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Extinct Animals Science Could Bring Back
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  • Went Extinct: Around 65 Million Years Ago
  • Closest Related Species: Modern-Day Birds

While most of us know our history, it seems that some do not learn from it. We’ve all seen how bringing dinosaurs back could be problematic from movies like Jurassic Park. Yet bringing some back would likely be okay to do. You do not want to bring the T-Rex back due to the obviously problematic nature it could cause. However, could you bring back specific herbivore dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Brontosaurus? It’s likely that you could without having to worry as much about the outcome. They’d likely avoid attacking humans unless otherwise threatened.

Extinct Animals Science Could Bring Back
[Image via Herschel Hoffmeyer/Shutterstock.com]
Yet people will likely have to understand that they will not be able to get as large as we know them to be. Oxygen levels were high during their time period, allowing most animals to grow incredibly large. Today, the oxygen level is far less. Therefore, they won’t get to nearly the same size. Gene editing could potentially allow them to get there one day, however. The real issue is how to bring them back. Dinosaurs were not reptiles like many think but rather, they were closely related to modern-day birds. Therefore, it might take a long time to get to the dinosaurs we know and love – but it could happen!