppertype AI]


  • Price: $35/Month Starting

Peppertype is another useful tool for businesses. It is used to automate the process of content ideation and even creation. This artificial intelligence used advanced machine learning to analyze your company’s business processes and will work to understand your brand and target audience. The tool will then produce original content for you to use in a variety of places. It’s technically a “virtual content assistant,” but it is mostly built for marketing purposes and not day-to-day blog posts really. Yet it can help companies improve Google Rankings, write out emails in 30 seconds, and help with ad conversions. Peppertype is trusted by Yale University, Spotify, and even The Walt Disney Company. These places are clearly notable, so if they trust them, why not you, right?

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via VoicePen]

VoicePen AI

  • Price: Based On Content

Perhaps one of the most important artificial intelligence tools of our time, VoicePen AI is offering a service we all need. Have you ever had to transcribe/write out an entire transcript from a webinar or podcast? This can take forever to do and it’s very easy to miss something, misquote a person, or just make random errors. It can also take forever to do causing numerous listens to make sure you get things right. VoicePen AI does the listening and writing for you. One just needs to upload an MP3, MP4, or WAV file, make a payment, and the VoicePen AI system will do everything for you. It’s likely that the price is based on the file size or length of the audio it is listening to, so we cannot give an accurate number.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Google]

Talk To Books By Google

  • Price: Free

Google’s AI team has been impressive over the last few years, but they have outdone themselves with Talk To Books. Of course, Google Books was a big success that made specific books and magazines public that Google scanned. Most of this came out of the Google Partner Program, but the Magazines partnered with Google to digitalize their archives. Yet Talk to Books uses the ENTIRE Google platform to find specific information from millions of books and magazines. It only gives specific excerpts and not the “entire” book, paper, or magazine. It is mostly used to answer questions or find information one searches for. Some publishers have cited this as an issue because Google is not paying to use their published content, but since it only uses excerpts, most do not feel Google did anything wrong.

These New Artificial Intelligence Alternatives Are Changing the World
[Image via Andi Search]

ANDI – The Smart Search Engine

  • Price: The Service Is Free For Users & Even Ad-Free, Supported Only By Referral Links On Some Searches

We absolutely “love” the ANDI smart search engine. Essentially, it works just like any search engine by allowing you to type what you’re looking for and find it for you. The difference between ANDI and others like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is that this search engine does not waste your time with advertisements or put those who pay for AdWords above anyone else. Rather, ANDI searches for the best answer to your question(s) and then offers you the websites with the best information possible on a topic. It’ll also answer some simple questions without needing to send you to websites. It is also helpful in finding free-use images and videos that fit exactly what you’re looking for. While ANDI is private, some assume the company keeps your data but unlike Google (among others), it never does this. It’s also free.

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