These End of the World Theories Sound Like a Sci-Fi Book

By Trista
These End of the World Theories Sound Like a Sci-Fi Book

Robots, aliens, and natural disasters — oh my! How you ever actually thought about the end of the world? Will it be a zombie apocalypse to end the world or more like a meteor strike? Whether you are worried about climate change or not, you should check out these jaw-dropping ways the earth could end one day… hopefully a long time from now. However, it might happen sooner than you think.

We actually tried to critically analyze the various ways the world could end while exploring the plethora of times the earth already exploded, or close to it! Perhaps someone will try to convince their cult to commit a mass extinction or the leaders of the world will push all of the big red buttons at once. Were the issues that haunted the world centuries ago, or even decades, still an issue? Keep reading to learn more about the world ending.


Credit: Pixabay

The World Has Ended Fully Five Times Already

No, this statement does not derive from Hindu or other religious beliefs about the world dying and being reborn. There have been multiple scenarios that have already occurred that nearly wiped out all life on earth. Scientists call these events mass extinctions.

There have been five mass extinction events in the past, not including the sixth, which we are currently in. When a mass extinction occurs, most life forms die off. The earth then becomes a sort of “blank canvas” for new life to take off. For example, after the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, the stage was set for mammals to take over as the dominant life form.