Black Widow Spider
Black Widow Spider [Image via Jay Ondreicka/]

39. Black Widow Spider

  • Venom: Latrotoxin
  • Typical Kill Time: Minutes To Hours (Allergic Reaction)

The Black Widow Spider gets its name from the fact that they kill their mates, which is terrifying alone. It’s often noted that you can see an hourglass of some type on one to know if they are venomous animals or not. We wouldn’t get too close to see, however. They have a venom known as Latrotoxin. The name comes from the scientific name for the Black Widow, the Latrodectus.

It’s a neurotoxin that typically kills certain animals within an hour or two. Despite being the most venomous spider in North America, their bite is rarely fatal to humans. Most bites from them are “dry” anyway. Although, deaths have happened mostly from allergic reactions.