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Anime has revolutionized the sci-fi genre like a warp drive through the cosmos. With its captivating storytelling, imaginative world-building, and mind-bending concepts, anime has injected a dose of futuristic flair that’s taken sci-fi to new dimensions. From the iconic mechas of “Mobile Suit Gundam” to the cyberpunk dystopia of “Akira,” anime has given us a kaleidoscope of awe-inspiring visions of the future. It’s not just about flashy visuals, though; anime has probed the depths of human existence, exploring complex themes of artificial intelligence, identity, and the consequences of scientific advancements. This genre-bending collision has sparked a cultural fusion that’s left sci-fi enthusiasts both mesmerized and craving for more. Anime’s influence on the sci-fi genre is nothing short of a cosmic explosion, and it’s only getting started!

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Guilty Crown

Set in the near future, “Guilty Crown” unfolds in a Japan forced to trade its independence for survival during a pandemic. The GHQ, an organization, manages to restore order to Japan. But the Funeral Parlor, a resistance group, emerges to challenge GHQ’s control. Shu Ouma, a high school student, becomes embroiled in this conflict upon meeting Inori Yuzuriha. The anime faced criticism for its underdeveloped characters. However, it garnered acclaim for its exceptional soundtrack and visuals. Despite character weaknesses, the series crafts a captivating and emotionally charged premise that will captivate the audience.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Deca Dence

In a dystopian world besieged by peculiar and ruthless creatures called Gadoll, humanity’s surviving members conceive a solution. Their solution is the mobile fortress, Deca-Dence. This ingenious technological marvel empowers them to triumph over the monsters and secure their survival. Amidst this backdrop, we follow Natsume, an unwavering girl determined to achieve greatness as a Gear warrior. Undeterred by any obstacles, she sets her sights on her goal. “Deca-Dence” delivers a lighthearted take on a classic science fiction storyline, blending heartwarming moments with intriguing character development and thrilling combat sequences.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

From the New World

In the town of Kamisu 66, 12-year-old Saki Watanabe awakens to her psychic abilities. This reunites her with her friends. Her friends are an array of interesting characters. Satoru Asahina, the mischievous one; Mamoru Itou, the shy companion; the cheerful Maria Akizuki, and the enigmatic Shun Aonuma, whom Saki admires. They come together at Sage Academy, a specialized school for psychics. However, a sense of unease creeps in as Saki questions the fate of those unable to manifest their powers. The children become entangled in secretive matters, including the elusive Tainted Cats rumored to abduct kids. “Shinsekai yori” narrates the unique coming-of-age journey of Saki and her friends as they navigate their roles in this apparent utopia, although accepting these roles becomes challenging when confronted with society’s dark and shocking truths, and the impending upheaval brought by the new world.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Astro Boy

The very existence of this conversation owes itself to the inception of Astro Boy, a trailblazing animated Japanese series that holds the distinction of being one of the first to attain global recognition. Its success significantly contributed to the burgeoning popularity of anime as a whole. In this classic narrative, Astro Boy, a highly advanced robot abandoned by its creator, embarks on a heroic journey through challenges set in a future timeline, specifically the year 2000, four decades ahead of its creation. Beyond its innovative storytelling, the series touches upon profound themes such as anti-war sentiments, the preservation of nature, and societal discrimination, adding layers of depth to its enduring impact.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil is set in a near-future world seamlessly integrated with AR technology. Ubiquitous cyber glasses, known as Dennouh Megane, are an integral part of daily life. “Dennou Coil” centers around Yuko Okonogi, an elementary schoolgirl who relocates to Daikoku City—a metropolis boasting advanced technological infrastructure. As a mysterious entity begins to claim lives, Yuko embarks on a quest for answers within Dennou’s virtual realm. This is all while enjoying moments of camaraderie with her friends. Blending traditional Japanese animation with a sci-fi twist, the anime effortlessly weaves lighthearted elements with profound, suspenseful sequences, solidifying its status as one of the most captivating sci-fi series of the 2000s.


