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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, a lot of video game companies had to work their butts off to get already scheduled games completed. Yet many did still have to be delayed. While many were not delayed for long, other major games were pushed back and their release dates ended up changing. The reason for that change was quite clear. They could never hope to meet their schedule goal and still put out a quality game. This meant that games that might have come out in 2021 were moved to a future date. Now, we have some major video game releases in 2022 alone!

It is likely some still will be moved to 2023 that were major anticipated titles. For example, in spite of its preview at the Video Game Awards, Marvel’s Wolverine will end up getting a Spring 2023 release date. The same team behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac Games, are behind it. That same studio is also making a sequel to their original Spider-Man game, which is now due out in 2023 too. Ideally, they would have wanted one of them to come out in 2022 instead. Yet plans changed to give gamers what they deserved. In spite of some moving up to next year, several amazing games are still coming in 2022. Let’s dive into them!

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Warner Bros. Interactive]

Hogwarts Legacy

  • Developer: Avalanche Software (Warner Bros. Interactive)
  • Release Date: Fall 2022

Hogwarts Legacy dealt with some misinformation in the beginning, as most assumed it was only going to be released on PC. Yet that is not true, as it will release on all major consoles. That includes the last-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. This game is highly anticipated for obvious reasons. We’re going to get to be part of this Wizarding World in an action RPG! The game is even set in the 1800s, which means we will be well ahead of the timeline from previous movies. That includes not only the Harry Potter franchise of films but also those of the Fantastic Beasts franchise. The Harry Potter films were essentially set in the modern-day they came out while Fantastic Beasts were set in the early 1900s. Therefore, we will have a brand new story and world that won’t involve future characters.

At least, not as they are from the movies. Since this is an RPG, the player will be a student at Hogwarts. Players will get to have complete control over their appearance, even down to choosing if they are a wizard or witch. Each player will get to even choose the “House” they are part of, as well as attend classes. This is going to be a vast open-world involving not just the school, but also the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade Village! You will get to cast spells, make potions, tame magic beasts, and master combat abilities. Here’s also hoping we’ll get to play Quidditch too. On top of that, the game has a mortality system that will play a major role in the game, so try not to get into it with the Dementors until you’re ready.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Bethesda Softworks]


  • Developer: Arkane Studios (Bethesda Softworks)
  • Release Date: Summer 2022

This will be one of the top video games releases in 2022, bet on it. We cannot believe Redfall is not being discussed more right now. This game comes to us from the infamous Bethesda Softworks, the makers of the Fallout franchise. To be fair, this game is actually being developed by Arkane Studios. This team is part of the same ZeniMax Media company and also worked on the Dishonored and Wolfenstein games. We can expect Redfall to play a lot more like those two games than Fallout, at least in terms of combat. This is a first-person shooter but set in an open-world environment.

While the game is a shooter like Call of Duty, it has an actual story worth your time. The story takes place within an island town in Redfall, Massachusetts. When a scientific experiment fails, a mass influx of vampires invades to attack residents and take over the town. On top of that, they have now isolated the town from the outside world. You as the player are one of those trapped inside Redfall and must play as one of four survivors. Among them, you can play as Cryptozoologist and Inventor Devinder Crousley, Telekinetic Student Laya Ellison, Combat Engineer Remi da la Rosa, or supernatural sharpshooter Jacob Boyer. Can you make it out alive?

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Deep Silver Violation]

Saints Row

  • Developer: Deep Silver Violation
  • Release Date: August 2022

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Yes, this is sort of cheating as Saints Row came out several years ago. Why is it being mentioned as one of the top video game releases in 2022? This is likely not going to be the same Saints Row we all played through in the past. The team over at Violation/Deep Silver decided to go the Final Fantasy route and reboot the Saints Row franchise. Of course, that will start with this game. You’ll likely see a lot of similarities between the original Saints Row and the one coming out in 2022.

The reboot takes place in the fake city known as Santo Ileso, located in the American southwest. Of course, this game follows a new gang known as “The Saints” as they attempt to take over the city. In doing so, they will come across other gangs that want to maintain their section of the city or wish to take it over fully too. This means they cannot allow this new gang to do such a thing. Obviously, the player will be part of The Saints and will need to do your best to stay alive as you and your gang take control. The question is, can you take out the competition to establish yourselves as the Kingpins of Santo Ileso?

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via FromSoftware]

Elden Ring

  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Release Date: February 25, 2022

We know, we know. We are well aware that Elden Ring has already come out by the time this article will be published. The great team at FromSoftware is behind the development of this title. You might know them best from the recent hit, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, as well as the Dark Souls franchise. They are also the team that developed Bloodborne. Needless to say, the Elden Ring open-world environment and story-arc is one that they were more than capable of developing properly. Yet they still wanted to make sure it landed well.

