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Ranking the Best and Worst Mortal Kombat Characters
[Image via NetherRealm Studios]

Best: Scorpion

  • Clan: Shirai Ryu

Scorpion is the best Mortal Kombat character to ever exist. Seriously, fight us on this if you want, but we’re saying it. Hanzo Hasashi’s wife and son were killed by what he assumed to be the Lin Kuei, especially Sub-Zero. More than this, his entire clan of the Shirai Ryu was taken out too. The real person behind it was Quan Chi, whom Hanzo later kills to get revenge. While Scorpion is still essentially a hellspawn, he managed to bring back his clan and even become something of a Grandmaster to help others. We also know he will do literally anything to protect the ones he loves. Even go to hell and back. GET OVER HERE!


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