Spilanthes Plant
Spilanthes Plant [Image via Yui Yuize/Shutterstock.com]

39. Spilanthes (Acmella oleracea)

  • Medicinal Use: Pain Relief, Anesthetic

Spilanthes plants belong to the Asteraceae Family of plant herbs. Due to a strong amount of growth in South America, it is often used in various stews and salads in places like Brazil, Argentina, and other major nations there. These medicinal plants are widely known for their success relieving pain.

It’s nicknamed the “toothache plant” for a reason, people. Spilanthes can help with other inflammatory issues, even things like Stomatitis. While it has to be used with other medicinal properties, there has been some success with Spilanthes being used to treat symptoms of HIV and Malaria. However, the science is inconclusive on how much it can help.