This is what led them to work with Bandai-Namco (who actually published the game) and the infamous fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin. The Elden Ring game takes place in the realm of the “Lands Between.” It is sometime after the destruction of the “Elden Ring” and its shards shattering that we show up. Once graced by the ring and the Erdtree, this realm is now ruled over by a demigod Queen Marika the Eternal’s offspring. Each now possesses a shard, corrupting them with power. These must be taken from them to restore the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord. This action RPG is currently one of the best-reviewed games of the year so far.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via 2K Sports]

WWE 2K22

  • Developer: Visual Concepts Entertainment (2K Sports)
  • Release Date: March 11, 2022

We get it, a professional wrestling title is supposedly one of the top video game releases in 2022? You got it, pal! For those unaware, a major issue took place a few years ago when WWE 2K20 came out. The game suffered from horrific graphics and buggy problems that even after launch patches just could not fix. The reason for part of this was that Yukes, the team that helped to develop nearly all of the mainline WWE games, pulled out of the series sometime during development. Which caused a major issue. Yeah, 2K Sports nor its parent company Take-Two Interactive, really developed these games. They were just the publishers.

Without Yukes, the Visual Concepts team stepped in with a major handicap. They had been working on 2K’s major NBA 2K title for several years but did not really have the time nor the knowledge of the industry they needed to make it great. 2K then decided to take a year off between titles, which was a good idea. The game now looks lightyears better, with some wrestlers such as Edge looking better than they ever had before. The game also seems to play better from early reviews. The team also listened to fans and decided to bring back the incredibly popular GM Mode. Plus, there will be roughly 160 playable characters available at launch.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Firaxis Games]

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

  • Developer: Firaxis Games
  • Release Date: Fall 2022

Marvel’s Midnight Sons game is being developed by Firaxis Games. They are likely not very well known to some, but you might know the games they worked on. Pretty much all the Civilization games, on top of the recent XCOM titles. Thus, this studio might not have a vast history in games exactly from this genre but they DO have a history of quality. One interesting thing they did was use a comic book team name, the Midnight Sons, and spin it to use “Suns” instead. This game will be following the story “Rise of the Midnight Sons” that saw them work alongside the Ghost Riders and Avengers. Of course, this will not be an exact retelling of that story.

While there will be playable characters including Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Blade, Doctor Strange, Magik, and Nico Minoru…this is an action RPG. Thus, the story will have players operate “The Hunter” which will be completely customizable and can utilize superpowers from 40 different ability sectors. Combat will be turn-based (a lot like Marvel’s Avengers or Final Fantasy), with third-person viewing to explore the base of operations, grounds, and talk with heroes. At the start of missions, players will be dealt random ability cards that will affect their mission. They could affect enemies, the environment, or heroes themselves.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Polyphony Digital]

Gran Turismo 7

  • Developer: Polyphony Digital (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
  • Release Date: March 4, 2022

While some might not care for racing games, it is clear that the Gran Turismo games are beloved by many. That is why Gran Turismo 7 is certainly one of the top video game releases in 2022. It will be out around the time this article is published, but we can say early reviews are really positive right now. The studio that has made every single one of these games, Polyphony Digital, is back yet again. They continue to top themselves with each and every single title. From giving players new and awesome vehicles to use up to things like giving gamers new environments to race on.

Some classic, beloved features are coming back for the seventh installment. The return of traditional racing tracks and vehicles, which many fans have been requesting. We’ll also get to take part in special events &and championships again. The Tuning Parts Shop, Used Car Dealership, and GT Auto are all making their return to the game. However, Gran Turismo still kept the newer GT Sport Mode, Brand Central, and Discover that was first introduced in Gran Turismo Sport. Dynamic time and weather effects will also be back, which were a huge hit in the fifth and sixth installments. Plus, “driving school” will be present for those newer to the franchise.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via SEGA]

Sonic Frontiers

  • Developer: SEGA
  • Release Date: Fall 2022

Ever since Nintendo began working with SEGA, they have put Sonic the Hedgehog in a ton of new games. Initially, it was alongside his bitter console wars rival, Mario. Especially in games where they could compete with each other, such as the Olympics or in recent Mario Kart titles. Sonic did get some of his own new solo games, but he hadn’t experienced what the likes of Mario and even Link had. He had yet to get a vast open-world landscape to play in. The last few games felt more open, but it was an illusion of openness if you will. Sonic Frontiers puts an end to all of that with a massive true open-world or Sonic to roam through.

