Begin your journey into your new hobby of archeology with this fantastic starter set. Credit: Bon Tool

Bon 84-948 Archaeologist’s Starter Tool Kit

This kit is an excellent tool set for beginners and those who have been doing it for a while. You’re going to want to dig into the new world of archaeology, and you’ll need a set of tools to do that. The great thing about this set is that it gives you a variety of different devices. You will get a 250’ neon line, a ⅜” leaf, and square, a line level, a Lufkin metric rule, a 5” x 2” margin trowel, a 7” x 3” pointing trowel, a five-piece set of detail brushes as well as a canvas bag to house all of the things you might find on your backyard dig. 

David says, “The tools stood up to the hard test of an Iron Age dig and came through with flying colors. Although I may suggest adding a compass and excavation diary and small pick to complete the set properly, the set nevertheless stood the test of excavation. The bag was also helpful in keeping the equipment well wrapped. If you are a student, I would certainly suggest this for a first dig. The tape measure helped immensely in squaring off sides of our excavations.”

Purchase the Bon 84-948 Archaeologist’s Starter Tool Kit for $74.50