These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Accel World

Fans of Sword Art Online can dive into another Reki Kawahara series set in a virtual reality world with “Accel World.” This story centers on Haru Arita. He is an unpopular kid enduring relentless bullying due to his physical appearance. Seeking solace in the virtual realm, Haru’s life takes a dramatic turn when he encounters Brain Burst, a software that promises cognitive enhancement in exchange for victory in perilous duels. Assisted by his popular classmate Kuroyukihime, Haru embarks on a quest to ascend to the game’s highest level and unravel the enigmatic intentions of its creator.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Ghost In The Shell

Amidst the multitude of books, films, shows, and video games exploring its narrative, one stands tall. Ghost in the Shell undeniably stands as one of the greatest sci-fi anime of all time. Stemming from the highly acclaimed manga of the same name, this Japanese cyberpunk masterpiece unfolds the tale of Major Mokoto. She is an advanced cyborg public security agent grappling with profound questions about humanity and self-identity. Ghost in the Shell captivates with its potency, beauty, and a mesmerizing musical score. The 1995 movie often takes center stage for its artistic brilliance. However, the Stand Alone Complex series arguably represents the pinnacle of the franchise, excelling in both writing and character development.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Undoubtedly the most highly-anticipated sci-fi anime of Fall 2023, the long-awaited adaptation of Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto manga has finally arrived. It draws inspiration from an Astro Boy storyline. The narrative unfolds as a detective endeavors to uncover the identity of a killer responsible for a string of murders involving both human and robot victims. Given the manga’s status as a masterpiece, expectations for the anime were exceptionally high. Apparently, it largely succeeded in meeting them. Pluto paints a vivid picture of a world where humans and highly advanced robots coexist, capable of replicating most human emotions. This intricate backdrop serves as a platform for the series to deliver realistic and socially relevant commentary on challenging concepts such as discrimination and PTSD. Amidst these themes, the anime weaves a captivating murder mystery driven by two compelling and complex characters—the aforementioned detective and Atom, a young robot boy.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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“Inuyashiki” brilliantly delves into the sci-fi realm. Ichiro, an ordinary office worker struggling to make ends meet, stands as the family’s black sheep, unappreciated even after constructing them a new house. His life takes a dramatic turn when a dire diagnosis of a terminal disease shakes him to the core. Seeking clarity during a walk, Inuyashiki’s fate takes yet another unexpected twist. A UFO crash-lands, resulting in his transformation into a robotic war machine. The series offers a dark and twisted narrative rich in body horror, appealing to fans of “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Parasyte.”

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Sword Art Online

With over 30 million copies of the light novels sold worldwide, “Sword Art Online” has achieved remarkable commercial success. It is commended for its animation, music, and exploration of virtual reality’s psychological aspects. Netflix is set to produce a live-action series based on the light novels. It will also boast six video games inspired by the series have been released across various platforms. This is arguably one of the most popular sci-fi animes to ever go mainstream. As the protagonists go through various storylines and virtual realities, it’s easy to see how limitless the story building of this show truly is.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Get ready for an anime that packs a punch with its outstanding story, music, art style, characters, and themes. Steins;Gate, is adapted from an equally well-received visual novel. It traces the journey of a group of scientist friends who invent a time-traveling machine, unleashing unforeseen consequences across both the past and present. Praised for its suspenseful second cour, scientifically grounded sci-fi concepts, and bold narrative choices, Steins;Gate stands out. The series takes its time. Surprisingly, it has over 10 episodes dedicated to immersing viewers in the everyday lives of the main characters before diving into the action, adding depth and nuance to the overall experience.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

In a distant future, long after an exhausting century-and-a-half standoff between the mighty Galactic Empire and the resilient Free Planets Alliance, a fresh era of leadership emerges, bathed in the starlight of ambition. Enter Reinhard von Lohengramm, a strategic prodigy who ascends the imperial ladder with unwavering determination, aided by his steadfast childhood friend, Siegfried Kircheis. Reinhard’s mission: to liberate his captive sister from the crumbling Goldenbaum Dynasty while striving to weave the threads of human destiny into a singular tapestry of unity. With a sparkling 9/10 rating on MyAnimeList, this series stands as an unrivaled gem in the crown of timeless sci-fi anime adventures.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Elfen Lied

