The construction of these blocks alone took much talent. Shutterstock.

The Blocks At Puma Punku Are Not Uniform

Ancient Aliens claims that the massive blocks at Puma Punku are of uniform size, made of granite and diorite, and have perfect, 90-degree right angles. Each of these “facts” is evidence for extraterrestrial activity, as the blocks had to have been carved with diamond-studded tools and laser beams, none of which the pre-Incan peoples had.

All of these claims are simply incorrect. The blocks are of varying sizes, though the camera might point to a collection of blocks that are almost the same size. The blocks are made of the sandstone that is abundant in the mountains, and groove marks suggest that they were made with the primitive stone tools that scientists know the pre-Incan peoples possessed. Furthermore, the blocks do not have perfect right angles.