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Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think

The Estrema Fulminea Hypercar

The Estrema Fulminea is an Italian hypercar that features four electric motors with 2040 hp. It features a streamlined body and puffy wheel arches. Better yet, the design of this car is remarkable, as it has quirky headlights shaped like lightning bolts that sit on the side of the car. At the rear of the vehicle is a brake light. But the best part about this car, straight from the future, is that it has four electric motors that have a total capacity of 2,040 hp. It also has a hybrid traction battery, meaning the developers used lithium-ion components and super-capacitors to build the battery. New cars know how to use these incredible futuristic features, which we’ll hopefully see soon (NVL5).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think

Hyundai’s Walking Car

Star Wars technology seems to be an imminent reality. We’ll see this walking vehicle on our streets soon enough. Hyundai designed the walking car, which looks like it has legs and knees. It’s capable of climbing steep inclines and driving on rocky terrain and surfaces that regular cars aren’t able to drive on. Originally, it was designed for the Armed Forces. Hyundai wanted to take its design beyond the four-door, four-wheeled cars and turn it into something unique and futuristic. This is a radical change to what we typically see on our streets. According to Hyundai, this car has “complex multi-joint legs, inspired by those of a grasshopper, give this “walking car” the ability to climb steps, lift itself above flowing water or even jump over gaps.” This car serves a greater purpose than transporting bodies, as Hyundai hopes that “Elevate could play a role in rural exploration, construction or even disaster relief, by allowing rescue teams to reach areas where traditional roads have been compromised. (Hyundai).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think
Robb Report

The Fast And Ferocious All-Electric Ferrari

Long, low, wide, fast, and ferocious, Ferrari is about to showcase an all-electric sports car that they plan to unveil in 2025. We love Ferrari and think they’re ahead of their time. Their cars are truly innovative, as their first hybrid featured a 986-horsepower SF90 Stradale. We’ve never seen anything like this regarding our current transportation inventions. People doubt that the brand will be able to create a car with a 50 percent battery-powered lineup, but that’s where Ferrari is taking the challenge and using it to their advantage. This car is lightweight, too. Companies want to build vehicles with top efficiency and high performance. By reducing the weight of our current vehicles, fuel efficiency will improve by 6% or more. To do this, companies need to replace the material of iron and steel with metal like carbon fiver and magnesium-aluminum alloy. Mainly, we’ll see this material used in sports cars (Robb Report).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think
Driven by AI

AI And Autonomous Vehicles Help With Traffic

We all know about the future of AI, but did you know it will also help with transportation? AI may control traffic flow, which will lessen congestion and accidents. Additionally, autonomous driving and self-driving delivery trucks and buses may replace other forms of public transport and commuter cars. The UK is already tackling this idea with the Future of Mobility fund and three self-driving pilot projects. This includes, “DRIVEN, a trial fleet of fully autonomous vehicles in urban and inter-urban areas that will culminate in autonomous journeys in Oxford and London; RoboPilot, creating autonomous driving for an electric delivery van that could be adapted to buses and larger trucks; and, StreetWise, a demonstration of the technology, safety validation, insurance and service models for autonomous personal mobility to replace the urban commuter car.” Delivery services are also included in this form of transportation, and these projects may see a huge expansion over time. No traffic sounds great, but we’re not convinced about robot cards just yet (National Grid).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think
Auto Express

Here Comes Tesla With The Tesla Model 3

Tesla is paving the way for our future. Built for safety, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the new cars we can expect to see in these coming years with a lot of great features. Already, it exceeds safety standards with a rigid structure, impact protection, and very low rollover risk. It also comes with a dual motor all-wheel drive, with breaks that operate in all sorts of weather conditions. You’ll always be in full control. The carbon fiber spoiler improves its stability at all speeds, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to think about when cruising down the highway. In as little as 3 seconds, you can speed from 0-60 mph. And because it’s fully electric, you’ll never have to visit a gas station again. That sounds like a dream come true (Auto Express).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think

Hypersonic Planes With Panoramic Windows

Hypersonic planes travel five times faster than the speed of sound. This means you can travel from London to Sydney in only 4.5 hours and from LA to Tokyo in 8 hours. Companies are looking to throw traditional design out the window and instead have planes with panoramic windows, so flying through the air becomes more of an experience than a mode of transportation. Imagine seeing the clouds and cities below you with a simple wave of your hand. Spike Aerospace, a Boston-based company, hopes to put this into action. NPR reports, “instead of the usual views at 35,000 feet, the Spike S-512 will project images from micro cameras outside the plane onto screens embedded in the walls. The cameras will be placed around the entire aircraft to create panoramic views.” When you get sleepy, you can dim the windows (NPR).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think

The Levitating Maglev Trains

High-speed trains are the newest invention in the transportation world. The Maglev trains use powerful electromagnets to move at high speeds. This will also prevent delays due to mechanical issues and weather problems, due to their friction and vibration. The best part about these trains, though is that they’re better for the environment. It uses a bunch of magnets to propel the train forward. Most of the Maglev trains are in Asia, though we hope to see them move to the USA soon. It claims to be the fastest train ever built and will shave off a ton of travel time. Now, we can say we’ll be there in the blink of an eye because, by the looks of these modes of transportation, that’s how it’s going to be (Maglev).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think
Tom Tom

Technology Against Drowsiness

Driving while tired is just as bad as drunk driving. Being tired lowers your inhibitions and makes you more prone to getting into an accident. To prevent this, companies are working on detecting the fatigue of drivers at the wheel. Using sensors and 26 different parameters, they analyze the eyes and faces of drivers, both in the dark and when they’re wearing glasses, and emit an alarm as a warning. They’ll also make the driver’s seat vibrate. This will also translate to using a phone at the wheel while driving. According to Tom Tom, the company Volvo already has a system in place, called Driver Alert, “with a 97% success rate at determining a driver’s drowsiness. There are other independent devices that the driver can place in their vehicle themselves, which help to reduce the risks associated with loss of concentration while driving.” (Vrio Europe).

Incredible Futuristic Transportation The World Will See Sooner Than You Think

You Might Visit Outer Space Shortly

One of the most impressive advancements in technology is spaceships that the average person can use to visit space. You read that correctly! Companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are trying to offer commercial space flights. You don’t have to go through vigorous NASA training to look at Earth from above. SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk in 2002. According to Builtin, “SpaceX has designed boosters that gently propel themselves back down to Earth with precision. The reusability of these rockets is an achievement in cost-saving travel tech that now opens up spaceflight to civilians. Relativity Space is even 3D printing rocket ships.” Spaceflight costs will also go from $500 billion to $60 million, making it much more attainable by more companies around the world (Builtin).