Venture into the chilling realms of another sci-fi horror masterpiece, a narrative as unique as it is spine-tingling. Meet Lucy, an extraordinary being of the Diclonius lineage, her escape from a clandestine government laboratory resulting in a fateful head injury. This cruel twist of fate fractures her psyche, birthing two distinct personalities within her – one angelic in its innocence, the other a dark harbinger of violence. Lucy’s twisted path crosses with that of college students Kouta and his cousin Yuka, whose compassionate hearts lead them to offer refuge to this enigmatic stranger. Little do they know that their altruism will draw them deep into a web of intrigue, as relentless government agents close in. Moreover, they are hell-bent on recapturing the elusive Lucy, and thus plunging the trio into a maelstrom of peril and paranoia.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Ergo Proxy

In the aftermath of a catastrophic ecological cataclysm that ravages the planet, humanity clings to survival within the fragile sanctuaries of advanced domes. Amidst the ruins of Earth, a bastion of civilization persists—Romdo. Life here is intricately linked with humanoid robots known as AutoReives. They tirelessly serve their human counterparts. Within this tumultuous landscape, the ruler of Romdo dispatches his own granddaughter, Re-l Mayer, to investigate the enigma surrounding the emergence of the Cogito Virus. This insidious affliction bestows a disquieting self-awareness upon the once obedient robots. As Re-l embarks on a quest shrouded in mystery, the anime becomes a compelling invitation for those seeking solace in the realm of science fiction. Its distinctive character designs and captivating animation weave a mesmerizing narrative that transcends the boundaries of the genre.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time


Within the treasure trove of one-season wonders in the anime science fiction realm lies a show that beckons your attention. Step into the shoes of Shinichi Izumi. He is a sixteen-year-old high school student, whose life takes a bizarre twist. He becomes prey to parasitic aliens that have besieged Earth. These insidious intruders seek to infiltrate the human mind, seizing control from within. Yet, in a stroke of luck for Izumi, the alien parasite attempting to commandeer his consciousness falls short. It then finds an unlikely abode within his arm. Enter Migi, the newfound tenant, and an uneasy alliance is forged as they navigate a world teeming with parasitic adversaries. Together, they embark on a harrowing journey to thwart the perilous parasites that threaten to eradicate this unconventional menace. Additionally, they unleash a tale of symbiotic survival against the backdrop of a mesmerizing sci-fi narrative.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Darling in the FranXX

Embark on a journey into the annals of classic sci-fi anime. This is an essential watch for enthusiasts of the genre. Within a futuristic realm, humanity finds refuge within colossal fortress cities named Plantations. It is a sanctuary amidst the perilous shadow of near-extinction cast by formidable creatures known as Klaxosaurs. To counter this existential threat, colossal mechanized giants, the FranXX, emerge as the sole effective weapon. Orchestrated within the Plantations, children are raised in pairings, with each duo piloting these mecha, their world confined to this singular purpose. In the midst of this regimented existence, one disheartened soul, Hiro, encounters a cryptic enigma named Zero Two. When a devastating ambush claims her previous partner, she extends an unwitting invitation to Hiro, affording him an unforeseen chance at redemption and a journey into the unknown.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion immerses viewers in a mysterious post-disaster world. Maru and Kiruko embark on a perilous journey across Japan in search of the elusive haven called ‘Heaven.’ The anime, produced by Production I.G, reveals a landscape marred by monstrosities and the remnants of human civilization. Simultaneously, it unfolds the story of a group of children residing in a research facility that appears to be a sanctuary but harbors its own enigmatic dangers. As the narrative progresses, the anime tantalizingly unveils fragments of the manga’s intricate lore and mysteries, leaving audiences with more questions than answers. With the potential for a sequel to provide clarity and resolution, Heavenly Delusion stands poised to become a sci-fi masterpiece, enticing viewers with its pervasive uncertainty and thematic depth.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Set in Academy City, a hub for individuals known as espers endowed with a spectrum of powers. The powers range from potent to mundane. And this city accommodates numerous schools dedicated to honing and amplifying these abilities. Unsurprisingly, it also attracts those with nefarious motives targeting the esper children. A spin-off of A Certain Magical Index, A Certain Scientific Railgun shifts the spotlight to Mikoto Misaka, a teenager deeply entrenched in Academy City’s public facade and clandestine experiments. While the powers in this anime venture into fantasy, it adeptly explores classic sci-fi themes such as cloning. Though the initial season may fade from memory, A Certain Scientific Railgun S and T significantly outshine it, delivering a captivating blend of character-driven drama, intense action, and occasional humor. The Sisters arc, in particular, stands out as one of the highlights within the sci-fi anime genre.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Dr. Stone