The game takes place on the Starfall Islands which are all completely explorable. Apparently, the world Sonic will roam through is similar to that of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. It should not surprise anyone, as this game was released in 2017. Sonic Frontiers has been in development since that very same year! This game will not be a Nintendo Switch exclusive like some other games featuring the hedgehog have been. Rather, it will be playable on all major platforms on the very same day. Thus giving all gamers a chance to play a gorgeous new Sonic title. The game is set to release in late 2022.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Santa Monica Studio]

God Of War: Ragnarök

  • Developer: Santa Monica Studio (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
  • Release Date: Late 2022

The plan was to have God of War: Ragnarök ready for the PlayStation 5 release but we did not expect the crazy issues that have taken place. Plus, COVID-19 got in the way of its production. What is certain though is that Santa Monica Studio has a major plan with the Ragnarök title. Coming from the Norse Mythological end of days, Ragnarök was feared among cultures such as the Vikings. The world is expected to end, not with fire and brimstone but, rather, in ice. The events of this game take place three years after the previous title’s release. The Fimbulwinter is finally coming to a close after three summers of cold.

However, it is prophecied that “Ragnarök” will take place once the Fimbulwinter concludes. The now-teenage Atreus, coming off his confused state from the last time we saw him, begins to question his identity. Both Kratos and Atreus want to stop Ragnarök while Atreus learns to cope with his newfound self. In their travels, they will come across many major beings, including the Giant Norse God of War Týr who was thought to be dead. This father and son duo are going to travel the nine realms to find out what they must do to prevent Ragnarök. That includes coming in contact with former friend Freya, along with seeking revenge on Thor.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Bethesda Softworks]

Ghostwire: Tokyo

  • Developer: Tango Gameworks (Bethesda Softworks)
  • Release Date: March 25, 2022

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be releasing very soon, and it is likely going to be one of the bigger video game releases in 2022. While it is being developed by Tango Gameworks, it will be published by Bethesda Softworks. Tango previously worked on the recent Evil Within games, which are horror-based. A lot of those elements will come into play with Ghostwire. Unlike other Bethesda titles, this is not going to be a giant RPG. Rather, it’s an action-adventure game played through the first-person perspective. Players will utilize psychic and paranormal abilities to take down the ghosts and spirits currently haunting Tokyo, Japan.

Tango wanted to be super-realistic with the martial arts they utilized. A lot of the hand movements for casting spells are inspired by Kuji-Kiri, which is essentially hand gestures that were used in older martial arts schools. Nearly all of the citizens in Tokyo have randomly vanished while otherworldly spirits have invaded the city in their place. You play as a man named Akito, who is actually possessed by a spirit detective named KK. While KK has his own agenda, he provides Akito with supernatural powers to help him combat the spirits haunting Tokyo. Eventually, you’ll meet people in Hannya masks who unveil the mystery of what happened.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Square Enix]

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

  • Developer: Koei Tecmo Games & Team Ninja (Square Enix)
  • Release Date: March 18, 2022

Square Enix is back at it with their rebooted Final Fantasy games. Except this game is one that many fans have wanted to see, as it goes back to the setting of the original Final Fantasy game. This will be a dark interpretation of that setting, so be prepared. People are somehow sucked into this world, away from their own. The main character is Jack Garland, who is consumed by some need to destroy Chaos. That is a reference to the first game, where the horned Chaos was the main boss of the game. Newcomers to the series, Ash and Jed, will be accompanying Jack on his adventure. It is claimed that they are the foretold Warriors of Light.

None are sure this is true, especially since they are told by a knight who has taken on the role of Chaos. The game plays like other Final Fantasy titles, but Jack is really the only one you operate. However, he can switch between physical and magical attacks. Once the “break gauge” is depleted for enemies, Jack can finish them off and crystalize them. This will allow Jack to harvest these enemies to restore his magic meter. Nothing creepy about that, right? Stranger of Paradise will end up being one of the bigger video game releases in 2022 simply because it’s a Final Fantasy title.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Nintendo]

The Untitled Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Date: Late 2022

When Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out, it blew everyone away. The world was beautiful and the game played perfectly. Nintendo rarely gets things wrong with their exclusives, but this was tremendous. The Nintendo Switch has had time to develop and get even better since 2017 when the original Breath of the Wild was released. Nintendo’s main development team has been working on this game since the original was released, but they have yet to give it an official title. We know it is coming out in 2022, so the lack of an official title for this sequel is odd to see from Nintendo.

