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Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

Based on the aesthetic created by films like Blade Runner, Akira, and Tron, Cyberpunk 2077 promised a fully immersive open world dystopia to its players. The release date kept getting pushed farther out, leaving would-be fans frustrated. Unfortunately, the delayed release date was the least of CD Projekt Red’s concerns. Players would eventually criticize the game development studio for pushing out an incomplete game, full of glitching, poor graphics, and lost saves. CD Projekt Red has patched and fixed many of the irritating aspects of the game, and players with access to gaming PCs and next-gen consoles have had better success at playing the game. However, Cyberpunk 2077 will go down in gaming history as one of the least successful game launches in gaming history.

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

Been There, Done That

There is a wealth of science fiction within the subgenre of cyberpunk. The genre has been around since the 80s. Reddit user, u/Tagaziel didn’t have anything kind to say about what CD Projeckt Red was trying to creature with Cyberpunk 2077. On the TrueGaming subreddit, Tagaziel says, “Back then, alongside the likes of Blade Runner, Neuromancer, or the very first Cyberpunk 2013, it would have been a revolutionary story and setting. However, it is now 2022, forty years on, and what was fresh back then has grown exceedingly stale for a simple reason: Everything cyberpunk fiction tried to warn us about has come to pass.”

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games
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It Just Wasn’t the Game We Were Promised

“The real problem is how the marketing was pushing all elements at once, therefore creating unrealistic expectations,” says u/sicariusv. “For my part, I was initially disappointed because of this discrepancy between what was promised and delivered, but once I accepted what the game was, I had a much better time with it. I still have gripes with it, I don’t think the story is executed well and the endings are not great.” CD Projekt Red promised something that never was fulfilled. When people were told the game would be open world, the expectations were high, but never met. It seems like many players simply settled for what was given rather than hope for something different.

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games
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Fans Are Already Disappointed about the DLC

DLCs are par for the course when it comes to video games. They’re an excellent way to expand a story or universe of a well-loved game. Cyberpunk 2077 had a lot of potential for multiple DLCs. Fans were quick to theorize about possible DLC releases by CD Projekt Red shortly after its release in 2020. Nearly three years later, the game developers have announced the first, and very likely only, DLC to accompany Cyberpunk 2077. The Gamer wrote a scathing article criticizing the game developers. The article titled “Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC Is Yet Another Anti-Consumer Move CDPR Is Getting Away With” continued with the author stating “While this feels like small potatoes for a company so wildly anti-consumer it sold broken copies on two separate occasions, it’s inconceivable that the game continues to get a pass for this.”

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

Fast and Furious Crossroads

According to Steam, Fast and Furious Crossroads is “an epic new chapter in the Fast & Furious saga with high-speed heists, cinematic nonstop action, and adrenaline-fueled stunts in exotic locations. Join longtime family and a tough new crew to hunt down an international crime syndicate and bring them to street justice.” This game was so poorly received, it was delisted. People were upset at the price for a game that provided so little. Fast and Furious has many successful movies and video games under its belt, but Crossroads isn’t one of them. Bad in-game physics and lack of content were just insult to injury.

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

Vin Diesel May Be the Only Redeeming Quality

Providing a 3/10 score on Push Square, Liam Croft made sure to review the game as brutally and honestly as possible. Croft writes, “How Fast & Furious Crossroads wound up as a full-price release will forever remain a mystery. It is lacking in every department possible, from shallow and repetitive gameplay through to abysmal visuals that belong on the previous generation of consoles. Not even the most committed Fast & Furious fans should subject themselves to this monstrosity. That is unless you want to have a good laugh alongside Vin Diesel.”

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

A Masterpiece of Incompetence

Leonardo Faria graciously gave this game an extra half point, giving this a total of 3.5/10 on Way Too Many Games. They didn’t mince their words, saying “It’s a masterpiece of incompetence, a game so devoid of redeeming qualities to the point that its ineptitude ends up being its greatest selling point. You can have a blast with this game, not by actually having fun with its mechanics or set pieces, but by laughing at how bad it is.” Surely Bandai Namco Entertainment didn’t have that in mind when creating a game from a hit franchise.

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

The Actors Did Their Best…

Reddit is a fantastic place to check out reviews for games people really like or hate. r/games is a popular subreddit with dedicated gamers always ready to throw in their opinions. u/ContributorX_PJ64 was very sympathetic to those involved in the game development. “I feel sorry for the actors involved in this, because they likely did their best with bad voice direction and lacklustre scripts. It must be especially sad for Vin Diesel, because Diesel always had a really sincere love for videogames, and Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is just amazing. I’d love to see him in videogames again, in a role where people take him seriously.”

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games
Riot Games


Valorant is a free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games that was release in June of 2020. It was similar to the Counter Strike series many gamers became enamoured by. Riot Games also developed League of Legends, a wildly successful game. There were a lot of expectations for Valorant upon its release, but players quickly lost interest in this tactical shooting game. Aside from mechanics issues within the game, the gaming community that played Valorant became known as a “highly toxic community with surveys in 2019 and 2021 showing it is the most toxic video game in the world, with 79-80% of all players reporting to have experienced in-game harassment at some point.”

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

Buggy Game and Unresponsive Staff

“Valorant is legitimately one of the worst games I have ever played in my entire life. The staff team completely ignores all feedback on the game and works on it when they feel like it. Call of duty has plenty of good maps and Valorant only has 5, and they’re all extremely poorly designed. Staff team refuses to acknowledge this. The damage is inaccurate, you can shoot somebody 6 times and not kill them, however on the damage chart on the buy menu, the damage is displayed and it’s completely inaccurate,” says Woody Boy on Metacritic.

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games
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Some of the Worst Gunplay in a Shooting Game

Shooting games naturally need to have excellent mechanics in order to allow the player to have the best experience possible. One of the biggest complaints Valorant faces, however, is its gunplay. Providing a 1/10 score, Newan-90242 reviews Valorant on IMDb saying, “Gunplay is Clunky and boring, every gun feels super unreliable, like the winner of a gunfight is usually whoever isn’t looking the other way or has better RNG. Absolutely awful movement with a mechanic that slows your movement speed by 70% for getting shot, basically removing all chance of dodging even on the movement characters using abilities its just impossible.”

Brutal Reviews Of The Year’s Most Anticipated Games

Toxicity is the Top Reason Gamers Hate Valorant

u/Mayhemfest08 says, “Honestly the toxic Community really made me not wanna play the game anymore. The part that sucks is very few people are actually constructive, instead of telling someone how much they suck, tell them how they can do better. And since the games are so long you can get stuck with a toxic team for 30 mins, I know the mute button exists for a reason but this game is incredibly team oriented and if you’re muting each other, you’re almost better off just Go Next.”


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