Within the vast realm of shonen, saturated with myriad power fantasies, few narratives leverage the force of science. Dr. Stone, set millennia after an abrupt freeze plunged humanity into stasis, chronicles the revived Senku’s endeavor to wield his scientific acumen in navigating a world regressed to the Stone Age. His primary objective is not only survival but the ambitious restoration of humanity to its technological zenith. It is a mission met with dissent from some quarters. Commencing with strength and progressively elevating with each new storyline, Dr. Stone adeptly balances elements of drama, humor, action, and a touch of education. Despite the fantastical premise, Senku’s scientific pursuits remain tethered to reality, with the fiction element arising primarily from the protagonist’s extraordinary knowledge and the rapid pace of scientific advancements.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Space Dandy

Renowned for its eccentric and vibrant atmosphere, Space Dandy captivates audiences with its unique blend of quirkiness, endearing characters, and stellar animation. The meticulous attention to detail in the show’s narrative and lore ensures that viewers remain enthralled. Audiences often finding themselves glued to the screen until they’ve consumed the entire series. Centered around the eccentric space explorer Dandy and his lively team of companions, the show offers a perfect blend of humor and parody. It also promises a delightful viewing experience filled with laughter. Beyond the comedic elements, Space Dandy boasts beautiful animation styles, charming dialogue, and compelling storylines, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a good time in the vastness of space.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Derived from CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners stands as Trigger’s most exceptional anime since Kill la Kill. It arguably representing the studio at its zenith. From the outset, the series plunges viewers into the dystopian depths of Night City. The city is a metropolis dominated by corporations and stark social disparities. While this setting is ubiquitous in cyberpunk fiction, Edgerunners’ visual presentation distinguishes Night City, elevating it above its peers. Crucially, the OVA series weaves a compelling, character-driven narrative with minimal lull moments. It traces the journey of David, a teenager propelled into the city’s underbelly following a personal tragedy. The anime is laden with tragedy, foreboding, and a gripping blend of action and suspense.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Space Brothers

Diverging from the usual balance between fantasy and realism found in sci-fi, Space Brothers uniquely places a strong emphasis on realism, crafting a grounded narrative that delves into the challenges astronauts face in their quest for space exploration. The storyline orbits around two brothers who, in their childhood, shared dreams of reaching the stars; while one successfully realized this aspiration, the other followed a distinct trajectory. Now presented with the opportunity to don the iconic orange spacesuit, the latter is determined not to let this chance elude him. Additionally, it sets the stage for a compelling exploration of the hardships inherent in the pursuit of space travel.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the face of perilous monsters determined to exterminate humanity, Shinji Ikari finds himself thrust into a unique world of mecha-fighting in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Celebrated for its striking artwork, intricate plot, and profound characterization, especially in the case of Shinji and Asuka, NGE unfolds a dark and compelling narrative. The series delves into the psychological trauma that children, burdened with the responsibility of securing humanity’s future, naturally endure. The ’90s installment is marked by its ambition, challenging themes, and somber tone, with End of Evangelion providing a spectacular conclusion. Additionally, the Rebuild of Evangelion offers a worthwhile revisit to this captivating and complex universe.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Made In Abyss