Yet this is being done by design, as the company believes the title of the game will likely give away what it is about. Something they want to keep a secret until closer to launch. The game is expected to follow up roughly where it left off in the last game. A trailer for the game was released at the 2019 E3 Conference, but it was just a teaser that didn’t really tell us much. Then at the 2021 E3, we were treated to gameplay and some story in the new trailer. This is the most anticipated Nintendo game right now and will end up being one of the biggest video game releases in 2022. It’ll be interesting to see how it does as it battles against other major titles.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Guerilla Games]

Horizon: Forbidden West

  • Developer: Guerilla Games
  • Release Date: February 18, 2022

After the surprisingly giant success of Horizon: Zero Dawn in 2017, Guerilla Games got back to work preparing a sequel to it. This had been one of the most anticipated games in recent memory as the first was beloved by pretty much everyone who played it. Horizon is a giant open world where you play as a young female named Aloy. The setting is some sort of apocalyptic, tribalistic world where rogue animal-like machines roam the planet. The high-tech world is vast and odd, and you come to know why as you play through it. Now, you know what is going on but the west is calling.

Aloy has defeated HADES but must leave Meridian to search for a way to reverse the planet’s continually degrading biosphere. They find a way, but the quest will be dangerous. She along with her own band of companions go on this quest, but must enter the mysterious and unknown frontier known as the “Forbidden West.” They are searching for a plague that is said to kill all it infects. Aloy will come in contact with uncharted lands within new regions. Major storms and deadly new machines ravage the land. Along with nomadic raiders who tamed some machines to use as war mounts. The game was released recently and received rave reviews so far.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via WB Games – Montreal]

Gotham Knights

  • Developer: WB Games Montreal
  • Release Date: Fall 2022

After the Wayne Mansion supposedly exploded with Batman inside of it at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight, it is expected that Bruce is dead. Of course, Batman planned for such an event. Should he perish, his allies would get a pre-recorded “Code Black” message. Gotham City must be protected because, without Batman, villains will surely hit the city without fear. Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Robin (Tim Drake), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), and Red Hood (Jason Todd) get the call and must protect Gotham from its enemies, including any new threats the city faces. The biggest new threat is the infamous yet mysterious Court of Owls.

While Rocksteady Studios worked on the Arkham series this game is connected to, WB Games Montreal is developing Gotham Knights. There is quite a controversy between the studios, as the Montreal studio developed Batman: Arkham Origins between Rocksteady’s Arkham IP. But it was mixed review-wise and Rocksteady did not want anything to do with it as part of their three-game series. However, the Montreal studio is a good one but they do tend to mess with Rocksteady’s storylines. For example. in the last game, Barbara is paralyzed but somehow she’s back at it as Batgirl for Gotham Knights. Hopefully, they’ll explain this issue somehow. Still, this is one of the biggest video game releases in 2022 that gamers are looking most forward to.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Square Enix]

Babylon’s Fall

  • Developer: PlatinumGames
  • Release Date: March 3, 2022

Babylon’s Fall is yet another Square Enix title, and it was just released in the last few days of this article’s publishing. What is this game about? It is known as a “hack and slash” action role-playing game. Gamers will play in third-person perspective as they assume control of a Sentinel, who must somehow scale a huge tower known as the Ziggurat. You’ll start at a hub known as Sentinel Force HQ, where you can interact with other players like you as well as visit shops, upgrade gear, and even access any quests you’d like to take on. Players will have the choice to play this game solo or in a co-op mode, which includes all quests.

Each quest will result in players moving up three to four floors until they reach the Tower Summit. Of course, you’ll unlock loot along the way and strengthen your characters. Every Sentinel has two weapons equipped yet all players will have something known as “Gideon’s Coffin.” This allows you to carry two more spectral weapons, but be warned. They need spectral energy to work, which only powers gradually as you play. Therefore, you need to be careful with how much you use them. This comes along with personal weapons like a sword, hammer, bow, shield, etc.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Electronic Arts]

Dead Space

  • Developer: Motive Studios (Electronic Arts)
  • Release Date: Late 2022

Dead Space actually came out in 2008, but after the major success of remasters and remakes, Electronic Arts wanted to reboot it. To be fair, this game was too ambitious for its time and the technology was nowhere near where it needed to be to really do it justice. Therefore, EA had a solid plan with this. Bring it back as a remake to give new and old fans something to really enjoy. Motive Studios were tasked with doing this. This studio was the team behind Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Squadrons. Therefore, they are pretty well-versed with space dramas. For those unaware, Dead Space is a horror/thriller video game that is survival-based.

