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The Top Deadliest Animals In Australia
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Inland Taipan Snakes

  • Danger Level: 10/10

The Inland Taipan Snake is the single most venomous snake on the planet today. Just one bite from this snake is enough to kill 100 full-grown men. The crazy part is that you’d think with so much packed in one bite, they’d be unable to offer lethal doses in other bites. However, the snake has an excellent recovery rate and can offer a severe strike several more times in a row without falling off of lethality.

The Top Deadliest Animals In Australia
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The venom that the inland taipan possess is filled with neurotoxin, paradoxin, hemotoxin, oxytoxin, myotoxin, and som hyaluronidase enzymes. These add up to make the venom very deadly. Certainly enough to make this snake one of the deadliest animals in Australia. The venom is absorbed by the body quickly and results in human death anywhere between 5 minutes and just under 1 hour. There is an antivenom for it, but that’s if you’re lucky enough to get it in time.