Made in Abyss occupies a lower rank due to its predominant fantasy elements, though it incorporates enough from science fiction to warrant consideration. In this universe, adventurers brave The Abyss, delving through its layers filled with both wonder and horror in pursuit of glory. Riko, a young girl aspiring to follow her mother’s path to the Abyss’s depths, finds an unlikely companion in Reg, a boy seemingly modified by science. While the premise may evoke a sense of a carefree adventure, Made in Abyss is far from lighthearted. The anime delves into heavy themes such as abuse, sacrifice, and human experimentation, lending it a darker and more complex narrative than one might initially expect.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop stands tall as one of the most-watched and beloved animated shows, leaving an indelible mark on late 1990s anime with its widespread influence. Set in the distant future, the series follows the laid-back bounty hunter Spike Spiegel and his eclectic crew. As they traverse the galaxy, they take on bounties to earn a living and explore the cosmos. A refreshing departure from the flamboyant and eccentric tropes prevalent in many anime. Cowboy Bebop offers a straightforward, jazzy thriller adorned with exceptional music and well-crafted characters. Undoubtedly, the overarching narrative delves into the intricate backstories and psyches of the main characters… the standalone episodes also expertly navigate diverse sci-fi subgenres, consistently delivering top-quality storytelling.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Gintama is a quirky fusion of genres including sci-fi, comedy, action, and fantasy. It defies easy categorization. However, it does offer a shonen anime experience unlike any other. The story unfolds during feudal times in Japan, where aliens conquer the land, outlaw samurai, and reshape society and technology. As a result, Edo undergoes a profound transformation, becoming a futuristic city with retained historical sensibilities. Left with nowhere to go as a former samurai, Gintoki sets up a versatile business alongside the strait-laced Shinpachi and the powerful Kagura. Together, they embark on a myriad of inspired misadventures. Consequently producing an abundance of both laughter and tears. Gintama’s unique blend of genres means it doesn’t neatly fit into a single category. Furthermore, the anime, occasionally delves into sci-fi themes, further adding to its eclectic appeal.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time

Outlaw Star

This beloved sci-fi space western, released over two decades ago, continues to occupy a special place in the hearts of classic anime enthusiasts. Following the adventures of the lively crew aboard the Outlaw Star, led by Gene Starwind, the narrative unfolds as they embark on a quest for the mythical treasure known as the “Galactic Leyline.” Outlaw Star distinguishes itself with a unique animation style and a harmonious blend of drama, comedy, and mystery elements. Despite occasional glimpses of its age, the ’90s series exudes its own charm, featuring a pulp fiction-esque quality that contributes to its timeless appeal. While often eclipsed by Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star offers an enjoyable and enduring journey through space.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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The 2014 psychological sci-fi thriller Psycho-Pass earned global acclaim for its outstanding character development and compelling stories set in a unique world. Taking place in a dystopian future in Japan, where advanced technology monitors the mental state and potential criminal activity of citizens, the narrative unfolds within the Ministry of Welfare’s Public Safety Bureau. Psycho-Pass explores the experiences and relationships of various Inspectors and Enforcers tasked with investigating criminal cases. Seamlessly blending visceral action with nuanced philosophical discussions, the anime grapples with quintessential sci-fi concepts like human agency and precognition. While the first season stands out as fantastic, the sequels are noted for their somewhat messier execution.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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My Hero Academia

This is a world where academies globally train students to harness their superpowers in the fight against crime. Izuku Midoriya stands as an outlier, born without any innate abilities. Despite enduring bullying for his seemingly impractical dream of becoming a superhero, Izuku’s destiny undergoes an unexpected shift during a chance encounter with the number one hero. This encounter becomes a transformative moment in Izuku’s life. It opens a door to possibilities he had only dreamed of, and setting the stage for his extraordinary journey into the realm of heroism.

These Are People’s Favorite Sci-Fi Animes Of All Time
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Mobile Suit Gundam

Over 40 years since its debut, Mobile Suit Gundam remains a cultural juggernaut, continuously reinvented through new series, films, toys, and games. The franchise’s impact on sci-fi and anime is so profound that it transcends the medium, with mecha anime still drawing inspiration from Gundam. Set in an advanced timeline where space colonies, led by the Principality of Zeon, wage war against the Earth Federation, the narrative centers on their resistance, deploying the iconic RX-78 Gundam mobile suit. A timeless classic, Mobile Suit Gundam is a must-see for everyone at some point in their lives.


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