Lonely Woman
[Image via Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock.com]

What Exactly Is Loneliness?

Being lonely is not exactly the same thing as being alone. We know, they kind of seem the same, right? If you’re alone then you are just “of one.” However, that is not exactly how loneliness works. Being lonely only happens when a person has negative side effects caused by being isolated from other people.

Certain people can live alone and never be around others yet be just fine with that. We should be sure to know the difference here, as it’s very important. The true definition of loneliness is a person that feels sad or unhappy about being socially isolated. Therefore, if you’re not feeling this yet find yourself alone…you’re not lonely.

The lack of understanding of the difference here can lead to assumptions that are not fair to have. If a person lives alone, doesn’t have many friends, and is not dating much, it does not immediately mean they are lonely. Perhaps, they are loners and happy being that. Therefore, we should never make assumptions regarding loneliness.