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Marvel Villains Too Terrifying For the MCU
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Skinless Man

There’s a reason they say you need to feel comfortable in your skin. Skinless Man is one MCU Marvel character who needs to learn how to do just that. He likes to wear other people’s skin on his face. He used to have elastic skin, but after he had his skin peeled off his entire body as punishment, it was no use for him. He’s a skinless version of Mr. Fantastic. His elastic skin gave him the ability to stretch several meters away from his own body. Moreover, he could read text just by feeling dents on a page, and he could use his durable skin as a weapon. Furthermore, after his skin was removed, he taught his new skin how to expand and contract on a molecular level (Marvel).

Marvel Villains Too Terrifying For the MCU
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The Armadillo Man, or Freak, is not a cute animal. On Earth, armadillos are considered adorable animals, but in the MCU, they’re the complete opposite. Freak is a drug addict who was chased down by Spider-Man. After Freak injects himself with animal stem cell fluids from Dr. Curt Connors’s lab, he develops a flesh cocoon chrysalis. He did this because he thought it was an illegal substance, though he got a wake-up call when he learned it wasn’t. He was then shot down by the police, where he formed another chrysalis. Not only did the substance make him skinless, he was horrifying to look at. He can bring himself back to life, making him capable of surviving any danger. Ultimately, in the MCU, he fits right in, but that doesn’t mean he’s nice to look at. For a Marvel villain, he’s comparable to all the other terrifying ones (Ultimate Marvel).

Marvel Villains Too Terrifying For the MCU
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Reginald Fortean’s Abomination

This MCU villain might be too terrifying to show on screen. The story behind this guy includes Fortean, who took Gamma-Activated Tissue from the corpse of the original Abomination. Then, when he made contact with it, he was encased in an Abomination-like shell. He has an eight-fingered hand crown that sits on top of his head. Now, he has superhuman strength, enough to match the strength of the Hulk. Additionally, he can regenerate from grievous injuries like lost organs, has a claw on every single one of his fingers, and can generate a corrosive acid that can dissolve the flesh of the Hulk (Screen Rant).

Marvel Villains Too Terrifying For the MCU


As one of David Haller’s many personalities, Styx takes hold of the consciousness of anything and anyone he touches. Don’t get too close to this one. They become vulnerable and malleable in his hands. But that’s not what makes Styx so terrifying. The most horrifying thing about this one is that he can split himself from Haller and find a home in a corpse. Then, it turns its back on Haller and uses that corpse to try and control Haller to take over the world. He can rot and decay anything he touches, elongate his fingers long distances, and is immune to cancer (CMRO).