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Hilarious Science Experiments Gone Wrong
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Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

This student tried to conduct a science experiment involving height. She wanted to test how high is too high for something to fall. Initially, you’d assume she’d test falling with an object like an egg or a bottle of water. Instead, she wanted to test it on herself. She started with reasonable heights, but eventually pushed the experiment too far. As you can see, she broke a few bones in her arms. At least that was the extent of her injuries, and hopefully the last time she tries to experiment on herself (Interesting Engineering).

Hilarious Science Experiments Gone Wrong

What Can Go Wrong, Will Definitely Go Wrong

When one bad thing happens, it feels like it sets off a chain reaction, like the domino effect. Another bad thing happens, and another, and another. That’s what happened to this student during one of their science experiments. First, they set their lab notebook on fire, broke a beaker while trying to put it out, and almost set the printer on fire. It’s a good thing that’s all that happened, and their teacher now uses that as an example of paying attention. Usually, you only make a mistake like that once (Buzzfeed).

Hilarious Science Experiments Gone Wrong

McDonald’s Tried To Be Healthy With Bubblegum-Flavored Broccoli

There’s a reason kids don’t like broccoli, or vegetables in general. Even though they need to eat their vegetables, parents may find it difficult to convince their kids to munch on green food. Why would they do that, when they could eat a burger and fries instead? In 2014, Mcdonald’s tried to help with this by offering bubble-gum-flavored broccoli. They also figured they needed to serve more nutritious food at their restaurant, so why not serve broccoli the fun way? It was a hilarious experiment that never actually made it to a Happy Meal since kids were confused by the taste. It’s better to leave vegetables as they are and instead offers more salads or smaller portions, McDonald’s (Business Insider).

Hilarious Science Experiments Gone Wrong

Give A Baboon Toilet Paper, They’ll Decorate The Trees

This baboon was doing some home decorating after they stole a roll of toilet paper from field workers conducting experiments in the wild. They left their last roll of toilet paper out, and the baboons saw it as an opportunity for free decorations. They grabbed the toilet paper and decorated a very high tree, one that was impossible for them to climb. Let’s hope they were near a river, otherwise, their trips to the bathroom the rest of their time will be very unpleasant (Cheezburger).