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False Health Myths Debunked by Science
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Extra Myth 10. Mental Illness Can Be Cured If You Have Great Willpower

Likely one that everyone with any sort of depression and/or anxiety has heard. If you were just mentally stronger or could have proper willpower, then none of your mental issues would be a problem, right? While no one really says this about major mental disorders like Alzheimer’s or Dementia, they do with many more. From Depression to ADHD, people assume you just lack mental strength. Yet this line of thinking is dangerous and often prevents people from getting professional help.

False Health Myths Debunked by Science
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Think of it like this….would you tell a person with a broken arm that if they will it strong enough, their arm would be unbroken? No? The same applies here. People with any mental disorder often do far more than you think and go through a ton more than you’d ever realize. Many are some of the toughest mentally you’ll ever meet as a result. Therefore, if they could “will” their mental disorder away, they’d have done it by now.