The story is largely the same, as players control the main protagonist of the game, engineer Isaac Clarke. He is a mere crew member onboard a repair vessel known as USG Ishimura. This is a planetary mining ship that is incredibly massive but it suddenly goes silent. Clarke’s girlfriend is the ship’s medical officer who sends out a distress call after mutated humans begin attacking the crew. Isaac now has to save himself and surviving crew members, then learn what happened to the Ishimura. While remakes are not always huge, Dead Space looks to be one of the most interesting video game releases in 2022.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Square Enix]


  • Developer: Luminous Productions (Square Enix)
  • Release Date: May 24, 2022

Forspoken is another Square Enix game coming this year, but this game might be one of the biggest video game releases in 2022 right now. It did not take much for gamers to be really invested in the game. Square used Luminous Productions, one of their newer studios, to make this title. The studio was formed in 2018 with some of the members from the Final Fantasy XV team, which was released in 2016. The studio is credited with this game but nothing else until Forspoken. This game was initially intended only for updated consoles and was sort of a PlayStation 5 exclusive. However, it is now also releasing on Microsoft Windows the very same day.

What it is about? The game follows Frey Holland, a young woman who is somehow transported from her home in New York City to a fantasy world known as Athia. She journeys through this vast open world using magical powers to survive and find her way home. Yet she also realizes this world is ruled by tyrants known as the “Tantas.” There are various versions of them, including Sila (Tanta of Strength) and Prave (Tanta of Justice). How will Frey get home and end this tyrannical rule? You must play to find out. Needless to say, when it comes to the most notable video game releases in 2022, Forspoken is near the top.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Rocksteady Studios]

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

  • Developer: Rocksteady Studios
  • Release Date: Late 2022

Rocksteady Studios wrapped up their Batman Arkham series of games only to move on to another DC Comics IP, the Suicide Squad. This is a team with a revolving set of DC villains that are used by the American government under a black operations protocol. As in, if anyone gets caught then no big deal. They were already villains and traded one cell for another. Yet they are also sent on some relatively impossible missions, hence the “Suicide” version of the name. In Rocksteady’s game, they are given the “easy” task of killing the Justice League. The Squad is tasked with a covert mission in Metropolis, not made aware of how crazy the situation is.

Brainiac has invaded the Earth and begun brainwashing people, including several members of the Justice League. Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern are all brainwashed. Wonder Woman is apparently the only JL member that hasn’t been. The Squad cannot depend on any hero for help, so in order to save the world, they have to kill the Justice League if they are to stop Brainiac. The Squad members tasked with this assignment include Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark. This will be one of the biggest video game releases in 2022, and likely become a “Game of the Year” candidate too.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Ubisoft]

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

  • Developer: Massive Entertainment (Ubisoft)
  • Release Date: Late 2022

We all know about James Cameron’s Avatar film, and the several sequels coming at some point in the future. However, Ubisoft wanted desperately to work on a video game involving this IP and was given the green light to do so in 2017. Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment studio has been working on it ever since, which will be around 5 years by the time it releases. Just for reference, Avatar the movie released in 2009, and the new movies are not coming until next year at the earliest. Good for Massive to beat Cameron to the punch like this.

This game will be going with a standalone story, separate from any of the films. Players will take control of the Na’vi and journey across the Western Frontier of Pandora, a region never before seen by most of the Na’vi. There, players must assist the Na’vi to push back the forces of the RDA, who are seeking to threaten the Na’vi and Pandora overall. When it comes to video game releases in 2022, it is likely that nothing is bigger than this game right now. It will be released on all the newest gaming platforms, without last-generation consoles being involved.

The Top Video Game Releases Coming In 2022
[Image via Bethesda Softworks]


  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
  • Release Date: November 11, 2022

Likely Bethesda Softworks’ biggest title release in 2022, Starfield, is expected to be pretty huge. This is Bethesda’s first brand new intellectual property release in roughly 25 years, so you know they want to make sure it does very well. They did not use one of the various studios they have, the main studio has been working on this one with Todd Howard himself operating as the director for the title. When the boss gets involved, you know things are serious. What is this game about? Starfield is set in the year 2310, set from the Solar System itself up to 50 lightyears.

Referred to as “The Settled Systems,” players will have a gigantic open-world…or, rather, open-galaxy to play within. The two largest factions in the game are the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. Both were engaged in a very brutal Colony War, which resulted in a lot of issues between the colonies. We show up 20 years after this war ended to find an uneasy peace. Players will be able to completely customize their avatar, a member of “Constellation.” They are a group of space explorers, who tend to discover some amazing things. Bethesda has been referring to Starfield as “Skyrim in space.” If that doesn’t excite you, nothing will.


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